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  1. I've been thinking that Fairie Trod may not be a great choice for this set...

    We'll get to going through all of the cards later, but if it does get replaced I'd prefer it to be with a useful/semi-useful Event.

    If it comes down to it, we could use either "Regenerating Him" or "Tree House" as something where you could heal a life or regenerate up to your fate value (Any combination of Light Fate or Dark Fate.)

  2. So I'll probably work with Jon again to design the back of this deck, but it'll depend on what we call it. And while good, I think pathway is a bit similar to path, which we already have.

    This is going to be hard...we've already used the two best single words for a deck name. We might have to resort to a two name deck such as "Winding Way" or "Hidden Road" since "path" and "trail" are already being used.

  3. Another question, how are we planning on having the sentinels work? Would they be normal card draws, similar to cerberus? Would they be permanent fixtures at the Elder Village and Forgotten Forge? I dislike the idea of the forge and village starting completely unguarded, maybe we could set the sentinels there at the start, and they get shuffled back into the deck once defeated, whereupon they work like cerberus, returning when drawn.

    If I'm right Jon wanted to make Lost Realms different from the Deep Realms, so this was done on purpose.

  4. @QQ - I like the idea of her offering you a mushroom as it is much like the Chests in the game already. I think there should be a little twist there though and the 1 result should be "killed". (Mwuhahahaha)

    Just to mention, that if I don't use or mention a suggested effect, it does not mean that it is a bad one! It's just either that I am not "feeling it" for this expansion, or that there might be a more fitting use.

    Heh. So sinister, so beautiful! Let's change the rolls to:

    1: You are killed!

    2: Lose two lives

    3: Lose one life

    4: Gain one life

    5: Gain two lives

    6: Replenish lives up to starting value.

    Also, let's make it an Event so it must be done immediately after it is drawn.

    I'm just having fun throwing ideas on the wall and seeing what sticks. If it fits, cool. If not, back to the drawing board!

  5. An idea for Marasmus (or Scotch Bonnet.) I seem to recall that some people can't tell poisonous from non poisonous mushrooms. Marasmus gives you a mushroom to ingest.


    A fae gives you a mysterious mushroom. You ingest it. Roll one die:

    1) Lose two lives

    2) Lose one life

    3) No effect

    4) Gain one life

    5) Gain two lives

    6) Replenish up to your life value

    This can a follower or item you can save for later. It could also be an event which must be done as soon as you draw the card.

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