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  1. Nomad Games has announced that the next expansion for Talisman Digital is the Harbinger. Beta testing for it starts Monday (October 23). Anyone intersted in joining the beta can follow this link: http://steamcommunity.com/app/247000/discussions/0/2381701715716456300/
  2. I could see the Elder Sentinel as a Construct. Something made with mud, leaves, tree limbs and Fae magic long ago.
  3. Would it be possible the post an updated list of cards for the expansion?
  4. Indeed. I only get a chance to play the board game once a year and the digital version every once in a while so I completely understand. Just happy that you stepped up to do the artwork.
  5. The Forest Guardian makes a nice replacement for the Magma Sentinel and the Wayward Compass and the Forge Warden look awesome! Can't wait to see what the new templates are going to look like!
  6. Would it be possible to do a Hong Kong printing with free shipping to the United States? I'm interested in have the Lost Realms printed in high quality once that expansion is ready.
  7. Agree about the Magma Sentinel. As cool as it looks it would have probably done better in the Firelands expansion. If you need a substitution for it, the Earth Elemental should work.
  8. We'll get to going through all of the cards later, but if it does get replaced I'd prefer it to be with a useful/semi-useful Event. If it comes down to it, we could use either "Regenerating Him" or "Tree House" as something where you could heal a life or regenerate up to your fate value (Any combination of Light Fate or Dark Fate.)
  9. I love the name! Of course, I would not object in any way if Nomad Games would want to add this to the digital version...
  10. That might be one of the best looking card backs I've seen for any expansion!
  11. Don't know if any hi-res images could be made because it might encourage people to make illegal copies of the expansion.
  12. I wonder if it is possible to have a different template for the "Border Deck". The gold outline works perfect for the Forge Deck, but since the Bridge and Tunnel Decks had different templates in Deep Realms maybe the Forge and "Border" decks should have different ones.
  13. Seeing that everyone likes the name Border Deck, I'm thinking some nice artwork that can be sort of like a combination of mountains leading into a forest would do the trick!
  14. This is going to be hard...we've already used the two best single words for a deck name. We might have to resort to a two name deck such as "Winding Way" or "Hidden Road" since "path" and "trail" are already being used.
  15. Pathway Deck? Speaking of which, do we have a design in mind for the back of this deck? Loved the design on the back of the "Bridge Deck" in Deep Realms.
  16. I was going to suggest the back of the cards be an anvil! Well done!
  17. If I'm right Jon wanted to make Lost Realms different from the Deep Realms, so this was done on purpose.
  18. I do admit, it would certainly make the Mushroom more like a Toadstool! 1: You are killed! 2: You are turned into a slimy little Toad for three turns 3: Lose one life 4: Gain one life 5: Gain two lives 6: Replenish lives up to your starting value
  19. Heh. So sinister, so beautiful! Let's change the rolls to: 1: You are killed! 2: Lose two lives 3: Lose one life 4: Gain one life 5: Gain two lives 6: Replenish lives up to starting value. Also, let's make it an Event so it must be done immediately after it is drawn. I'm just having fun throwing ideas on the wall and seeing what sticks. If it fits, cool. If not, back to the drawing board!
  20. An idea for Marasmus (or Scotch Bonnet.) I seem to recall that some people can't tell poisonous from non poisonous mushrooms. Marasmus gives you a mushroom to ingest. MUSHROOM A fae gives you a mysterious mushroom. You ingest it. Roll one die: 1) Lose two lives 2) Lose one life 3) No effect 4) Gain one life 5) Gain two lives 6) Replenish up to your life value This can a follower or item you can save for later. It could also be an event which must be done as soon as you draw the card.
  21. Too bad there's not any artwork around for some sort of "Wood Sentinal" (An enchanted, animated tree or wooden sculpture of some sortof some sort) that you can battle with Craft...
  22. Yeah, my point IS to be mean! If you're going to have cool stuff in a deck you have to add a little meanness to it. Jinx from Deep Realms isn't all that nice either, ya know!
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