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  1. I think the question was whether you could filter other people’s published decks by experience rather than cards, which as far as I know you cannot.
  2. To answer your question: any horror that is on the Elder Sign Amulet is discarded when the amulet is discarded, it is not transferred to your investigator. Also, the test for Crypt Chill is a willpower (head icon) test. Intellect is represented by the book icon, and is the skill used for investigating by default. I mention this because I know more than one new player who has confused these icons and thought that the head icon was the skill that is used for investigating. Edit: the rule you are looking for is found under "Leaves Play" in the rules reference. "If a card leaves play... all tokens on the card are returned to the token pool."
  3. Welcome! Other than explicit rules text on a card, there are two occasions when an enemy exhausts. When an investigator Evades an enemy, that enemy is exhausted and disengaged from the investigator if the Evade attempt is successful. This can either be through taking the Evade action or by using player cards, such as the ability on Stray Cat or the event card Cunning Distraction (both of these cards guarantee success). During the Enemy Phase, an enemy exhausts after it attacks. This is detailed in Appendix II of the Rules Reference, under step 3.3. Since enemies ready again during the upkeep phase (step 4.3), this is usually just a way of reminding you which enemies have attacked and has no actual effect on the game. However, in scenarios outside of the Core Set, there will occasionally be free triggered abilities which a player can only use on an exhausted enemy. These can be used on an enemy which is exhausted after attacking, before it readies during upkeep. I hope that helps!
  4. Just wait for The City of Barkives mythos pack, it contains the “Body of a Kittyan” investigator card.
  5. I was hoping Duke would be the Survivor, with Ashcan Pete as his signature asset. Or signature weakness.
  6. Quick Thinking has the potential to give you an extra action, two if combined with Double or Nothing. Ace in the Hole and Gold Pocket Watch both give three extra actions, more for GPW if you have Leo and use Skids’ ability again. Pay Day synergies well with extra actions too, but it doesn’t grant any itself.
  7. Don't like the wait between Mythos packs? For one month only, worry no more! Asmodee UK's release schedule has both The Secret Name and The Wages of Sin down for a simultaneous 4th April release. Although the document is titled "New Releases 1st April 2019", so they could yet make fools of us all...
  8. 28th of March was the last prediction I heard. This should be confirmed (or not) by Asmodee UK either tomorrow or on Monday in their weekly release schedule.
  9. As far as I know "If it bleeds..." is still the only player card which has no traits whatsoever. Surely it could have had something, maybe Spirit? I'm sure there are plenty of cards with odd traits or without obvious traits, but I honestly don't tend to look too closely at them most of the time. I like to imagine if a trait is missing it is for balance reasons rather than the designer simply forgot and leave it at that!
  10. Absolutely, you should replace the Kukris with Blackjacks!
  11. Knuckledusters are bottom? Knuckledusters are lower than Blackjack?! I ran through Night of the Zealot on Standard with these decks: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/9466/leo-anderson-undisputed-heavyweight-champion-of-the-world-1.0 https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/9663/finn-edwards-float-like-a-butterfly-sting-like-a-bee-1.0 The team punched a Flesh-Eater, an Icy Ghoul, the Ghoul Priest, 4 Cultists and Umôrdhoth to death, as well as several Ghoul Minions and a couple of Nightgaunts. The end result is that I'd now be much more inclined to run Knuckledusters on Easy/Standard, which previously I wouldn't have gone anywhere near.
  12. I’ve sent the question to Matt, I’ll post again when I get an answer.
  13. I'd argue that Events and Skills are in play after they have been played or committed respectively until they are discarded, which for Events is "the card is placed in its owner's discard pile after [its] effects resolve" and Skills is during ST.8 "discard all cards that were committed to this skill test". Therefore, I'd say Diana's ability can react to the cancelling/ignoring effect of an Event before it is placed in her discard pile. Like I say, I'm not sure myself. I'll submit a Rules Query later and get back to you. While I'm at it I'll also ask about Defiance and Marksmanship's validity if they don't actually "trigger" if no-one has seen official answers for these yet.
  14. But your discard is an out-of-play area, which means abilities can only interact with it if they specifically say they can. I’ve gone back and forth on this since the question was posted, but I’m now leaning towards Grotesque Statue being in the discard pile as soon as the last charge is spent, which prevents Diana’s “after” reaction from interacting with it, since it is no longer in play. The timing of “when” and “after” are clear, but “if” seems to get much less attention in the Rules Reference. I’m inclined to believe that “if” effects happen immediately at the instant they become true, but I could be wrong.
  15. I recall it being briefly discussed back when the Core Set was first released (https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1654416/what-icon-skids). I don't know if anyone got confirmation but the theory was indeed that it was an old version of the Rogue class icon that they forgot to replace. It would be interesting to know if this has been corrected in later printings.
  16. I think my "best" was a defeat in round 3 of The Gathering, playing Daisy Walker solo. It was quite a while ago so I don't remember the exactly what happened, but it was something like: Round 2 Mythos Phase: I took 3 damage from Grasping Hands (-4 from chaos bag?). Round 2 Investigation Phase: played Medical Texts, tried to use them, drew the Auto-fail. Round 3: I think I drew the Tablet while trying to use Shrivelling against a Ghoul. Either that or I failed three Shrivelling checks in a row against it and it defeated me in the Enemy Phase. I have not played Daisy in a solo game since!
  17. My interpretation of the complaint is that: The Survivor level 3 cards are not powerful/exciting enough, leading to a feeling of being underpowered towards the end of a campaign and that the lack of options when you have more xp is a let down. The Survivor level 0-2 cards are very good, meaning that investigators who have access to Survivor cards as a secondary class (either "up to x level 0" cards or "level 0-2" cards) gain most of the benefit of a main class Survivor while also getting access to a wider selection of cards from their own main class. I think these are valid points to at least raise for discussion, even if I don't completely agree with them. My counter arguments are: I think it is unfair to judge the Survivor card pool in isolation, without considering the Survivor investigators' abilities. All the Survivors, maybe excepting Calvin, have very strong abilities printed on their investigator cards. A class that becomes strong quickly but doesn't reach as high a peak as the classes which build up more slowly feels like a completely valid design choice to me, even if fewer people (gross simplification by me here: 15% going off first place rankings in the data, which is still a lot more than 0%) enjoy this play experience. Especially in multiplayer games having a character who helps the team shine at the start and middle of a campaign but is eclipsed in power at the end on seems fine. It is a co-operative game after all, and you win or lose together. Even in true solo, as was already raised, having a character who can come in half way through a campaign if necessary and already be quite strong is sometimes very useful. With a lower need for experience than other classes, Survivors are better set up to take advantage of higher level Neutral cards. Sure, other classes can also take them but it is potentially more of a hit to their build. Charisma to run a combination of Peter Sylvestre/Aquinnah/The Red Gloved Man, all of whom can be recurred through A Chance Encounter or searched for with Flare or Calling In Favors. Key of Ys, which can be swept up out of your discard pile with Scavenging. Even Ornate Bow: all Survivors have at least fair agility and have a suite of cards that make them less likely to fail with that all important one arrow. Yes, most of these options are open to non-Survivor investigators, but then you are spending a good chunk of experience on Survivor cards, probably got an investigator whose ability isn't as good and definitely don't have Will to Survive! I think the Exile mechanic is probably a separate issue. Not liking them is fine, maybe they simply aren't for you, but believing Exile makes the Survivor card pool weaker or less interesting isn't something I agree with.
  18. My thinking was that since this is an #AllYellowAllTheTime deck, the group can probably afford to have one member who is only quite good at investigating - Joe’s high intellect is also joint lowest amongst the seekers! My original hunch deck, before I decided it would be funny to make it all Guardian cards, had 2x Working a Hunch, 2x No Stone Unturned and 2x Preposterous Sketches in place of 2x Evidence! and 2x Interrogate, with either 2x Emergency Aid moving into the main deck or swapping out 2x Delay the Inevitable for something else like Teamwork (so that Joe can demand protection money from whoever has Dr Milan).
  19. It is still an agility skill test so intellect pips sadly do not count to towards your total, and cards that have an intellect pip without an agility pip or wild icon may not be committed to the test. Static intellect boosts (e.g. Dr. Milan) would still increase your skill value, as I believe would the free triggered abilities on cards like Arcane Studies or Higher Education. The relevant rules are found under Appendix II of the Rules Reference, in section ST.2: "The investigator performing the skill test may commit any number of cards with an appropriate skill icon from his or her hand to this test." "An appropriate skill icon is either one that matches the skill being tested, or a wild icon." "The investigator performing this test gets +1 to his or her skill value during this test for each appropriate skill icon that is committed to this test." Hope that helps!
  20. But how many is too many?! Answer: that many. I did actually start off trying to build a sensible deck. It ended up with 9 seeker cards in it, 6 of which would have gone into the hunch deck, and even then I wasn't sure about including two Teeth of Eztli (Tooths of Eztli, Tooth of Eztlis? Teeths of Eztli). And once it got to that point I thought, "Why not take this to the extreme and see where it goes?" The real question is: is it better than Matt's deck? It could have been worse, it could have been Daisy. #AllPurpleAllYellowAllTheTime
  21. The thing that I found most interesting is that the number of Survivor cards that cost more than 2xp isn’t much smaller than all the other classes that go all the way up to 5xp cards. I used to think that investigators with access to Survivor 0-2 were getting an unfairly large chunk of the Survivor card pool compared to an investigator who had access to Rogue 0-2, for example, but the disparity is actually much smaller than I thought.
  22. I’m in what I think is a minority in preferring Guard Dog to Beat Cop at level 0, although they’re both good. It comes down to the fact that I can get three damage out of a Guard Dog for three resources, while Beat Cop gives a lovely +1 permanent combat but requires that you throw him to the mercy of your enemies for a measly one damage at the cost of four resources. And if you do want to throw him for a damage then he’s essentially 1/1 rather than 2/2, while Guard Dog’s reaction can trigger even when the last damage and horror will defeat it. Of course Beat Cop level 2 offers the best of both worlds, and I usually upgrade my Guard Dogs to level 2 Beat Cops fairly early in the campaign. Maybe they’re part of Arkham’s police were-dog squad?
  23. #AllYellowAllTheTime you say? Done! https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/10038/joe-diamond-allblueallyellowallthetime-1.0
  24. The first setup instruction for scenario 1 is "Find your Forgotten Age campaign log and write the number of tally marks under Yig's Fury into the Serpents' Revenge box of the new campaign log."
  25. Eldritch Inspiration would also be a great name for a blog.
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