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  1. Depends on how many of the cards you sleeve. I only keep encounter cards sleeved along with player cards that are currently in use (so no acts, agendas, locations, etc.). Other player cards live in a binder. If you wanted to resleeve every card in an entire collection then the cheapest decent quality sleeves I know of come in at €1.25 for 50, or €0.025 per card. So that’s about €115, or $130 / £105 at current exchange rates.
  2. I don’t have an exact count, but approximately: Core Set = 234 cards (x2 for second Core Set = 468 cards). Cycle (using The Dunwich Legacy) = 156 (Deluxe) + 60x6 (Mythos packs) = 516 Cards => 6 Cycles = 3096 Cards. Return To... = 66 Cards (Night of the Zealot) + 81 Cards (others?) = 309 Cards. PoD Stand-alone = 62 Cards => 124 Cards (Rougarou + Carnevale). Stand-alone = 78 Cards => 312 Cards. Novellas = 3 Cards => 18 Cards. Starter Decks = 60 Cards => 300 Cards. Barkham = ??? Cards. That’s a grand total of 4,627 cards, assuming two Core Sets, all of the Innsmouth Conspiracy, Return to The Forgotten Age but excluding Barkham. Hopefully I’ve got everything!
  3. Cannot is absolute and it explicitly says to move one location at a time so I feel confident in saying that the Gug doesn’t teleport to you (or reach you at all). I would think that the Gug moves as far as possible rather than not moving at all because you’d resolve as much of the effect as possible.
  4. It is the second bullet point under “Gets” in the Rules Reference (emphasis mine): I hope that helps.
  5. When you discard Rocket Boots (or any other +X hit points card) you do the opposite, so in this case you subtract 1 from your current health as well as lower your maximum. This can defeat you if it causes your health to drop to zero.
  6. They have in the past, I believe we got Labyrinths of Lunacy (2017), The Eternal Slumber (2018) and The Blob That Ate Everything (2019). It could be that with Gen Con being held online they’ve kept it back in case Arkham Nights can take place later in the year. Or it could be that they chose to put their effort into developing the new starter decks in place of a Gen Con stand-alone scenario. Or it could be a surprise announcement!
  7. I assume you mean the "If no attacks were made.." part of Masters of Mayhem, which works as the above response says. You can look at all the cards in both the discard pile and the encounter deck and pick whichever Master of Evil minion that you want. If it was first one you find it would use text like is on The Masters of Evil card: "Discard cards from the encounter deck until a Masters of Evil minion is discarded. Put that minion into play...". For the discard pile it would probably say something along the lines of "Put the topmost Masters of Evil minion in the discard pile into play."
  8. My interaction with Asmodee’s customer services is probably the worst interaction of that kind I’ve ever had. Responses were very slow and clearly stock answers which indicated that they hadn’t read my e-mails at all, and referred me to a document which instructed me to contact their customer service team. I wish I had something more positive to say. The best I can offer is to put the locations in card sleeves and add a small circular sticker to the inside of the sleeve so that you can’t distinguish them. Best of luck finding a solution. If you do find a good way to contact someone competent please let me know!
  9. Aerial is a trait, as indicated by being written in bold italic text. By themselves traits do nothing but may be referenced by other cards. For example, Cosmic Flight grants Captain Marvel the Aerial trait. This doesn't do anything. However, both Crisis Interdiction and Captain Marvel's Helmet gain bonuses if they are played/activated while Captain Marvel has the Aerial trait. Likewise for Iron Man's Rocket Boots, which can grant him the Aerial trait in exchange for a mental resource. This makes both the Mark V Helmet and his Powered Gauntlets better. I hope that helps.
  10. I think Murder at the Excelsior Hotel could probably fit in between scenarios 1-B and 2-B. Other than that, you could arguably fit any of them anywhere else by using some variant of the classic “it was all a dream”. After scenario 2-A might work best for this? Whether or not that would be narratively satisfying I leave up to you.
  11. Having “I’ve Got A Plan” on Stick to the Plan is thematically great even if you don’t use it every game. I wholeheartedly approve!
  12. I think Michael Boggs said that he hadn’t seen or heard of anyone beating it yet. He said that they picked Heroic 3 because they thought that Heroic 2 would be too easy.
  13. Norman has only been released with his novella so far, which would make 16. So don’t give up on a neutral Charlie Kane just yet! There could also be other brand new investigators waiting in the wings.
  14. If you are playing the “A” and “B” campaigns linked together then you have to play both first scenarios before you can move onto the second. This means you will need to rebuild decks when you switch which pair of investigators you are using. To minimise the amount of rebuilding, playing the scenarios in the order: 1A -> 1B -> 2B -> 2A -> 3A -> 3B -> 4B -> 4A (or the inverse) means you will need to swap cards around four times throughout the campaign.
  15. I don't think we've had a preorder bonus with a deluxe box before but if past releases are anything to go by then it will be four 5" x 7" prints featuring art from the expansion. For example, this is the promo from The Blob that Ate Everything:
  16. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t. You wouldn’t be able to activate the reaction ability on Dream Diary while it is in your hand to interpret the dreams, but it’s a nice way to get two wild icons for an important test.
  17. Agreed. There’s no explicit text that a location cannot have more than one damage token on it, but the infestation card says that a location is either infested (marked with a damage token) or not. If memory serves, the only way to place tokens is through the Cultist in the infestation bag, which says to choose a location to become infested rather than to add 1 token to a location. So you cannot choose an already infested location because it cannot “become infested” again.
  18. I was going to ask, are there any level 0 Guardian cards that work particularly well in Daisy? Nothing immediately jumped to mind when I saw the new deck building options. Edit: Maybe Alice Luxley? Although Seekers already have a lot of strong allies.
  19. One reason could be so that they can use Nadia as Scott’s signature ally and Hank Pym as Janet’s signature ally. With that said, I’d be surprised if they did this. All your points are completely reasonable. Edit: I haven’t read recent comics. I’ve been following some reading guides using Marvel Unlimited and I’m only up to 1989, so I’ve no idea if there are lots of better choices for Scott Lang’s signature ally.
  20. I can't remember if this was from the Rules Reference or the FAQ, but because it is an asset it remains under Daisy's control and she gets the willpower boost and extra sanity. The relevant text is: "Weaknesses with an encounter cardtype are, like other encounter cards, not controlled by any player. Weaknesses with a player cardtype are controlled by their bearer."
  21. It’s here! And amazing! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/5/5/beyond-our-dimension/ I noticed more than one person asking for upgraded investigators, signature cards and/or investigator specific scenarios. Matt Newman and Jeremy Zwirn deliver... now to figure out how to best print the cards. I really hope we see more of these. Maybe a better Lola Hayes? 😋
  22. I definitely agree with Wasp being Leadership and out of the four of them Quicksilver probably fits Aggression the best for the reason you gave. If it is Ant-Man (Hank Pym) I could see it being Ant-Man: Protection and Scarlet Witch: Justice. Dr. Pym's biochemistry knowledge was used as a stand-in for medicine on a few occasions and Justice could align with Scarlet Witch's hex powers messing with the villain's plans.
  23. If it is direct then it must be assigned to your investigator card unless you have an asset in play that has text explicitly allowing it to be assigned direct damage or direct horror.
  24. Weaponry is your friend here. Cards such as Machete, .45 Automatic or even the humble Knife give you a way to deal 2 damage with a single action. Higher level cards, like Shotgun, can deal 3 or more damage in a single attack. Allies can help out. Guard Dog deals damage to an enemy when it takes damage and Beat Cop can deal testless damage without taking an action. There are some events that deal 2+ damage, such as Dynamite Blast and Backstab, and the skill Vicious Blow increases the damage of any Fight test. There is also the option to evade an enemy, which deals with one enemy for the round using a single action regardless of how much health it has. I can’t really comment on the -8 token, I’ve never played on Expert. I imagine testless cards like Working a Hunch, Drawn to the Flame and Will to Survive become crucial to pass key tests.
  25. The video announcement with Evan, Matt and Jeremy. It is available on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVdtwwDkrUA
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