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  1. My thinking was that since this is an #AllYellowAllTheTime deck, the group can probably afford to have one member who is only quite good at investigating - Joe’s high intellect is also joint lowest amongst the seekers! My original hunch deck, before I decided it would be funny to make it all Guardian cards, had 2x Working a Hunch, 2x No Stone Unturned and 2x Preposterous Sketches in place of 2x Evidence! and 2x Interrogate, with either 2x Emergency Aid moving into the main deck or swapping out 2x Delay the Inevitable for something else like Teamwork (so that Joe can demand protection money from whoever has Dr Milan).
  2. Assussanni

    Skill test question:

    It is still an agility skill test so intellect pips sadly do not count to towards your total, and cards that have an intellect pip without an agility pip or wild icon may not be committed to the test. Static intellect boosts (e.g. Dr. Milan) would still increase your skill value, as I believe would the free triggered abilities on cards like Arcane Studies or Higher Education. The relevant rules are found under Appendix II of the Rules Reference, in section ST.2: "The investigator performing the skill test may commit any number of cards with an appropriate skill icon from his or her hand to this test." "An appropriate skill icon is either one that matches the skill being tested, or a wild icon." "The investigator performing this test gets +1 to his or her skill value during this test for each appropriate skill icon that is committed to this test." Hope that helps!
  3. But how many is too many?! Answer: that many. I did actually start off trying to build a sensible deck. It ended up with 9 seeker cards in it, 6 of which would have gone into the hunch deck, and even then I wasn't sure about including two Teeth of Eztli (Tooths of Eztli, Tooth of Eztlis? Teeths of Eztli). And once it got to that point I thought, "Why not take this to the extreme and see where it goes?" The real question is: is it better than Matt's deck? It could have been worse, it could have been Daisy. #AllPurpleAllYellowAllTheTime
  4. The thing that I found most interesting is that the number of Survivor cards that cost more than 2xp isn’t much smaller than all the other classes that go all the way up to 5xp cards. I used to think that investigators with access to Survivor 0-2 were getting an unfairly large chunk of the Survivor card pool compared to an investigator who had access to Rogue 0-2, for example, but the disparity is actually much smaller than I thought.
  5. I’m in what I think is a minority in preferring Guard Dog to Beat Cop at level 0, although they’re both good. It comes down to the fact that I can get three damage out of a Guard Dog for three resources, while Beat Cop gives a lovely +1 permanent combat but requires that you throw him to the mercy of your enemies for a measly one damage at the cost of four resources. And if you do want to throw him for a damage then he’s essentially 1/1 rather than 2/2, while Guard Dog’s reaction can trigger even when the last damage and horror will defeat it. Of course Beat Cop level 2 offers the best of both worlds, and I usually upgrade my Guard Dogs to level 2 Beat Cops fairly early in the campaign. Maybe they’re part of Arkham’s police were-dog squad?
  6. #AllYellowAllTheTime you say? Done! https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/10038/joe-diamond-allblueallyellowallthetime-1.0
  7. The first setup instruction for scenario 1 is "Find your Forgotten Age campaign log and write the number of tally marks under Yig's Fury into the Serpents' Revenge box of the new campaign log."
  8. Eldritch Inspiration would also be a great name for a blog.
  9. Based on what has currently come out I’m wondering if they are going to go in a cycle of Easy/New Player Friendly -> Medium/Mess with Existing Expectations -> Hard. That way there’s both a good jumping in point for new players and a tough challenge for veterans every 18 months or so.
  10. I missed this the first time around. Gosh, it’s brilliant! I’ll probably try to join in any further Rites of Glory challenges if they continue.
  11. Off the top of my head, if you want a weaponless fighter who also has spells, her ability could be “Action: Fight. You get +1 combat and deal +1 damage for each asset you have in play that occupies an arcane slot.” Since this would make her have a 3 damage “weapon” for 0xp you’d probably want to keep her base combat score quite low, so that xp would go into cards that boost combat. It might also finally make Book of Shadows (3) useful to someone! Or keep her combat high but limit it to once per turn if you don’t want to remove the need for weapons. Her weakness could be an asset that takes up the double arcane slot (gasp, it has been in the rule book since the start and still hasn’t been used), has some nasty effect, and can’t leave play until some condition has been satisfied... That’s pretty vague, sorry, I’m not really familiar with Lily’s backstory.
  12. Assussanni

    Marie build

    This was actually my very first thought, but I wondered if Forbidden Knowledge could help with getting rid of Alyssa or the Arcane Initiate once they have doom on them. Without Smoking Pipe or Moonlight Ritual, allies with doom on may occasionally be tricky to remove. With Marie’s combat score of 1, I don’t think Knife will be much use. You could trade these for Magnifying Glasses as suggested above, Fire Axes would allow you to get a bigger combat boost to more reliably hit, or Mists of R’lyeh provides an alternative way of dealing with enemies and leverages Marie’s special ability.
  13. Assussanni

    Marie build

    I think that looks like a perfectly serviceable deck. The main thing that jumps out at me is that you haven't used any of your 5 seeker/survivor splash slots, you have only mystic and neutral cards. Are there really no seeker or survivor cards that you want? I'd also try to fit Holy Rosary in there somewhere for the +1 willpower boost to make Shrivelling more consistent. It would also help to know which other investigator(s) you will be playing alongside, if you know. This looks like a well-rounded deck, so I'm assuming that the other investigators are also generalists. If they are more specialised then you could consider specialising more towards either dealing with enemies or investigating.
  14. Assussanni

    Who's the current best solo investigator?

    I agree with all of what you said. I'd be tempted to throw Ursula into the mix as well for good Forgotten Age solo investigators, although I don't think she is as strong as Finn. She likely needs an early Ornate Bow or Acidic Ichor to deal with Elite enemies. Definitely use Calvin at your own risk! I wonder if the release of the Five of Pentacles will see him used more often. I'm sure a solo Rita deck is possible, but I'd argue that her two intellect prevents her from being included amongst the best solo investigators with the current card pool. Survivors have access to things like "Look What I Found!" and Winging It but these become less efficient at one clue per investigator locations in solo, and the one Trick that helps with clue gathering so far (Eavesdrop) requires an intellect test.
  15. Correct, although I'm not sure how valuable spending 3 exp for a second Blood Pact is. It probably depends a lot on what difficulty you are playing on as to whether +3 is enough for any tests you really want to pass or whether you really need that +6.