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  1. Assussanni

    [Spoilers for Curtain Call] Question

    Yes, the text is “discarding” on all the copies of Act 2a and 2b. Given the scenario resolutions for Chasing the Stranger I also assumed that the intention was that he re-spawns completely healed at the Lobby, but since the instruction is simply “move him to the Lobby” and doesn’t say anything about what happens to damage tokens on him I wanted to check I was playing correctly.
  2. On my first replay of Curtain Call, the following situation came up. Act is 2a. The Man in the Pallid Mask had been dealt two damage previously and a successful fight action is performed against him. The Act advances to 2b which states that "Instead of discarding [him], move him to the Lobby." Do the two damage tokens stay on him or are they discarded?
  3. Assussanni

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    I can’t see the Reddit thread you mentioned, but Rita was spoiled on an image of Circle Undone cards on the Spainish FFG website. The website also says that there will be 10 investigator cards, presumably the 4 prologue investigators plus 6 regular investigators.
  4. Assussanni

    Who's the current best solo investigator?

    You could take a look at this, although it was written at the end of The Path to Carcosa before The Forgotten Age came out: https://strangesolution.wordpress.com/2018/04/30/the-state-of-solo-investigators/
  5. Assussanni

    All copies of basicweakness

    Specifically, this is: 2x Amnesia 2x Paranoia 1x Haunted 1x Psychosis 1x Hypochondria 1x Stubborn Detective 1x Mob Enforcer 1x Silver Twilight Acolyte 2x Indebted 2x Internal Injury 2x Chronophobia 2x Overzealous 1x Drawing the Sign 1x The Thing That Follows 1x Dark Pact (Campaign Only) 1x Doomed (Campaign Only)
  6. Assussanni

    Missing Chaos Tokens

    For Expert you could always use a +1 as a second Auto-fail, just to rub salt in the wound.
  7. Assussanni

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    Bear in mind that it is When Doom Awaits that has (spoilers for When Doom Awaits, in case there is anyone who is reading this thread who hasn't played through it...)
  8. Assussanni

    Guardians of the Abyss

    The French FFG site has it down for a 7th December release, which would mean 6th December for the United States. However, a week ago I think they had it down for 30th November...
  9. Assussanni


    The Ultimatums from the Invocation event can be found on page 2 of this link: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/5b/f9/5bf9f287-9fa3-4274-8ad5-84c8b56ca93c/invocation_event_outline.pdf
  10. It is on page 8 of the current FAQ: "If a skill test both automatically succeeds and automatically fails, the automatic failure takes precedence, and the test automatically fails."
  11. Assussanni

    Doomed Question

    That's correct. If you want the exact rule it is the fifth bullet point under "Weakness" in the Rules Reference: "If a weakness is added to a player’s deck, hand, or threat area during the play of a scenario, that weakness remains a part of that investigator's deck for the rest of the campaign. (Unless it is removed from the campaign by a card ability or scenario resolution.)"
  12. Assussanni

    Shattered Aeons Player Card Review

    I'm not sure that I understand what you mean here. If you start your turn with six actions and put three of them back into Borrowed Time, then aren't you just taking a normal turn? Sure having three actions stockpiled is great for a bananas turn (e.g. "boss" fight) but you've had to give up those actions earlier in the game. It's very rare that I find that I can only think of two good actions to take on my turn! It seems inferior to Ace in the Hole, Quick Thinking and even Leo De Luca, all of which gain you additional actions. All In is interesting. It looks great on a class that has Exceptional cards, and are therefore limited to one in a deck, to increase your chances of finding Ace in the Hole or Gold Pocket Watch. But equally Exceptional cards cost lots of xp, so when do you spend the 5xp (or 10xp) to buy All In? Definitely worth consideration in standalone decks, as it can safely discard those five weaknesses that are in your 49xp deck ? Removing the tentacle from the chaos bag was not something that I ever thought we'd see, at least not without a very severe drawback. However, for 5xp, 4 resources, an action and an arcane slot is it actually worth it? In our two player game I feel like we draw the auto-fail two or three times in a game, so we'd be spending all that to increase our chances of passing two or three tests. I guess this is better in higher player counts (more tests), on lower difficulties (auto-fail is a higher proportion of the tokens which fail a test) or if the team is packing a Chthonian Stone, two Protective Incantations and a load of Counterspells. I can't tell if this is a card which instinctively looks amazing but in reality isn't actually all that good value. Of all the cards in this pack I'd love to hear what other people think of this one (as mentioned, I usually play two player, and on Standard difficulty). I agree with a lot of what you said. Flamethrower looks pretty great, at least until better Body slot assets come along. If Kerosene was 0xp I think I'd put it in a lot of decks, for 1xp it's definitely something that I'd still consider but it's unlikely to be the first thing that I'd buy. Pnakotic Manuscripts on Daisy looks great and its value only goes up on Hard and Expert. Do people anticipate mostly using it for its first or second ability? I think Alter Fate is a good card, especially as it is Survivor and I tend to find that they are less xp intensive than other classes due to the 3xp Survivor card ceiling. In my experience cards that attach may not be common but they're usually pretty bad.
  13. I don't think so. I wonder if the guardian/mystic dual class card seen in The Secret Name preview article will take 1 Hand + 1 Arcane?
  14. Assussanni

    Splashing multi-class cards?

    That's fair, I should have been more specific. I meant my impression was that most of the people posting in this thread interpreted it in the way I stated. I was also surprised by the article, although having read the posts in this thread I believe I can understand how they got/could get to the behaviour they described. What I see as the end result of this would, in my opinion, be clunky and unintuitive as was well expressed by rsdockery's post. I hope that the actual rules and upcoming FAQ will resolve things satisfactorily.
  15. Assussanni

    Splashing multi-class cards?

    I interpreted Matt's response differently. I took the "In other words, her card should actually read “15 other Seeker and/or Mystic cards”." to mean that in the absence of the word "other" the card does not work as intended and that Seeker/Mystic cards that heal horror would count towards the 15 card limit. To put it another way I took this to be errata to Carolyn's card only, which has no effect on the Dunwich investigators. I only bring this up because my impression is that, rightly or wrongly, this is how most people have interpreted the ruling in response to the question. However, I think the only way we'll know for sure is when the FAQ which accompanies The Secret Name releases and, thankfully, I don't think it actually matters until then!