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  1. Assussanni

    Daisy deck for Arkham Nights

    If you find yourself playing in a group with Carolyn, Ursula and Wendy and the scenario is full of Hunter enemies you know who to blame 😛 That's a very nice deck. Personally, I think I'd try and fit 2x Painkillers in there somewhere. I find five starting health slightly terrifying. I think Magnifying Glass instead of Flashlight is definitely a good call by those of you who suggested it.
  2. Assussanni

    Daisy deck for Arkham Nights

    Firstly, as others have mentioned, Daisy can only take up to level 2 Mystic cards so Shrivelling level 3 is unfortunately out of her reach. Let's replace one copy with the Shrivelling level 0 from the Core set and have a look at what else we can do with the 7xp and extra card that we have. There's nothing else from the remaining Mystic cards that really jumps out at me. Maybe Arcane Initiate or Blinding Light, but with Daisy's willpower of 3 we'd probably need to be boosting it somehow. For Seeker cards, I can't help but notice that you don't have a copy of Higher Education (Blood on the Altar). Being able to turn 1 resource into a +2 for intellect (investigating, attacking with "I've got a Plan") or willpower (spells) is incredible value and it starts in play. Granted, you need to keep 5 cards in hand but usually this isn't too much of a problem. This is definitely going in and it doesn't count towards deck size. Encyclopedia (Core Set) is also an incredible card for Daisy because she can use it with her free Tome action to boost either her or another investigator's skill by +2 for the whole of the investigation phase. +2 willpower on spells tests, +2 intellect for hard to investigate locations, +2 combat for your friend who will hopefully be dealing with any monsters that turn up, the list goes on. This goes in too. Medical Texts is, in my opinion, a trap card. You have to take another test (more chance of skulls, cultists, tablets, elder things) and if you fail you actually cause damage. Daisy's low health is an issue though, so let's cut Medical Texts and replace it with a copy of Painkillers (The Miskatonic Museum). Our allies and high sanity should be able to soak the horror. Speaking of allies, we really want Dr. Milan in play at all times. However, if we don't have a tome we also want to be able to play the Research Librarian. So let's add a copy of Charisma (The Essex County Express). This doesn't count towards our deck size but it does take us over the 19xp threshold. It's a shame, but let's replace one copy of Emergency Cache level 2 with its level 0 counterpart. For skills, I think we want to be drawing through our deck where possible to find those single cards from the core set (Dr. Milan, Encyclopedia, Shrivelling, Holy Rosary). That means cutting Unexpected Courage and adding in two copies of Perception. While we probably don't need the icons we're very likely to be taking and succeeding at investigation tests, so this is almost equivalent to thinning our deck. I think this is the minimum I would recommend for the deck, while trying to keep it as close as possible to the one you put together. However, if I was building this deck from scratch I'd also make the following changes: I prefer Flashlight to Ritual Candles. If I can lower the shroud of a location to 0 then only the Auto-fail token can cause the test to fail. We're probably reliant on fellow investigators to deal with most enemies, so while Hyperawareness can help Evade tests we hopefully won't need to take many over the course of the game. I'd replace this with a copy of Pathfinder (The Miskatonic Museum). I've never been completely sold on Pathfinder, but so many people like it that I must be wrong! For the same reason as Hyperawareness, I'd cut both copies of Manual Dexterity. I'd replace one with Guts for the card draw on success feature and the other with another copy of Painkillers. It would suck to be eliminated early on and five health is really not a lot to start with. Sadly we don't have enough xp for Bulletproof Vest, otherwise I'd try and get that in too. If you have Undimensioned and Unseen you could also consider Inquiring Mind instead of Guts. I'm really not sure which I prefer. If you want more chance of seeing your spells, then you could consider trading a Laboratory Assistant for an Arcane Initiate (Core Set). Again, I'm not sure which I prefer here. You can see the deck with all the changes incorporated here: https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/237319 Finally, at 19xp we'll be taking two random basic weaknesses. Check the event listings for whether you should draw these in advance or on the night when all players are gathered. If you made it this far (this is a long post!) I hope you found this helpful. Good luck!
  3. Assussanni

    3 ring binder storage

    I have mine sorted as follows: first cards are sorted by class (guardian, seeker, rogue, mystic, survivor, neutral). Then for each section cards are sorted into: investigators with their signature cards, then all 0xp cards, then 1-5xp cards. I don't bother sorting assets from events from skills. I store basic weaknesses after all the other neutral cards.
  4. Assussanni

    help in play

    FFG's tutorial video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzliu_-xNNQ You could also take a look through some of the Arkham Chronicle's early videos. For example video #007 deals with the Round Sequence and #011 with how Skill Tests work. The channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIvZZWhgHzy4Q0e-knq6rgg/videos I feel confident in saying that it is very unlikely that this will be the last deluxe released for the game.
  5. Assussanni

    Prologue scenario? 4th cycle.

    Very optimistic! I assumed that they'd all die horribly, maybe as sacrifices in some sort of ritual, at the end of the prologue.
  6. Assussanni

    Prologue scenario? 4th cycle.

    The article says: ‘The Circle Undone contains two full scenarios for your team of investigators to test their mettle against the terrors of Arkham, but these are not where your adventures begin. Rather, this expansion thrusts you into the mystery with a prologue scenario “Disappearance at the Twilight Estate.”’ So that would be prologue + 2 standard scenarios.
  7. Assussanni

    Timeworn Brand

    Group limit and Max are slightly different, and either could occur on a scenario card or a player card. Hopefully the following will make it clear, using Timeworn Brand for the example: Timeworn Brand, as written: Investigator A plays Timeworn Brand and uses the second ability. Investigator B plays another copy of Timeworn Brand. Investigator B cannot use the second ability because "Max" applies to all copies of Timeworn Brand regardless of where they came from. Timeworn Brand, with group limit instead of max: Investigator A plays Timeworn Brand and uses the second ability. Investigator B plays a another copy of Timeworn Brand. Investigator B may use the second ability because "Group limit" applies to each copy of Timeworn Brand separately. Investigator C then uses Teamwork and takes the first copy of Timeworn Brand from Investigator A. Investigator C cannot use the second ability because the ability on this copy of Timeworn Brand has already been triggered by Investigator A and the limit is a group limit. I hope that helps, rather than making it more confusing!
  8. Assussanni

    Timeworn Brand

    From Limits and Maximums: "'Max X per ' imposes a maximum across all copies of a card (by title) for all players ... If a maximum appears as part of an ability, it imposes a maximum number of times that ability can be initiated from all copies (by title) of cards bearing that ability (including itself), during the designated period."
  9. I’ve finally got round to watching the interview. Thank you very much for it, excellent work! I found the campaign vs. non-campaign discussion particularly interesting. By the end it had pretty much dispelled my disappointment after they said that there wouldn’t be a WH:ACG-like campaign in the box.
  10. Assussanni

    Take Heart

    Yes. Try and Try Again is after the skill test fails, so Take Heart would have already given it’s benefits before it is returned to your hand.
  11. Assussanni

    Most damage/ ammo possible

    It depends a lot on whether you can use Fast cards or not. Given the 2 action limitation, I'm assuming that all investigators' play areas are clear. In fact I'll assume standard setup: 5 cards and 5 resources per investigator. For absolute maximum damage I think we need 4 investigators capable of taking Vicious Blow [2]. Zoey is the fighter because her Elder Sign effect increases damage. Action 1: Zoey plays M1918 BAR. Action 2: Zoey uses fight action of M1918 BAR and spends 5 ammo. She commits two copies of Vicious Blow [2], Double or Nothing and Zoey's Cross. Each other investigator commits a copy of Vicious Blow [2]. Net result: Zoey takes a skill check at 4 (base) + 5 (M1918 BAR) + 10 (5x Vicious Blow [2]) + 3 (Zoey's Cross) = 22 vs twice the combat value of the enemy. Success by two or more yields 2x(5+5x2) = 30 damage, success by one or hitting the target number exactly yields 2x(5+5) = 20 damage. If the elder sign is drawn then these values increase by 1 because of Zoey's elder sign effect (does Double or Nothing double this? I'm not sure). However, success is not guaranteed because of the auto-fail token. To absolutely guarantee success, essentially assuming an enemy with a combat value of infinity, then the best I can do off the top of my head is Wendy + mystic + two guardians. Wendy is the fighter! Action 1: Wendy plays Wendy's Amulet. Action 2: Wendy punches Azathoth. Wendy commits Double or Nothing. Mystic commits Seal of the Elder Sign. Each guardian commits Vicious Blow [2]. Skill check is 1 (base) + 1 (Seal of the Elder Sign) + 4 (2x Vicious Blow [2]) vs 0 (automatic success because of elder sign token + Wendy's Amulet). Damage is 2x(1+2x2) = 10 damage. Unfortunately Azathoth also has infinite health. Azathoth destroys all of creation in the Enemy Phase. I suppose you could do better with Father Mateo as the fighter playing a Knife then committing Seal of the Elder Sign himself, with other investigators supplying 2x Vicious Blow [2] and Double or Nothing. This nets 2x(1+1+2x2) = 12 damage, but honestly I think it is funnier with Wendy.
  12. Assussanni

    Lola/ Carolyn

    From the Rules Reference, under Permanent: “A card with the permanent keyword still counts as being part of your deck and must therefore adhere to all other [non-deck size] deckbuilding restrictions.” So for Lola it counts towards her 7 Seeker cards, and it counts towards Carolyn’s limitation of 15 Seeker/Mystic cards.
  13. Assussanni

    "Must have cards" ?

    @Jobu and @Duciris gave some good Daisy advice earlier in the thread. Good luck, and don't forget your Bulletproof Vest!
  14. Edit: your topic title and question don't seem to agree. I've answered the question as written, but if it is incorrect you can edit it with the "Edit" button at the bottom-left of your post and I'll update my answer. Cards don't exhaust unless they explicitly say that they do - exhausting is an extra cost that is required by some cards. For Hard Knocks, you pay 2 resources to play the card and put it into your play area. After that, during any combat or agility skill test, before drawing a chaos token you may spend any number of resources and get +1 for each resource spent. Because the only cost of Hard Knocks is resources, you may use it on any skill test at any time as long as you have the resources to do so. It is not limited to one skill test per round. Hope that helps.
  15. Assussanni

    "Must have cards" ?

    If you are worried about having a strong deck (and I'm not saying you should be!) then I've had a look back through the Dunwich mythos packs (I'm assuming you'll be wanting to buy these next anyway if you are picking up The Dunwich Legacy) and tried to pick out a few cards that I like and the packs they come in, broken down by class: Guardian: Prepared for the Worst (Blood on the Altar), Vicious Blow [2] and Lightning Gun (both Lost in Time and Space). Seeker: Deduction [2] (The Essex County Express), Higher Education (Blood on the Altar). Rogue: Switchblade [2] (The Essex County Express), Streetwise (Blood on the Altar), Chicago Typewriter and The Gold Pocket Watch (both Lost in Time and Space). Mystic: Shrivelling [3] (The Essex County Express) and/or Shrivelling [5] (Lost in Time and Space), Rite of Seeking [4] (Undimensioned and Unseen), Fearless [2] (Where Doom Awaits). Survivor: Stroke of Luck (Where Doom Awaits), Aquinnah [3] (Lost in Time and Space). Neutral: Charisma (The Essex County Express). If you have a look through the investigators in the Dunwich Legacy and see if any of them take your fancy, then post with your investigator of choice and what you like about them I'm sure everyone here will do their best to offer advice... And if you choose Skids O'Toole he comes with the added benefit that some people might not expect him to be particularly effective anyway