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  1. So I played this game a number of times. And I can't say that I didn't enjoy, but I certainly got disappointed. I thought that this game was a deck building game, like dominion, but with more interaction between players, and the graphic art which is amazing. But it certainly is nothing like dominio, or any other GOOD deck building game. you can't really form a strategy, because all of your cards are ALWAYS the same! and the neutral pile (which is the fun, the strategy changer, the card destroyer and almost 90% of the game) is just so unvaried! AND it has just enough for 1 card for each player, if you're lucky you get 2 copies of it (doesn't matter the number of players) and if not, then you can end up with none. and some cards, are unlike "Mind Control" or different kinds of units, they don't get destroyed and sent back to the original neutral pile, THEY STAY AT THE RESPECTIVE DECK OF THE LUCKY BASTARED WHO GOT LUCKY IN HIS DRAW PHASE. (like force marched, battle cry, etc.) Of course there's the element of luck, but I mean COME ON, you don't get a chance to get even with everyone else, because you're outta neutral pile decks the major deck boosters comes from there. I don't understand why there's only 5 copies of a card in a 4 player game. you get only 3 choices, and they all run out so quickly. Someone please tell me I got the rules all wrong and i'm incorrect. This game needs an expansion ASAP, more copies for neutral piles. more neutral piles. the races are great; don't need more of them in the first expansion. the expansion has got to have more variety, if it's the neutral cards, if it's more units in the barracks, doesn't matter, its deck building attribute is FLAWED from its basis PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT, I wanna see it's full potential! i can be INLOVE with this game...! I really like the artwork though
  2. So... in the rulebook it says that during combat with another player, each player uses a unit, or a tactic at a time. "Mind control" is a tactic card, and "Battle Cry" is also a tactic card, but with minor change in description which says: "Play during combat". my question is: may I play a tactic card that doesn't have the line "Play during combat" (like battle cry and summon lightning) during battle? the rules never mentioned anything against it. something is awfully wrong playing mind control during a battle, waaay over powered. Thanks in advance!
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