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  1. Well, if he can see the spell, he gets a Defense check versus the Mage's Magic Projection to avoid the spell, then makes a Magic Resistance check if it affects him.
  2. My first question concerns the Elan ability "Natural Mystic" gained from Erebus. How do the wise people of this forum believe this ability works? It reads that it provides the character knowledge of all Innate magic spells equal to his Elan level and provides two times his Elan level in Zeon per day with which to cast them. It doesn't say if this follows the normal rules for casting magic (accumulation and such), if this Zeon regenerates at the normal speed ( Character's Magic Accumulation a day) or if it follows its own rules and refreshes every day? It's a bit vague and I'm wanting to get clarification. Second question concerns the Free Access Spell "Innate Magic". It states that it increases the Innate magic potential of an area by 30 points. I have a player who wants to center the spell on himself and raise his innate magic by 30 at all times, allowing him to throw out attack spells like crazy for no cost. Do you guys think this was the intention with this spell? Third, I have another player who keeps trying to get me to make all magic that affects another character (even Spiritual and Effect spells) visible to normal people. He seems to believe that it is imbalanced that Effect spells aren't visible. I'm of the opinion that all those spells give a Magic Resistance check. Therefore, you really aren't supposed to be able to roll a defense against them easily. I don't see why a Mage would have to spend the slowest replenishing resource in the game for something that his enemy gets two chances to defend against. He's actually better off just spellbombing everything with damage under those rules, and I don't want that.
  3. I've considered that approach as well. Unfortunately, it is harder than it looks due to the fact that it's -5 per technique, which sometimes throws the Math off. Was just curious if anyone else had an idea as to an official ruling.
  4. I too lean toward the fact that you would be blind to objects and things without actual energy. Consider his Dominion solution, or using Blood of the Beasts or Chaos Stigmata to grab the monster power.
  5. Certain Bloodlines, namely the elemental ones, state that they lower the cost of a Ki Technique by 5 martial knowledge. The Example given is of a Legacy of Fire who wishes to learn a Dominion that has Attack Enhancement and Damage Augmentation, which are both fire aspected. The cost of the Dominion is thus reduced by 10 points. My question is how does such a cost reduction interact with the lowest possible cost of a Dominion. Continuing the above example, the technique obviously costs 10 points less. If that Technique already costs only 20 martial knowledge, the minimium amount for a level one Dominion, does he further reduce the cost? Does this trait allow a Technician to purchase Techniques for below the minimum? My First impression is to say yes, as it preserves the ability for a Legacy to learn techniques from other people. He just learns them easier due to his affinity toward the element. However, some techniques could potentially be reduced to nothing with that ruling, and that doesn't make any sense. That would lead to the thought that the minimal cost is the minimal cost period, and nothing can reduce it. But at that point, the Legacy isn't getting to benefit from his trait. Obviously, this has more to do with using pre-made techniques than developing his own. Thoughts?
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