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  1. I meant to post this a while ago. But my Challara was actually damaged when I bought the H&M pack. So FFG sent me a new one. And, instead of chucking the broken one I did the same thing. I just cut off the Challara portion of the figure, and filed down the residue. Here are the results.
  2. So, there is no Act II in the campaign, so FFG did not include Act II cards for the Lieutenants. This is disappointing and a bit puzzling, because what if one wants to create their own campaign on the quest vault, which includes those lieutenants? Or what if FFG decides to release a quest book which includes them? I know there are the plot decks to include them as agents, but that is not the same. Seems like 3 more cards would not have been that big a deal.
  3. I followed these steps: Carefully place stickers inside depressions. Burnish edges with toothpick. Apply 2 coats of spray-on flat clear-coat. Finished first play with no problems. Seem pretty durable now.
  4. @Unknown X - Agreed. Which is why I made my Legendary Play Variant Rules, not as a replacement for RAW Descent 2E, but as a fun alternative play style if a group wants something more meaty than Epic Play, but does not want to start a new official campaign. Though, my variant does re-introduce some of the very mechanics that you criticize.
  5. Don't forget about all of the excellent variants available for Descent, which greatly increase the already great variety and replay value.
  6. For the purposes of a more first edition style experience, I created my Legendary Play Variant Rules. Which can handle pre-made quests and official first edition quests, but also includes a random map generator.
  7. For some of these reasons, I created my Legendary Play Variant Rules. Which gives a more first edition style alternative experience, to the base 2nd ed campaign mode. *not sure why the quotes got all weird.
  8. There are co-op variants that use a simple D6 or the blue die to automate the Overlord. However, Redjak's Automated Overlord Variant (RAOV) is the best and most complete co-op variant, it does require that you print out a set of cards, but that is a reasonable price for a variant that opens up the game to such a great degree.
  9. I updated my familiar proxies and posted to BGG recently. There are many good Reaper Bones minis available. Posted the same pic at the bottom of a thread here on FFG.
  10. Usually for us, if a player has a specific hero and class they want to play, they can take that one, as long as no one else wants the same one, and they did not play that hero or class in the last campaign. If any hero players do not have an idea of what they want to play, they choose an archetype, we deal out 3 heroes and 3 classes from that archetype, and they choose one hero and one class from those options. Some players want to first eliminate heroes and classes that they have played previously, and others do not mind repeating.
  11. Have HoB, love it. But I would certainly purchase another book with setting information on geography, races, societies, monsters, history, etc.
  12. One work around is to only allow move actions or the spending of fatigue for the amount of movement points required to enter the target adjacent space, if the character currently has 0 movement points. So no doubling up on taking move actions, or spending fatigue for movement points during a move action. Once you gain some amount of movement points, either by taking a move action or spending the requisite amount of fatigue, you cannot gain more movement points until you have spent or lost the points you have. So players would just have to do all of their moving in sequence, instead of spending all of their actions and fatigue to create one big pool. The only exception would be if during a move action a player comes up against a terrain space which requires 2 MP to enter, and the character only has 1 MP remaining. But players could agree to allow minor retroactive movement editing in these cases, "I would have spent a fatigue before this move action so that I could enter the terrain space," etc. Just brainstorming. For trading, spending fatigue for movement is not a move action. It is exerting oneself beyond one's limits to move further and faster. So, the way we have always played is that trading is not allowed directly after spending fatigue to move. And that would be in line with the above work around. Players would just have to be careful about what kind of movement they declare and when.
  13. Not so much practically useful, as thematically interesting and aesthetically cool. Both of which make it a buy for me, but not for everyone of course.
  14. Wow. FFG just announced a setting guide for the Android setting of Net Runner, etc. Here's hoping they decide to do one for Terrinoth as well. If a setting guide was available, would you buy it? I have been asking for one for a long time.
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