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  1. I'm so sorry if this is a difficult question to answer. I'm GM'ing. My intent is to staff a Marauder Assault Corvette with minions for the gunner positions and group the like weapons on this ship into batteries. The Marauder Assault Corvette has: 4 Forward Mounted Twin Light Turbolasers (I'd like to group these into a battery) 4 Turret Mounted Twin Light Turbolasers (hopefully grouped into a battery) 3 Forward Mounted Light Tractor Beams (hopefully grouped into a battery) I'm in the vehicle roster page and have added the appropriate groups of minions into the adversaries list for the encounter containing this ship. Is there a way to do this in the GM tools to get the printout to show me the minion upgraded gunnery checks for weapon batteries?
  2. Mando's have been brought in line with other humans, statistically; thanks in large to the Clone Wars and Rebels shows, I imagine; as you are aware from "Friends Like These". We have stats for heavy battle armor. We have stats for jetpacks. We have all sorts of guns and weapon. What else do you need?
  3. We have a Hutt Colonist Entrepreneur being actively played in our Edge game, he's kind of awesome. He fills our talker role and also generates plenty of creds to keep us fed, armed, repaired, and NPC palms greased. He's not much of a fighter though; although it's nothing some Hutt Shell armor and a Vibro Axe couldn't fix. Like most groups, we have enough combat oriented characters to keep us alive.
  4. I use Oggdude's GM tools, it's set up to allow assigning NPCs to crew slots. This is a fun feature.
  5. Oh, the Incom Engineer, that might work! Captain (for Leadership checks): Customs Inspector (EotE 397) Pilot (for Pilot checks): Imperial Pilot (BtR:78) Engineer (for Mechanics checks): Incom Engineer (AoR 413) Comms Officer (for Computer checks): Incom Engineer (AoR 413) Gunners x6: Imperial Gunnery Corps (AoR 418)
  6. The setup is players in a freighter versus Imperial NPCs on an Imperial Customs Frigate, there will be shooting in space. This is pretty straightforward Sil 4 VS Sil 4 space combat; except that I don't have stat blocks for my appropriately-trained Imperial crew. What published NPCs should I use for the dice checks I'll need for the badguys? Captain (for Leadership checks): Customs Inspector (EotE 397) Pilot (for Pilot checks): ? Engineer (for Mechanics checks): ? Comms Officer (for Computer checks): ? Gunners x6: Imperial Gunnery Corps (AoR 418)
  7. Within the 96 full-color pages of this supplment, players and game masters will find gazetteers for three new planets, countless NPCs, and directions for creating playable human characters of the Mandalorian culture. Although designed primarily for Age of Rebellion players, because of its Outer Rim focus and balance between warfare and diplomacy, Friends Like These is ideal for groups incorporating characters and material from Edge of the Empire™ and Force and Destiny™ as well. Thanks, Tramp. I'm the scrub EotE GM who doesn't click AoR links.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Tramp, but I'll recommend not to holding any breaths until an announcement, lol.
  9. New Player Race: Mandalorian Human 2 Brawn, 2 Agility, 2 Intellect, 2 Cunning, 2 Willpower, 2 Presence Mandalorian Humans begin the game with 110 xp. Mandalorian Humans begin the game with one free rank in any one of the following skills and may spend starting experience to raise it to 3 at character creation: Ranged - Heavy, Ranged - Light, Brawl, Melee, Gunnery REALLY FFG!? Would it have killed you to at least include this a new species option? At least they got the title right.
  10. New Player Race: Mandalorian Human 2 Brawn, 2 Agility, 2 Intellect, 2 Cunning, 2 Willpower, 2 Presence Mandalorian Humans begin the game with 100 xp. Mandalorian Humans begin the game with one rank in any one of the following: Ranged - Heavy, Ranged - Light, Melee, Brawl, Gunnery. REALLY FFG!? Would it have killed you to at least include this a new species option?
  11. I claim precedence for "rule of cool" with melee from swoop, lol.
  12. This is all great stuff. Thanks for the feedback. Here's how this is gonna work at our table: RAW makes it pretty clear with vehicle maneuvers for things like accelerate/decelerate. Speed 1 vehicle is probably moving like a character with a jetpack through personal-scale range bands. (again, accelerate/decelerate are vehicle maneuvers). I think a setback for attacking on-foot enemies of silhouette 1 with personal-scale weapons (blaser pistol, vibrosword) is appropriate. I think melee attacks on a charge should get a boost (because awesome) I think attacking with the laser cannons on the swoop itself uses Gunnery, this is a Starhawk Swoop (Fly Casual, Page 53) and factors in the silhouette of the bike which is 2, the difference in silhouette from human-size is one, this upgrades/downgrades attack difficulties by 1 (need RAW check please, AFB). Starhawk swoop has 3 HT and 0 armor. This should equate to 30 points of damage dealt from personal-scale weapons to break it.
  13. I have a player. He has a swoop. (UH!) Player-Swoop. I do have a player who plays a Coruscant Scoundrel Biker with a Starhawk Speeder Bike. He wants to participate in personal combats with the rest of the group on foot (sorta like a D&D cavalier), but while riding his swoop (combat-area permitting, usually outdoors). I actually like the concept, the rest of the players think it's cool. I'm just not sure how to handle things like movement and handling of his swoop. How do I do this? Picture like an abandoned train yard, there's plenty of outdoor space, the ground is gravel, there are jersey concrete barriers around. Alternatively, picture like a moisture farm turned into a battlefield on Tatooine. Do the rules allow for my biker player do things like stop his swoop, line up lasers, circle around, etc, when we're having on-foot fights with bad guys? (I am imagining he must simply use the normal vehicle combat maneuvers).
  14. I use Coercion from NPCs to apply setbacks or difficulty upgrades, or damage strain, exclusively. As GM, if an NPC of mine is using Coercion in an attempt to prevent my players' characters from doing something, I very strongly believe that it is FAR better to DISCOURAGE a player from doing something, rather than forcing them to do something contrary to how they want to experience my game. I just don't think it's ever cool for the GM to force their players on something. Applying sufficient obstacles, while still providing the players with an OPPORTUNITY to succeed, or "beat me", seems to make the game more enjoyable for all involved. Upgrading 3 purple dice to 3 red dice would still provide a pretty good shot, in most circumstances, to keep the direction of the game going in the direction I want it to. My player was not FORCED to do anything, I believe that means they'll have more fun.
  15. I am also firmly in the "use what's currently in the book" camp. My most experienced players may still only use races straight out of an FFG book with stats. I would encourage you to play a Trandoshan, they regenerate, also they look awesome.
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