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  1. 1. Joust means that when a character with the Joust keyword is attacking alone, the defending opponent cannot declare more than 1 character as a defender. And Melee means that when a character with the Melee keyword is participating in a challenge, it gets +1 STR for each participating character controlled by an opponent. 2. Epic Phase: Basically you have to have a card first that allows you to have an epic phase! It takes place after the dominance phase but before the standing phase. Normally each player can initiate one additional challenge with normal claim. For more info about epic phase have a look here http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=18&efcid=4&efidt=571541
  2. I did it just a few hours ago. ^^ But we thought that this is too good to be true... Same goes for killing a character to resolve a lost military challenge and then saving it somehow. Pulling this "trick" over and over again it struck the Stark player as massively "unfair" because she saw no point in military challenges anymore! We then started thinking "too good to be true" again! However, I read in here that this is perfectly fine... It has to be said that we are new to the game and a more seasoned player would have probably just killed my chars or discarded my attachments or something like that But I guess that playing with the CS only, doesn't give you a lot of cards which remove attachments and stuff...
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer )) You wrote: Yes. each character may claim one power. Each card has a Triggered Effect, and they may each be triggered. You are right to read the cards as literally as possible. If it doesn't specify "participating character", it doesn't mean "participating character". But wouldn't this also mean that I can get 9 power by losing all the challenges??? I mean that's almost winning the game! I mean that's.... wow???
  4. Hiya everybody... Couldn't find the answers anywhere so I have to bother you Just played with a friend of mine and I'm really unsure if we're playing it right... 1. Frozen Outpost says: Kneel FO to choose and stand a defending character. Until the end of the challenge, that character gets +2STR. My char is defending, so it's already kneeling. Now I can stand it again, it gains strength and I kneel it again to defend??? 2. Taste for Blood says: Response: After you lose a challenge as the defender, attached character claims 1 power. Now if I have all three attachments in play and I lose a challenge as a defender, do all three characters claim 1 power even if they weren't participating in the challenge? I don't think so, but the card doesn't say "attached participating char" or something like that. 3. A general question: Do attachments kneel when the character it is attached to have to kneel? Thanks so much in advance!
  5. Thanks for your help I probably won't be able to make it on May 1st but I definitely intend to come on May 19th. I also will have a peek at your fb group! Should have moved to Munich it seems
  6. Hey everybody... any chance to find some players in Ulm too? =) Greetings Alex
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