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  1. I posted an identical thread on the forums over at BoardGameGeek.com and City of Thieves Game Designer Laurent Pouchain replied with the following: "Wait the future expansion... It should be in the shops this summer (I hope :-) Inside, you'll find equipment cards... And more ;-) Laurent " As great as it is to look forward to an awesome expansion, he didn't answer a single question I asked lol. So until that expansion comes out in what may be several months, I would still like to know the best way to go about using the cards printed from the expansions.
  2. Greetings! TLDR; what are the exact sizes of all the different cards playing cards? After about a week of eyeballing this at my local geek shop, and watching videos, reading reviews, etc.. I finally decided to purchase this amazing looking game and well, wouldn't you know, someone snatched it up before me! So as I patiently wait for my ordered copy to come in, I've been scouring these (and BGG's) forums for variants, and expansions, etc.. I love the wonderful item cards that come with "The Inn" downloadable expansion (and the others)! I'm wondering how players are using these. Do you cut them out on regular printer paper? Keep them on the page and use tokens to mark which items you have? I am trying to have all the expansions printed out in high quality at a local print shop but as I don't have the game, I'm not 100% sure the cards are coming out at the right size. The item cards in particular, I would like to print/laminate in such a way that they can hold up to being constantly handled etc.. -Does anyone here have the exact sizes(in mm please) for the different playing cards? -How do they stack up against normal TCG card/protector sizes? -What is the intended way to play with these cards? Cut them out? Leave them on the sheet? Thank you so much for your time and thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
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