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  1. I see your point but in that case I dont think it would be to bad if I said that damage has to be done in order for the concussive to apply, that way the SB of the guy attacking with a power maul has to be pretty impressive. As to the righteous fury/ critical damage that stuns the crew I was going to have that in addtion (it creates a high probability of stunning I know, but I guess this just reflects the nature of that particular attack) This any better?
  2. Hey, Im trying to create an extremely difficult engagement for my Hunter-killer group by throwing them up against some Battlewagons with killkannons in a cramped urban environment. Killcannons have concussive (3) , so im wondering how you would go about resolving this against the crew, what im thinking of doing is reducing the level of concussive by 1 for every 10 armour on the facing hit so the blast would have concusive (0), stunning for 1 round only (instead of d5), on the front of their hellhound. So does this sound fair enough? Them fighting a superior opponent isnt meant to be fair!
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