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  1. It should be an Active, Incidental. Then I think the debate would be over. Then you'd never get the setback die ever. How would that be better design? Edit: I'm working under the assumption that the setback die fulfills a purpose, it's meant to nudge you into fighting a certain way that is very apropos to the form, I've yet to see a suggestion that has a similar result and is not a teensy bit overpowered. When I started reading this thread my first thought was: "How about stances to use any lightsaber style?" But that would be to much of an additional rule and too much of a change to the game. So the best option I see to give Duelist Training some kind of flavor, would be, as was proposed by someone else in this thread, to keep it's effect as it is, make it Active, Incidental and to stay in effect until the end of the characters next turn. This would translate into him taking a special "duelist" stance fencing against a single foe that takes some (implicit) maneuvering the next round to get out of.
  2. Maybe you should rather switch players instead of system if that happens. In the 25 years I have been playing RPGs, I have not come across a single one which could not be meta-played to turn MMO hackfest style. I've run into this same trap with my group right now and decided to split the group into two because the alternative would have been to kick the power gamers out. Personaly I think "Team Rambo"(the new hackfest group) will lose a lot of that great 'Star Wars-y' feel "Team Gandhi"(the guys in for the mood) will experience, but the system as is lends to both styles enough that both groups might enjoy it.
  3. I think high soak values, especially in a character like the marauder, turns the play into something comparable to an mmo - you have one single tank char which is designated to take ALL of the damage while everyone else does his best to keep him alive or deal out high amounts of damage. Once he falls, you have a guaranteed TPK - so make it clear to the player that everything depends on him staying alive and provoking the enemy and go for encounters that allow this player to do so...the net result will be some nice or harsh group dynamics and everyone anxious about each and every die roll. Just make sure you have some good roleplaying consequences if you don't want to let the group die on a bad day and rather have them feel what it means to lie unconscious at the feet of their enemies...
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