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  1. I'm enjoying the setup so far and everyone's interesting characters. Excellent job GauntZero =)
  2. Hi sorry been busy with my own travelling. Back home tomorrowbut will sort out your admin on the forum now.
  3. Yeah, that sounds good. I'm ready to post my details too if GZ is happy with the pm, I'm fairly confident that there's no out of character info being given away.
  4. PM sent, it details his persona and appearance plus a link to a pic, if you want background history as well that's on the original pm I sent you so you can simply combine the two. I'd suggest posting these character bio's on the forum under 'The Acolytes' section as separate threads for each character.
  5. Sounds like a good idea, how about we have character/player? For example Macro Hox / DarkWinds or Caro Omnis / Rese for example, just in case some of our PC's don't last I've less of an idea about this, I wrote mine up on the FFG DH2e pdf and sent it to GauntZero, I was assuming that the GM would be the only person who needs to see them all.
  6. Ok, I knocked this up on proboards. If people like it I could transfer the admin to Gaunt if desired (seems sensible to me). I feel I have covered all the necessary sections and the theme looks suitably oppressive http://heresyonjuno.freeforums.net
  7. I do like the idea of a more localised campaign as you suggested, seems the most realistic to me (what with the vagaries of void travel). I only really envisage an Inquisitor transporting a very select few of his most experienced acolytes, far easier to have a network of cells spread throughout the sector with one or two crack teams you can dispatch to trouble spots. Although perhaps in Askellon that is easier said than done and every Inquisitor is different too! Happy to share a few details if this turns into a long running group =) but I think that would be better done on our own private forum.
  8. Ah I meant I was ok with a psyker (Arctanaar) joining the group. I would much rather stick with the character I already sent you.
  9. I've gone with a bounty hunter using an Arbite/Seeker build. However my character won't of been an official Arbite at any point, he'll have contacts amongst various Imperial organisations, most notably the Arbites, of his home world but that's as far as it goes. He's from a frontier world where the nascent Imperial institutions (and private citizenry) would often outsource their problems in the form of bounties, Imperial writs and judicial warrants. I'd be happy to see a real Arbite in the group (in fact its best if you don't think of him as an Arbite at all!), especially as I fully intend to deviate wildly from traditional Arbite combat style.
  10. Would people be interested in running this on a private forum? Something like proboards looks good to me. https://www.proboards.com/ Would be good if we could get our characters acquainted soon, although under what circumstances I suppose is down to the ineffable GM
  11. Will start working on my character today, ColArana have you decided on a desperado or assassin? Any idea what you would like to bring along Alexel? Also whats the difference between OW and DH2e in terms of DoS/DoF? Glad to get started either way =)
  12. I'd be interested, assuming your ok with a complete novice. I'm EU based and character wise at the moment I'm thinking a Frontier/Arbite/Seeker, imagine a wild west lawman and detective turned bounty hunter and you would'nt be far wrong. However I could be persuaded to create a more radical or puritanical character to fit the right group. Hope to see this work out (I don't own Enemies Beyond just yet, but its in the post)
  13. Pictures sent, reply received, new copy on its way, no quibble. Good stuff, hopefully this new copy will be as strong as a Grox
  14. Thanks for the excellent advice. The idea that the recoil glove would be as subtle as a brick didn't even cross my mind so thanks for that excellent point.
  15. According to the book this grants a +2 or +4 bonus to Aim as a half or full action respectively. Is this correct, am I essentially getting either a +12 or +24 bonus to Aim? Just seems inconsistent given all the other nicely rounded figures. Another thing that's bugging me is the difference between a Pistol Grip and Recoil Gloves, they both negate the same penalty to basic weapons but the Recoil Gloves also allow you to use a two handed pistol one handed. And on top of that the Pistol Grip halves the range when used single handedly... so the Recoil Gloves are the best, but both items share the same Availability? Seems odd to me.
  16. Not really a typo but I would like to see the Sage renamed to something like 'Savant' and the Mystic renamed 'Psyker'. Sages and Mystics just sound like the sort of names heretics would use.
  17. 1st Black Talon Battalion (Naval) Homeworld: Black Talon Squadron, Gothic Sector, Segmentum Obscurus. Military Speciality: Combined Naval Assault Operations. Order of Battle: 2400 Souls, split into six heavy infantry companies numbered 2 to 7. 1st Company records expunged. Commanding Officer: Master-at-Arms Commander Bendabiar Braxx (Navy) History/Summary: The Black Talon Naval Battalion is a rather unusual arrangement that came about due to the nature of the Black Talon Squadron's planetary invasion support role. The three Firestorm class frigates that make up the Squadron have been designed to sit in high orbit above enemy worlds and provide fire support with their lances as well as handling Imperial communications with their greatly enhanced vox networks, working together the three ships can typically provide global communications. The ships are also retrofitted with hangers allowing for small scale carrier operations providing either air support or assault boats. The Black Talon Naval Battalion as an independent military unit wasn't given official approval by the Sector High Admiralty until over 200 years after its unofficial creation, this was done in recognition of the efforts of the Battalion in various boarding actions, especially in capturing several, previously unidentified, orbital defence batteries over the secession world of Iosa. The batteries were taken before they were able to fully bring their weapons down on the rapidly approaching Imperial fleet, this action was cited as the Battalions first Battle Honour independent of its Squadron. The 200 years of previous unofficial history, technically according to the Navy, doesn't count. The Battalion makes very effective use the Imperial Navy's Shark Assault boats and the Navy pilots for these vessels have now more or less been integrated into the Battalion, and rightly or wrongly, they see themselves as a cut above other pilots because of this. It is however still a highly dangerous tactic and if poor piloting or planning and good enemy point defence are combined it can result in the loss of hundreds within the blink of an eye. This was the fate of the First Company whose records are now expunged. Official records at the time, before being destroyed in the Name of the God-Emperor, indicated that the entire Company abandoned its post during a renegade attack at the Siege of Heria Minor. The Commanding Officer at the time [+++Record Deleted For Your Own Protection+++] ordered an ill conceived counter attack and boarding action on the renegade vessel, whilst his fervour was commendable and his zeal unflinching it still resulted in the annihilation of the First Company. Later [+++Record Deleted For Your Own Protection+++] argued successfully that they had abandoned their posts without leave and therefore he was not to blame. The fact that their post had exploded around them was not taken into consideration and the name of the First Company was forever blackened. Equipment: Ratings and Officers of the Battalion are largely armed in a similar fashion to Imperial Guard forces, though this equipment is requisitioned from the Imperial Navy. Depending on the nature of their current role they can be armed with either low-velocity Shotguns for policing or Lascarbines for boarding actions. The decision to choose Lascarbines over Lasguns is one made purely because space is at a premium. Other weapons include Boarding Pikes, Meltaguns and Meltapistols. Void suits are issued however their survivability and effectiveness is questioned by most experienced members of the Battalion. Thick leather gauntlets, welding masks, heavy magnetic boots and various tools used by ordinary Ratings are usually in abundance too. A fully kitted out Armsman preparing to undertake a boarding action is seldom recognisable underneath all his equipment looking like a cross between a Naval Rating, an Enginseer and a Guardsmen all in one. In the greatest tradition of military personnel everywhere kit customisation is seen as key to survival and in helping the Battalion get 'the edge'. Whether its tearing off pockets that are considered useless, taping down straps on a safety harness, writing your name and number on your mag-boots, over clocking your lascarbine beyond recommended Departmento Munitorium standards or carrying half a dozen different knives and tools you stole … every Battalion Armsmen tries to optimise and learn from the experienced old hands. Miscellaneous: All members of the 1st Black Talon Battalion are members of the Imperial Navy and therefore it is important to remember that their military precedence comes after that of the Imperial Guard. Furthermore within the Imperial Navy's own hierarchy the Battalion is ultimately subservient to a traditional Naval Officer. Conversely though when the Battalion is performing its typical policing duties amongst the crew the Armsmen have seniority to allow them to fulfil their duties. During combined operations they will often find themselves under the overall command of the Imperial Guard or a senior Imperial Navy officer. DW
  18. I'm fairly sure that there's vast swathes of space that don't come under any classification below Segmentum level. Places like the Gothic Sector aren't surrounded by neighbouring sectors but rather they are surrounded by decidedly empty wilderness space. Its only when an area becomes interesting by having planets, warp routes, astral phenomena and solar systems does anyone then bother with sector and sub-sector classifications. How they determine what counts as sectors and sub-sectors is beyond me, most likely, and in the finest traditions on of the Imperium, there isn't a standard. There's probably sectors in some Segmentums that would be classed sub-sectors in others and vice versa determined by the whim of the Crusade or Explorators that mapped them. I could easily see an ambitious Crusade General/Admiral pushing to have an area he captured classified as a Sector to boost his renown. Or, on the other side of the coin, a Rogue Trader/Explorator, trying to play down the size of his discovery to keep the prize to himself for as long as possible. DW
  19. Being able to operate a Grav-chute would be something I'd insist on learning if I was going to Operate Aeronautica but I see where your coming from, I'd probably just skip that particular requirement and drop the -20 penalty. DW
  20. I'd rather buy one book. I've never understood the communities space elf fetish, give me Squats! DW
  21. I think the ground swell of popular opinion would be against Necromunda being the next new game if the question was asked "Do you want Necromunda or do you want Space Pixies?" sad but true. Personally I want Space Mushrooms, Orkdom is the coolest, cruelest, most anarchic and therefore funniest place in real space. Orks are so diverse there's lots of scope for a good roleplayer. DW
  22. I like the idea of fighting on a young Knight/Exodites planet, I've loved that lore since Epic Space Marine and fighting a campaign there would be cool. The sustainability of agriculture and livestock on these worlds is key to their importance. Not sure that a Guard Regiment would be wasted on digging anything that wasn't a trench, but I could see them fighting on these types of worlds. Helping establish and protect colonies and secure large areas would be the key goal, after that I suspect there would be a lot of scouting and skirmishing. I've always envisaged these worlds to be sparsely populated so the Regiment would probably have quite a bit of ground to cover. Once the major threats had been dealt with and some decent PDFs had been raised I think the Regiment would be lifted out of their quite quickly, assuming the Departmento Munitorum didn't forget about them. As for worrying about agricultural output, that's not really a Guardsman's remit until his Regiment gets disbanded and left to found its own home. DW
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