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  1. I'm enjoying the setup so far and everyone's interesting characters. Excellent job GauntZero =)
  2. Hi sorry been busy with my own travelling. Back home tomorrowbut will sort out your admin on the forum now.
  3. Yeah, that sounds good. I'm ready to post my details too if GZ is happy with the pm, I'm fairly confident that there's no out of character info being given away.
  4. PM sent, it details his persona and appearance plus a link to a pic, if you want background history as well that's on the original pm I sent you so you can simply combine the two. I'd suggest posting these character bio's on the forum under 'The Acolytes' section as separate threads for each character.
  5. Sounds like a good idea, how about we have character/player? For example Macro Hox / DarkWinds or Caro Omnis / Rese for example, just in case some of our PC's don't last I've less of an idea about this, I wrote mine up on the FFG DH2e pdf and sent it to GauntZero, I was assuming that the GM would be the only person who needs to see them all.
  6. Ok, I knocked this up on proboards. If people like it I could transfer the admin to Gaunt if desired (seems sensible to me). I feel I have covered all the necessary sections and the theme looks suitably oppressive http://heresyonjuno.freeforums.net
  7. I do like the idea of a more localised campaign as you suggested, seems the most realistic to me (what with the vagaries of void travel). I only really envisage an Inquisitor transporting a very select few of his most experienced acolytes, far easier to have a network of cells spread throughout the sector with one or two crack teams you can dispatch to trouble spots. Although perhaps in Askellon that is easier said than done and every Inquisitor is different too! Happy to share a few details if this turns into a long running group =) but I think that would be better done on our own private forum.
  8. Ah I meant I was ok with a psyker (Arctanaar) joining the group. I would much rather stick with the character I already sent you.
  9. I've gone with a bounty hunter using an Arbite/Seeker build. However my character won't of been an official Arbite at any point, he'll have contacts amongst various Imperial organisations, most notably the Arbites, of his home world but that's as far as it goes. He's from a frontier world where the nascent Imperial institutions (and private citizenry) would often outsource their problems in the form of bounties, Imperial writs and judicial warrants. I'd be happy to see a real Arbite in the group (in fact its best if you don't think of him as an Arbite at all!), especially as I fully intend to deviate wildly from traditional Arbite combat style.
  10. Would people be interested in running this on a private forum? Something like proboards looks good to me. https://www.proboards.com/ Would be good if we could get our characters acquainted soon, although under what circumstances I suppose is down to the ineffable GM
  11. Will start working on my character today, ColArana have you decided on a desperado or assassin? Any idea what you would like to bring along Alexel? Also whats the difference between OW and DH2e in terms of DoS/DoF? Glad to get started either way =)
  12. I'd be interested, assuming your ok with a complete novice. I'm EU based and character wise at the moment I'm thinking a Frontier/Arbite/Seeker, imagine a wild west lawman and detective turned bounty hunter and you would'nt be far wrong. However I could be persuaded to create a more radical or puritanical character to fit the right group. Hope to see this work out (I don't own Enemies Beyond just yet, but its in the post)
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