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  1. It was a blast and I'd love to go again.
  2. So it's just like the topic says. I'm wondering if we know if Arkham Nights is happening this year. I loved the event last year, and would love to fly in again and participate.
  3. When I said Intrigue, I meant Masques.
  4. Does anyone else think this looks like a re-skin of Intrigue? Not complaining, just want to see if I'm taking crazy pills.
  5. Where does Arkham Nights usual happen? At their headquarters? Sorry I could probably just look it up on the internet.
  6. Me too! I am relatively new to the whole hobby gaming world, and Arkham Horror was my first love. I have not been excited about a new game release before; and now I have.
  7. I'm very stoked for this game! I enjoy being able to play different ways in the same universe. I enjoy what Privateer Press is doing with Warmachine, adding a deck building game in that world. Fantasy Flight, let's get another Android game! Tons of potential there. That does seem odd. Pretty important places.
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