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  1. I believe this is true. I’m not worried. I like playing two player most & the content is very thoroughly engrossing. I posit that there will be a few of these monster/boss mini expansions per deluxe box, much like IA. Given the stark differences between the products, I have a hard time imagining how they will handle the “what’s in the box, what’s mini expansion” question.
  2. Great question and I wonder if there will be role/trait restrictions. A role that is “Istari only” for instance.
  3. I’m hoping to see the map tiles cover more specific locations, as in “Bree,” or perhaps “Moria.” Some of the questions that has my interest is how will they manage Rivendell? How will they approach Minas Tirith? What of Rohan and, more specifically, the Gap of Rohan? So much potential, how will they divvy it up? What monster figures will come with? How big will a deluxe be?
  4. The potential to follow(ish) in the footsteps of the LCG! I imagine/hope-for a multi-expansion campaign encompassing the Hobbit and he Lord of the Rings. how would you handle the expansions?(delux, of course).
  5. I had a thumping good time playing this beautiful digital game. Terribly fun. Awfully unforgettable. -Brownmantle
  6. Me. i own a lot of this game, seldom get to play anymore (kids). That is going to change thanks to this.
  7. Me too, though I fervently dream of an app version of the game (along the lines of the Pathfinder card game). An app version would devour my waking hours.
  8. If so, this has been the longest swan song in the history of everything.
  9. I had this made into a playmat - it is awesome. That really looks good, Dan. I envy.
  10. I don't know if Rich still shows up on here, but his favorite artist is going to be putting out a book! http://olorispublishing.com/project/from-the-shire-to-the-sea-the-art-of-joe-gilronan/
  11. FFG board room: "We have a very successful game here, what is the community clamoring for?" "Uh S-Sir, couldn't we g-give them what they already have?" "You're joking right?" "N-No Sir, we could give them preprinted versions of the skirmish maps. It's what the players have been making for themselves, but kinda crappy qu-qu-qu-quality. We could give them a really nice one!" "(Sarcastically) Yeesss...And if we priced them at $25 a pop, they'd think they were saving money, and they would be, but they'd have to buy everything all over again if they want the figures and command cards? Sounds like a disaster." "Sir, some in the community have been paying out the n-n-n-nose to have them made b-b-by a third party. Shouldn't this company c-c-c-c-capitalize on the want's and need of the Imperial Assault Community that WE CREATED?" "Meh." "Sir, the whiny b-b-******* on the interwebs will hate it!" "Johnson, you make a good point. Here is some money, get these made and get that stutter looked at."
  12. Merry as a Rohan Tac character? Synergy. Huge dump trucks of it.
  13. What this company has enriched my personal life. Thank you all! -Samwise Lovecraft
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