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  1. In the RtL rules pdf, it says that a value of X is always the value it shows on the card- so it's the same value it would normally be for that monster.
  2. You realise I was the two terms I used, while possibly excessive, were aimed towards people at the two opposite ends of the spectrum? I take issue with extremists of any stripe. As I said, I doubt anyone here agrees with the extreme positions of either those who think we should restrict all freedom of expression in the name of "social justice", or people who think that you are being oppressed because someone calls you out on being a racist. Most people are relatively reasonable, but that's not how these arguments go. But w/e, I'm not going to keep arguing this here.
  3. Insulting people you disagree with and then turning around and questioning why the argument is taking place, in an attempt to end it, is logically and morally bankruptHang on, what? I wasn't insulting anyone who's a part of this debate, here, on this forum. I was speaking about extremists on either side of the divide out in the wider world. And I absolutely stand by the fact that it's a debate that has no place here. ETA: Just to be even more clear- I understand why some people denigrate the worst SJWs, and also why some of the more liberal get annoyed at anyone with a conscience being conflated with those same people. But people end up arguing against an extremist position from the other side rather than considering more reasonable opposing positions, and just talk past each other. I very much doubt anyone here actually holds any of the extreme positions, but it's going to cause a massive amount of friction when people argue as though they do.
  4. There are people (NOT people here on this forum) supposedly trying to advance equality, who are really narrow-minded fascists. And there are obnoxious bigots (once again, not here on this forum) who denounce anyone who stands up to them as "SJWs". And I don't really know why we are discussing either. This is a forum for people who like playing with little plastic spaceships and making "pewpew" noises. If I want to talk equality or ethics or social policy there are a million places to do that, which don't interfere with my little plastic toy hobby. Obviously I can't stop people posting whatever they want, but my experience is that this kind of thing infecting a forum sends it toxic pretty fast once it gets a decent hold. Personally I'd really like it if people would just stop. *edited for clarity and preventing misunderstanding.
  5. It's funny, when the whole "fly casual" thing started I thought it was a great idea. Now, I distance myself from it as much as possible. At least in my area it's been co-opted by the worst sort of player; the sort who throw tantrums when they don't get take-backs and who bully children into allowing them to bend the rules, though they themselves are grown men. If you were actually "flying casual" then you wouldn't care if you didn't get your missed action or w/e. If you make a big deal about it, you aren't being casual at all.
  6. TBH, it is the title that ruins them. The extra 2pts is simply too big a tax for such a squishy target. If the title was free, I think they'd be worthwhile; as things stand they are simply not a good use of points.
  7. I’m curious if you could clarify this for me? I didn’t think the engine upgrade boost action allowed you to move into contact with an obstable or another ship? I'm not the OP, but I can answer this. The short answer is that boost doesn't allow you to ram another ship. The more interesting answer is that Daredevil does allow you to, but you need EU to get boost so that Daredevil doesn't damage your own ship. It's not a tactic I've seen used to much success, but maybe that is due to the players
  8. There is no prescribed definition of "fat" in this sense. it is essentially a sorites problem. As you load up a ship with upgrades it becomes "fat", but there isn't a clear line.
  9. Because cluster missiles will generally do 1-2 damage ONCE to a high agility target, which isn't worth the points when you still have to have some way to kill the ship. TLT will do 1-2 damage PER TURN, consistently, which will put down interceptors and the like in a few turns. The turret also doesn't suffer from the normal ordnance issues (arc and TL required).
  10. TLT is going to be very effective against both low-health, high-agility enemies and fat falcons. What's not to like? It's a bit of a change to have consistent damage (more than one point at least) that you have to completely cancel to affect at all. Means C-3PO is often not going to be able to reduce the damage. Soontir is not going to like it, either.
  11. the rounded corners seems like a weird gripe to me. You're losing what, about a millimetre in the corner? Have you ever seen a ship landed so perfectly in the corner that it would make a difference?
  12. Edit: scratch that, brain fade. StevenO below is correct.
  13. To flip this the other way- if I make a rules mistake, I want you to tell me; but if I screw something up and forget to take an optional effect that's on me. I don't expect you to remind me, and I definitely don't want a take-back. I own my mistakes. I think it's ok to do (remind someone) but I think good sportsmanship is actually for the other person to refuse the help. Case in point, last regionals my first game was my maxed-out Whisper + miniswarm vs double falcons. At one point I rolled two hits against Chewie with my first attack; my opponent rolled one evade and declared he would spend his evade token to nullify the attack completely. I pointed out this would trigger gunner and asked him if he wanted to change his mind. He face-palmed and then said no; he'd declared it already and so kept the mistake and moved on. 2 or so games later in the same tournament I forgot to recloak with ACD after shooting. I noticed when setting the dials and my opponent in that game offered to let me place the cloak then, which I refused (and Whisper died horribly that turn). From my point of view, regardless of whether it is good to offer help, in a tournament setting it is poor sportsmanship to accept offered help.
  14. You're talking about a whole different thing there- once the game is finished it is too late to go back and change anything. What we are looking at is if it is noticed during the game, at what point do/can you rectify it? If we simply say everything falls under "missed opportunities" then you are saying your opponent can cheat as much as they want so long as you don't notice immediately. Oh well, I forgot to add stress/remove shields/add damage cards/whatever; you didn't notice so tough luck. I don't know about anyone else but I sure as hell don't want to play in that environment. My opinion is that if it can be rectified it should be. You shouldn't be able to easily gain an advantage by "forgetting" unfavourable game effects.
  15. They replaced a slightly warped ship base for me within two weeks- and I live in New Zealand. Whatever else you can say about FFG, they have consistently great support of their products and top-notch component quality. Those two things mean that the solid majority of my hobby budget now goes on FFG products.
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