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  1. Ladz, Vulkan is my GM and I am his "Problem child" when it comes to all of this. I am a Space Wolf player on the tabletop and have been since early 4th Edition 40K. I want to make my character reflect the fluff that is the Space wolves. Thing about space wolves is that they do sort of a reverse order of advancement compared to regular marines. Their Neophytes, known as "Blood Claws" are their assault troops. Basically the newbies get clad in power armor from day one after surviving induction and are given a bolt pistol/CCW. Once they survive long enough to not be a bunch of hot headed youths, they are inducted into the "Grey Hunters" with the rest of their pack. They are trained how to use both a Bolter an Close combat weapon in tandem, as opposed to Codex following chapters. This trait used to be referred to as "True Grit," which is not the same as the True Grit in the Fantasy Flight games. I want to have some way of showing this training, and believe that my Grey Hunter is old enough to no longer have any penalties in using his wargear this way. As from what I understand, the base penalty for a marine doing this without these traits is -10/-10? The problem is that the Tactical Marine gets the Two Weapon Wielding (Ballistic) trait significantly late in the rank ladder, and cannot get Two Weapon Wielding (Melee) at all as far as I have seen. I DO NOT wish to replace the Assault Marine’s role in combat, but still wish to reflect the mid-ranged nature, yet close combat prowess, of the Grey Hunter. My only suggestion is to lose my knowledge of Codex Astartes, as Space wolves are not trained in this way and either: -be given the ability to buy both as elite advances at Rank 1 or as a Space Wolf -Have a “house trait” made where I can buy a custom trait that reflects the knowledge of using both a Basic raged weapon/ pistol and Close Combat weapon, but does not allow me the benefits of Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) nor (Melee) alone. To clarify, I could use both a Bolter (or any basic ranged weapon/ Pistol) and Combat knife( or any Melee weapon) with no penalty, but not two Bolters, nor two combat knives without the -10 to each hand. I want to be as fair as possible in this and reflect what the chapter does, yet not be unbalanced. I have no interest in ruining our campaign because I want some over the top gear or traits and be the hero of the group or some other BS. DJSunhammer said: bogi_khaosa said: You could go Assault Marine and not take a jump pack. This is basically what I've done, just switched the JP for 15 req worth of other useful stuff. I would still take a Tac Marine special ability. Other than that, or taking a lot of elite advances, there isn't a lot you can do. A Grey Hunter is basically just a tac marine anyway. Theoretically they SHOULD be, but they are more mid to close range combat oriented than normal tactical marines. Their squads reflect this with multiple special weapons(Plasma guns, Plasma pistols, meltaguns, flamers), specialized close combat weapons(Power swords, Power Axess, Power fists), and lack of heavy weapons. They close the gap and welcome close combat, as that was Russ' favorite place to be. However, it is not beyond them to hold their ground an allow the enemy to close before they launch their counter assault. (Hence Counter attack, which I believe has been added via Eratta)
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