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  1. Thank you for sharing this, HedgeWizard. It's really awesome!
  2. Do not underestimate the white dice. I am not a mathematician nor a statistic guru but from my WoW times I remember you have to hit to do some damage. The white dice increase your hit and your crit chance. But I guess the powerfulness depends on your original stats. If you have STR 5 and weapon skill rank 3 the white die doesn't do much but for STR 2 with no trained weapon skill the white dice would be one of your most important features. Of course also the opponent's stats are somehow important. I guess there is a kind of formula which would determine the powerfulness of specific stats depending on your own and your opponent's original stats. All in all the white dice could tip the scales.
  3. Undermound said: Thanks again and I hope you'll enjoy LF9! Can't wait for LF9!!! Hooray to Liber Fanatica! You guys are doing a great job!
  4. I highly recommend this thread in which Steve presents the idea of clue cards (in this case for Eye for an Eye). In my opinion this adds a LOT of fun and makes hidden rolls almost obsolete. But this idea may also work so well for my group because we are old buggers playing only 4 hours every two or three weeks, having no memory of what had happen the other night, but all being totally into investigation. The clue cards are like heaven for my group :-) No more being in the dark because all messed up their observation rolls.
  5. Both is true. To start as a noble with noble rank 1 you need the affluent wealth status and a career with the noble trait (pistolier, fop, courier and as a optional errata the dilettante, who trades the specialist trait for the noble trait). Each other career with the noble trait raises your noble rank but any career with the menial trait cancels one noble trait out. If you are already a noble (at least noble rank 1) you cannot lose your noble status due a menial career. A noble is still a noble. Eg. you start as a fop (noble trait) and change to mercenary (menial trait) - you are still a noble (noble rank 1). BUT: if you don't start as a noble you need two careers with the noble trait. Also each menial trait cancels one noble trait. Example 1: you start as a soldier and change to captain (noble trait). Still no noble. After being a captain you change to ambassador (noble trait) - now you are noble (noble rank 1). Example 2: you start as a mercenary (menial trait) and change to captain (noble trait). Still no noble. After being a captain you change to courier (noble trait). Still no noble. After being a courier you change to ambassador (noble trait) - now you are a noble (noble rank 1). Example 3: you start as a fop (noble rank 1) and change to courier - now you are a noble rank 2. Afterwards you change to ambassador - now you are a noble rank 3. I hope this is somehow understandable :-? The word "noble" is pretty often part of this chaotic posting.
  6. Normally I would handle it like this: Nature Lore (Ag), Observation and Ballistic Skill trained provide a fortune dice. One check needs 1 hour of searching/hunting for food. One success: enough food for one person for 1 day In case of a maneater you need maybe 6 successes. OR you organize a deer hunt every day and add a misfortune dice every day you stay in the same area. A deer hunt would be like checks on Nature Lore, Observation, ballistic skill and what not.
  7. A landed noble has a income of like 4g per day (p. 96 Player's guide). The rule "noble rank = 1g per month" seems to work only for the landed noble's dependents (like a PC). The head of a noble household is the person who makes all the money. He'll get the 5% of the family's riches per week (according to the moneycounter in Lure of Power). If the PC has his own riches he could hire a moneycounter too but I think this will not be the case when starting a rank 1 noble career (like a pistolier). But Doc is right: why not just give the player his **** equipment - the PC is bound to his family anyways.
  8. @nephtys: I think Doc is pretty aware of the socio-economic situation in WH ;-) So there might be following situations suitable for a pistolier: 1. He is from a poorer Noble House, so his equipment is not that fancy. 2. He lost his equipment somehow. 3. He is not yet a member of the pistolkorps but has to proof himself (and get equipped). I like situation 3 the most - because in my head profession and career are not the same. A player may have chosen the career as pistolier but this does not imply that he is automatically part of the pistolkorps.
  9. Thank you very much! I used to be a GM for quite a while and always thought that I am always on the players's side. And I think I am right but not when it comes to detective stories. It's strange but I always had this feeling that I have to hide all the clues to provide a better players' experience. But now am realizing that actually finding the clues is the real fun. Thank you for opening my eyes on this. It's like "why didn't I think of this myself?"
  10. As specified in the Errata a character has to provide his Typical Trappings by himself. To become a pistolier you have to choose the affluent wealth status. Nevertheless this would be not enough to provide a horse, 2 pistols and some armor. But without this equipment one is hardly a pistolier. How did you handle this in your group? Debts? No equipment? Gifted equipment? Super bad equipment?
  11. Performer and Minstrel share the same Career Skills: Charm, Coordination, Discipline, Folklore, Intuition
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