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  1. The movement system is licensed btw. So if you want to use that system in your own game, you will have to get a license for it.
  2. @Watercolour Dragon Well, tbh they never really gotten to much into the lore of the world. Even in the setting book for genesys, Realms of Terrinoth, is just scratching the surface. If you look at GW, they make these big campaign books with LOTS of story. They also make novels to expand the lore even more. Just look at what they did for age of sigmar. That was a completely new universe and look at how many books they released in such a short period. That is what FFG should do with terrinoth! The Realms of terrinoth has 30ish pages of lore... 30!!!!!! That is NOTHING. How am I supposed to play a rpg in this setting? I barely know anything. Hire some writers, give them some basic lines of how you want the overall story to go and let those writers go nuts. Give them a creative space to work with. Just some guidelines and story rules and voila. A universe is being build. What they can do to make Terrinoth unique and exciting? Nothing, they just need good stories. Warcraft 3 was a very cartoony game but it was the stories that got people invested. The Treachery that people felt when arthas went all lich kingy. How muradin, the funny dwarf, got killed by arthas. Etc. Novels are just words on paper which are very boring to look at but still people LOVE reading specific books! Reading in 5 lines that some dude went traitory and tried to steel some magic item which exploded ... Sorry but who gets excited by that?!? Give us an emotional connection! Tell us how they gotten to be friends? Did one almost sacrifice himself to safe the other one? Or Did the evil dude become evil because he was trying to safe his friend at some point? Tell us about their training time. I can go on and on. I love the cartoony style of Terrinoth and the miniatures. It's a very colorful style like warcraft which i love to look at. Warhammer is usually very dark schemes and so are most other fantasy games. The aesthetics of rune wars is fine as is. A good example is Critical Role. So many people gotten invested in that because of the story. Critical role is basically just a bunch of people playing a rpg. So much fanart was created for it, which is incredible! They even made a rpg setting book for that world and it sold like hotcakes because everyone wants to make a connection with those characters from critical role and be a part of their story.
  3. Well the core box is the best place to start. But to be honest, I would suggest a different game. It is very hard to find material for this game since it isn't really supported anymore. Maybe dungeon world? Or dragon age? or vampire the masquerade? or numenera? well, if youstill wantto go for wfrp I would suggest get some dice and the core box. But do some research first before you drop 100 dollars for it
  4. To continue on the prison cell thing, Just drop them in a prison cell. And leave the door unlocked, wanna bet they will think of the most craziest ideas ever to get out and no one will think of checking the door?
  5. Well, the best thing to do, is start with the very basics. So just use dice, the basic actions cards and use 1 or 2 abilities. Don't use the class card, the small trait cards, etc. Just go for the small basics until you are familiar with that. And remove all the rest from the table. Don't make a complicated story, keep it light. Think of a good tutorial scenario. Like, drop them in a prison cell and they have to escape. So just think of a room with iron bars. Describe it to them and done. They are the ones that have to figure out how to get out. If they give a good idea, run with it. Don't think of any hidden compartments unless they search for it, don't hide keys ahead of time, just go with the flow. That is the most important part. The only thing you can do ahead of time, is construct how the world looks, blockages, traps and gather up some enemies you can throw at them once in a while. The story comes either later or you think up something while playing.
  6. I really don't like to use the internet for roleplaying, I tried it a few times and they weren't great experiences.
  7. Well, I am in Europe But I am kinda far from Ireland
  8. I think that is a poor way to go about solving a potentially easy problem. It screams "my way or the highway" - and why is one person's preference more important than anyone else's? You're all at the same table, presumably for the same reason. The conversation is simple: "Are you guys enjoying the campaign? I'm not, and here's why...can we do anything about it?"Not really, it is called roleplaying. Everything that comes out of the mouth of the Players should be considered ingame. This makes it more immersive. Nog saying jokes can't happen, just saying: consider everything in game. Than you can say, are you sure that is what you say in front of the ambassador with 5 guards around him?
  9. I think the answer is easy, if he starts making Jokes consider them in-character. So he will insult the npc's or he blows the stealth mission etcetc. Everything said at the table is ingame. If his character dies and the entire party goes with him, that wil teach him.
  10. I see you are aiming deflectors, where did you get the rules for that? Or is it house rules?
  11. not sure if they are allowed to do that when the game has the exact same name. But i have no idea about the law.
  12. Euhm, the game is already released in spain and the rules in that edition aren't that well received. And if they use the same ruleset, the design team isn't fantasy flight games.
  13. Well then, when it happens in reality, everyone will know not to put any faith in you
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