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  1. Ah, my bad. That does make Marie significantly more useful. I assumed her wild was strictly greens only. Whilst he can't pick up terrors, Wilding a yellow for free on the basis of having a yellow is still highly useful, and it's pretty hard to wind up in a situation where you lack such as long as you're careful. I'll give Marie a whirl later though.
  2. My main beef is that Marie requires 3 trophies (which can be spent on other things) to wild a green. Richards by default wilds a yellow from the offset. It's useful I guess, but so far I find that particularly when on approach to R'lyeh, I'd rather have an auto wild and a potential wild under richards (yellow and red) with clues to make up any needed re-rolls.
  3. Cthulhu defeated with 2 doom counters to spare. That was brutal. Some tips I can provide : * Make the most of the early stage investigations, the first phase seems to be the only one that gives any hope of "remove doom counter" missions, particularly 'The Elder Sign'. Keeping Cthulhu down to 1-3 doom tokens here helps a great deal. Use the first 'phase' to build up equipment, tap other world locations and rack up the trophies. Push forward the moment Cthu hits 3 doom, you'll need 8 or so for the second stage of the campaign. * Wilson Richards and Amanda Sharpe are both exceptionally helpful in this particular campaign (there's a prevalence of sequenced adventures, and she can get around R'lyeh's nutty requirements). Richards' ability to "Wild" yellow dice can be pivotal. Whereas Gloria Goldberg becomes dead weight later on. * Once in the second phase, don't start rushing until Cthu hits 6-7 doom counters, for every day the track doesn't move, that's more time to keep cycling tasks and trying to get the all important gems (having two of the three is mandatory). Depending on your group makeup, generally the order of worth is Red > Yellow > Spells/Clues, your mileage may vary (example - Richards gets more from yellows). If you've got a task sewn up, use any spare deduction dice to reduce the remaining pool (by dragging them over the magnifying glass with the sheath of paper). For a low risk task, it's perfectly possible to drain 8-12 pool in one go. * At the beginning of the R'lyeh phase, pick one of your investigators and arm him / her for bear. Make sure she has access to red, yellow and a minimum of 2-3 clues, lock spells too are useful for this stage. You'll only generally get one or two "clean" attempts at R'lyeh, so it's critical you make them count and that you have as many gems as feasible. Hilariously, the char you unlock is extremely well suited to longer campaigns by virtue of his special. I won't spoil more than that, but he's definitely the sort of investigator that'll stand you in good stead if FFG put out more multiphase adventures.
  4. Some further thoughts, narrowly missed casing Azathoth earlier today (11 elder signs, R'lyeh open for 3 more, and Goldberg scuffed it despite a stack of clues, ARRGH). Richards and Harrigan are actually useful. I'm a lot less keen on Marie Lambeau (3 trophies to wild a single glyph is painful, especially when you can buy clues for one trophy). Diana is useful for the Yig campaign to some extent (for some odd reason Yig's run is very monster heavy, so she generates clues by the bucket). Yig is easier, slightly, it has remove doom missions which Azathoth does not, Cthulhu however has "Entry cost" missions which are brutal, bad enough spending a turn but now you have to pay either San, Stam or something else to start it AND there's the risk of failure too. Azathoth is -definitely- pulling more doom counters quicker now, so you can't afford to wait around, taking gambles now is something that's required, cue nail biting. Once I've cracked Azathoth again and unlocked the first "prize" investigator I'll turn my attention on Cthulhu full time, as a side note, I -love- the idea of multi stage campaigns and would like to see more Omens based on that. A video to differentiate Azathoth and Yig eating the world would be a small "nice thing" but could be good for flavour. Other than that, looking forward to more Lovecraft horror FFG!
  5. Go play with Cthulhu, he's cuddly. Really. Not difficult at all, nope, no siree. *peers at investigators, all with SAN 0* *hides them* *CHEESY GRIN*
  6. Was gonna say. The update that FFG did was pretty hefty and fell firmly into the category of "Remove, Reboot, Reinstall", glad it's up and running for you. Happy trying to keep your sanity (and best of luck in the cthulhu campaign, so far I've had san fails on half my party before getting to R'lyeh.
  7. Yig is listed as normal. He's got a doom counter of 8 whilst needing 10 signs to seal his scaly ass away. He's a good short game option, but so far he doesn't FEEL much easier than Astharoth. Other than that Yig's campaign is a good way to break in newcomers to Omens (if not Elder Signs as a whole). The four investigators that come with the cthulhu pack are also a welcome boon, and none of them are weak links (though Harrigan might be slightly too powerful as long as he has access to yellow glyphs). The Cthulhu campaign itself throws in some genuinely evil things -entry events? Ouch. So far however, loving the extra content and looking forward to more expansions in the future!
  8. Posting (first time here) to confirm that the game runs ~butter smooth~ on the Asus TF201, lightning fast, no crashes, no glitches. I've not tried it on my ZTE Blade (Cyanogen 7.1) yet, and in all fairness given that has one core which even with overclocking is barely pushing 800mhz, I don't feel like frustration. Speaking from the perspective of someone who's had some experience with the mess that is Android, I don't honestly think developers should be attempting to cater to every possible device/OS combo - that way lies madness and dragons, and nothing good will ever come from it aside from a vast headache. At some point in the not too dim and distant, I would seriously expect developers to start putting their foot down and demanding everyone is on 2.3, if not 2.3.7 (for mobiles) and ICS for tablets. It's the only way they're going to be able to reliably and profitably develop for the Android platform and tbh people are going to have to accept that if they aren't running "minimum spec" for various titles, they're not going to be able to just run anything without issue.
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