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  1. Whats your Minh Deck build? I have been playing around with one with 18 skill cards. Not sure if that is overkill or not. I keep playing around with the other 12 cards in her deck.
  2. I think it changes the Rogue class and is one of the most impressive cards from Carcosa.
  3. I agree, you can commit cards with Intellect or wild to boost this check. You can use abilities that boost your Intellect or Agility as well. You cannot commit cards with agility to this check.
  4. So I have been thinking of what I would like to see as far as investigators go for the next release. Thematic concerns would be paramount, but outside of that..... Guardian: I would like to see one of two things that are kind of mutually exclusive. First off, I would like to see a Guardian that downplays the "Kill them all" aspect and uplays the "Help them out" aspect. I don't know who this should be, maybe Vincent Lee? Not sure who else it would be. The second would be a Guardian with a Mystic secondary class. I think it would be interesting to see how they put that together. Seekers: I would like to see one that is more focused on the moving around/explorer section of Seekers. Leo, Monterey or Ursula. Rogues: I have less of an itch on this one because of Sefina being a very different type of Rogue. No great ideas. Mystics: Marie, I would like to get a Marie. Alternately, I would like to see another mixed class here. Survivor: I have been continually impressed with all three survivors as they all feel different and have different focuses. I am not sure I have any good thoughts here, keep surprising me. Maybe one that plays up the Ally portion of Survivor (Charlie K)? What would you folks like to see? Now if the theory that the next two big boxes will be based around Shubbie and Special-Cth, there are certain types of investigators that make sense. Cthulhu tends to have a lot of sea worthy folks, artists, and cops. It also tends to feature New Orleans and the Pacific Ocean. Shub likes outdoorsey types and um people that are easily eaten, idk there isn't a ton written on Shub.
  5. I bought 2 Dunwich's because some of the player cards really excited me when it first came out and I am supporting the entire playgroup. In hindsight, I regret doing so. The number of time I needed more than 2 cards from that set in a four player game, I can count on zero fingers.
  6. Agreed on the first point. I believe you can use Elusive even if you are not engaged with any enemies. It doesn't have a "when engaged with enemies" clause and moving does change the board state. Elusive is generally a better card, except for when it isn't.
  7. I don't really think it is an ethical issue. Its a cooperative game. Heck if you are playing any game and all people agree to something in the game, ethics don't interact at all. On top of that, I think the OP will have an easier time answering with his friends "How do we want to run our game?" rather than "What is the right thing to do?" That's why I am suggesting a change in mindset. Personally I would say, we don't get the xp, but would be willing to be turned around.
  8. Check out "The Man in the Pallid Mask"
  9. I think there is normally a reason to drop a ground units off on remote systems. If the rebel base is there, it won't be revealed unless you place a ground unit there, it doesn't reveal for just a space fleet. Thats the normal reason for moving your troops to a remote system.
  10. Just wanted to pop back in here and mention this isn't really an ethical issue. The use of the word makes me think that you may be adding weight to this decision that isn't warranted. Like I mentioned earlier, just talk it out and don't care to much on the outcome.
  11. How do you think that is going to change the way you build decks?
  12. Re Daring Maneuver, I think we are a few cards short of the succeed by 2 or more to make this a really good card. I think the list is Switchblade(s), .45 Derringer, Lockpicks (sort of), Quick Thinking and Opportunist(s) (bleh on Opportunist). 2-3 more cards with a similar drawback would make it worthwhile. I can see Opportunist (l2) becoming good in a deck with a lot of succeed by 2 or more cards and DM.
  13. Wanted to start a discussion regarding the cards from Carcosa and the effects overall in deck building Guardian: The introduction of another level zero Guardian firearm is a game changer in deck building. Roland can start with 5 firearms. This lets him invest immediately in extra ammo and he should be good to go. Really any guardian can do that, its just that Roland gets the most bang for it. The other Guardian cards are pretty good as well but don't shift Guardians that much. Mystics: 2 cards that give resources? That really helps address one of the classes weaknesses. Spirit Athame is very good (and there are few good, level 1-2 mystic cards). Astral Travel is a little lack luster but enhances the Mystic themes of "at a risk/cost" and "can do whatever anyone else can do" (movement in this case). Rogue: Lockpicks really helps fill in one of the Rogues major weaknesses (investigation). That a pretty major shift to the class and is close to a must have. Prior to this, they just had flashlights or had to pay resources to boost the skill. Daring Maneuver is a mitigation to a not uncommon Rogue draw back. The other cards mostly just extend what Rogues already do well. Seekers and Survivors: These guys get some nice cards, but does not shift the deck builds that much. Seekers get more clue finding, movement based abilities and that precursor card. Survivors get cheap weapons, enemy avoidance and graveyard pull. Its basically what they already had and at least 3 seem to be there to prop up Bill-Y. Thoughts?
  14. What I would do: Take a vote next time you sit down and move on. Also make a comment like, remember what your investigator does next time so we don't need to worry about it again.
  15. That's because not many people know Billy like I do. He a pretty chill guy. Grab a six pack head out to the cemetery after hours and just hang with him for a while. That is if you can handle his monologues about ghouls infiltrating the Supreme Court and the fact that he seems to think the solution to any problem is another lantern.