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  1. The OP should have used the term "officially announced". It isn't going to get released until Nov or Dec (if we are lucky).
  2. Everything FFG makes is a cash grab. If you don't think that's true, you aren't cynical enough.
  3. Yeah but why can't they trace the SYSOps position from the server that they are hacking?
  4. Good point. I still think there should not be many subsystems on a hackers rig. That being said, if the Hacker uses their hacking machine for other uses, I can see there being other, boring subsystems. While the rules are pretty good, can a Hacker back track a sysop and disable their Rig/PAD/Whatever? I don't see why they couldn't but they limited these checks to sysops only. I wonder why.
  5. Agreed. I would really try to hit a 4 for them. Outside of that, getting it early/getting the otherwise dead cards out if your deck quicker is probably a better use than waiting for more charges as you will get more uses out of it over the campaign the earlier it gets in your deck.
  6. I get the question, "when a sysop or another hacker tries to break into another players Big Rig, what subsystems exist in the Big Rig and how is the ICE allocated?" The rules don't cover or discuss this very much. I am sure a Big Rig is pretty focused on Hacking or to say it another way, it runs ICE breakers. Outside of that, while a Hacker could use it to stream entertainment or do their taxes, I doubt very much this happens. I would assume most of that stuff is done on the Hackers PAD and that the Big Rig is used for hacking. I would just have one subsystem (ICE Breakers) and have all the ICE protect that. Or I would split my ICE Breakers into separate subsystems and spread out my ICE to protect them.
  7. Stealth Level Zero is a great card for a single player game. The more players in the game, the worse it is. Teamwork is a horrible card for a single player game. The more players in the game the better it is.
  8. I mean researcher into the arcane says Seeker more than Mystic to me but I can see an argument either way. Jim Culver isn't really a researcher into the arcane either.
  9. I find Roland's replacement cards synergize well with his original. eg. It all works best when he has all 4 in his deck.
  10. I mean if its in the middle of combat, breathing sounds may not play a major factor. Plus it has sound baffles. I also wouldn't make a determination if the pursuers are looking directly at the character unless the die rolls indicated they were. These suits seem rare enough that if someone ran behind some boxes and turned one on, its possible that one would think there was another way out rather than thinking he must be here but invisible. Now if the suit was activated in direct view of the enemies, that's a different story as npcs would think camo suit. The 2 defense rating of the suit is suppose to be because you can't see them clearly as opposed to the resilience of the hologram projectors. Why exactly is it boring for the player to not make the roll to not be seen? If moving dice is such a factor on player engagement, then just let the player roll the dice on behalf of the NPCs. Its the randomness and consequences of the dice that generate excitement, not who is actually physically rolling them. Plus we all know the axiom of Checkov's Camo Suit: If a player invests resources in getting invisibility powers, the GM had better introduce scenarios where said camo suit can be used to cool effect. (I think that was Checkov...)
  11. I haven't seen Kn'yan in any of FFG's other games. Some people only really know the Mythos from the games. I will say I like how it all came together. Plus it changed how I think about Yithians. I use to think they were cool. Now I hate them.
  12. I wouldn't mind another Legacy treatment. I really enjoyed that aspect of Dunwich. Call of Cthulhu and Whisperer in the Darkness could be very good stories for a sequel. Call of Cthulhu has a lot of characters in a number of locations so that would probably work the best.
  13. Its most likely the 6th based on when they switched to "shipping now".
  14. Anyone else feel that they got the Guardian and Rogue versions of these cards backwards? Rogues as a role are about getting extra resources. Their gun lets them deal extra damage to additional enemies. Guardians as a role are about defeating lots of enemies. Their gun lets them get the resources they spent back. I am not saying the roles didn't have gaps, I am just suggesting that propping up one role with another role's strength might not have been that great an idea.
  15. Thanks everyone. I haven't been able to really get any of these to work in a game, even though on paper they seem good. FYI, I understand all the interactions, I just haven't gotten them to work in practice. I almost always end up prioritizing success on the issue at hand over the chance to draw a card or resources. Although I think the issue may have been that I was playing Wendy with low margins and counting on redraw to help me in an unlucky draw.
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