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  1. While in general I do think that the game is tighter as a 2 player, I also enjoy the 4 player version. There are other skills and dimensions that come into play in a 4 player game that are missing from the 2. You have to manage your team and communicate enough to win but not enough to tip your hand to the opponent. That can be challenging.
  2. You have to resolve everything including AOO before the card goes into play. So it can hit Dr Milan he dies since he just has one life. The other point goes to you or some other asset in play. Then the Guard Dog enters play. Yeah, Hunter moves into space with the investigator, immediately engages the investigator. Then they attack the investigator.
  3. I think you may have the basic sequence down wrong. No, neither monster will attack you. Counter is really not a word/concept in the game. Again, no attack/counter. To sum up the sequence if you are engaged with two enemies: 1. If you take any action other than Fight, Evade, Parley or Resign, both enemies will perform an AOO against you. 2. If you take any of those 4 actions, neither enemy will perform an AOO. You attack and the monster doesn't attack. 3. During the enemy phase, if any of those monsters are unexhasuted and engaged with you, they will attack you. 4. If an enemy has the retaliate keyword on it and you attack it and fail, the monster attacks you.
  4. Alternately you want one bad ending if you have high conviction, and want the other if you have high doubt. I want to remind people that many bad endings aren't all that bad or are only bad in a relative sense. Ones where you have to eliminate as many enemies as possible are like this.
  5. After finishing a campaign, your character is effectively crippled (or dead or insane). I find it a hard push to carry them over to a new game. Plus you know by the time I finish a campaign, I want to try out a new class/character. The core is a little different as it is comparatively brief, but you end up pretty weak. Is it a good idea? Well it is if people are enjoying it. If people aren't then its not. Sorry to say it that way, but its a co-op, whatever is the most fun/what everyone wants to do is best. Personally, I would have played them as a string of stand-alones so I could try different investigators/decks.
  6. I think you can do this and its fun to do. I even think its roleplaying. While some people will say thats not roleplaying, I think everyone will say you can do that. One more thing, you are applying the Grim Rule wrong. The Grim Rule is only suppose to be used when you aren't sure what the ruling should be. When you are in a situation where multiple locations have the most clues, you get to choose since the Grim rule doesn't apply. A lot of people don't get it the first time they read the Grim rule.
  7. Yeah I looked at my friend odd when he put it in Pete's deck. But I shrugged and figured everything is relative there was regular hobo clothing and there was fancy hobo clothes. Now that I think of it, I actually knew a guy who traveled from city to city, had no steady job, stayed in squats and street performed for money. His (one) set of clothes was a tuxedo shirt and tuxedo pants. So I don't know what you would call that situation, but yeah that really was a thing.
  8. No one is saying AHTCG is an RPG, its an LCG. Some of us are saying its an LCG where you can role play, as in play a role. We also have rule book quotes supporting that. The OP asked if you could act out in character (role play) like you do in an RPG. That is the question. They didn't ask if it was an RPG. They didn't ask the part about plots, or deciding what your character finds traumatic or not (which many actual RPGs don't give you agency in either). You can see the people who state you can role play in AHTCG never actually use the term "Roleplaying Game". Role Playing Game is not the same thing as Role Playing (which is a component of an RPG, or at least should be, but not the whole thing).
  9. Like I said this is a rabbit hole. All I can tell you is that I do consistently roleplay in this game and I do it without straining credibility. I don't do it for everything in game. It increases my enjoyment of the game. The makers of the game encourage it. Its in the rulebook. I get that it doesn't meet your definition. You need to be tighter on these definitions to have a conversation. If you could give me a definition of what an RPG is to you, that may help a lot. So I am playing a character (Daisy Walker) through a world (of Arkham Horror). But you are saying its not roleplaying, but it fits your definition. I don't think thats what you meant, but I have no idea what you meant by these words. Also, a GM is also roleplaying and is NOT playing a character through a world, so what the heck the GM doing? Just to look at this from a different way. There are those old choose your old adventure books. Some people would consider that roleplaying. I would not. That being said if someone told me that they were roleplaying while playing one, I would say I don't really consider that roleplaying, but if thats what you get out of it, good for you (or hopefully something better than that that doesn't make them feel like I am dismissing what they are doing). Are we in that situation here?
  10. That is supercool. I also know some players that will be pissed about not being able to access those player cards now. (and by now I mean a month ago).
  11. I can't say I am in character 100% of the time, and I tend to be in character more often earlier in a scenario than later, but I try to stay in character as much as I can/when it adds entertainment value for the table. We also talk OOO quite a bit, but keep trying to bring it back to IC. Some Memorable Lines (I don't think anything below is a spoiler, outside of some specific enemies existing). Pete: "Duke get that cultist", Daisy: "I must say I didn't think that mutt was so courageous." (Pete declares he is attacking with Duke and Daisy is throwing in Unexpected Courage) Rex: "Milan, hand me that axe." (plays both Doc Chris and Fire Ax cards) Mark: "Let me handle this" (plays "Let Me Handle This") Rex: "Oh no, the Jenny Barnes special" Player holds up hand and pantomimes lighting a dynamite fuse, holding it for a bit watching the fuse go down, then tosses, it followed by a big boom. "Jenny you are a madwoman, you almost killed us all" Jenny: "Desperate times and all, my dear." In game: Jenny plays dynamite on a space that all the players are in, including herself, damaging all the players but killing the ghoul priest. Zoe: "I cleanse the house with fire." This one should be obvious. Daisy: in a monotone, nasally voice "According to this encyclopedia, train cars are typically attached in a chain with an engine in front, but sometimes there are also engines in the back. Train car can be moved between via doors that are typically located at the the front and back of each car. Focus your search there." I use encyclopedia to give a +2 to intellect to another player. My Daisy can get very pedantic. Daisy: "Milan help me look around." "oh look an encyclopedia". Plays Doc Chris, investigates and once successful, plays encyclopedia. Daisy to Mark: "I think Pete is in trouble, go help him, I will be fine on my own." Go move to help Pete, I have a card in my hand that can deal with the enemy engaged with me. Pete: "In the dressing room, I put on a priest costume, then I go and exorcise the ghost." Pete plays Fine clothing in a dressing room, moves then Parleys with the Poltergeist. Jim: "I get that I owe you guys money and I am good for it, but do we have to do this now? I am covered in cultist blood. Okay, okay here is your money, I have a monster to deal with." Jim kills a cultist, parleys with Mob Enforcer and then takes a Machete to a Grappling Monstrosity. Jim: "I use to play the Clover Club, lets go there." Lets go to the Clover Club. Skids: "**** yeah, lets gamble." Lets go to the Clover Club. Out of character, so if I understand it right, Mark, has basically entered the club, pulled out a gun, went to the bar, had his old war wound act up, steeled himself for that, had a drink (to help him deal with the war wound) and then pounded some rats that ran across the bar. (narration/summation of all Marks actions at that stage of the game moved a bit, played a .45 auto, drew internal injury, got rid of it, had a drink at the bar and then killed some rats without a weapon). This one we will be remembering for a long time.
  12. Oddly enough, a lot of not having something available earlier can be explained in character by saying that the characters are making sub-optimal choices (Zoey always had the lightning gun, but didn't pull it out until later when it would have been useful earlier because of it wasn't time accoridng to god). All of this is about the players perspective, which is within the players control. I also think you don't need to be perfect in your execution of roleplay for it to be roleplaying (since its largely improv, it usually isn't). I can play tennis poorly and I am still playing tennis. How one chooses to interpret events in game is in the players control, its a choice to view it as something absurd or something else. I will say, sometimes its hard and sometimes its best to not explain how something happened to keep the game moving along. I also find it weird when people can mentally get their heads around a shoggoth showing up (which doesn't actually exist) or me being a librarian in the 20s but can't provide the same suspension of disbelieve for when someone happens to find a set of lock picks in an odd place or decides to start using the lockpicks at a later time when it would have been mechanically useful earlier (heck maybe those earlier clues weren't behind locks). If you want some relevant, textual backup for what is intended by roleplaying in this game: L2P page 12: "Arkham Horror: The Card Game seeks to establish a roleplaying experience in which each player takes on the role of a specific character: his or her investigator. The nature of the game encourages players to work together and communicate, but players are also encouraged to stay “in character” as much as possible while doing so." The intent is play the game in character as much as possible, knowing you won't be able to do it perfect all the time. Also, its quite clear that roleplaying is part of the game. The game is a LCG blended with an RPG or at least is an LCG with RPG elements.
  13. I mean, you could go that way or you could say that the cop also got lost in time and space and joined you when you spent the resources and time to find him after finding a piece of his shirt stuck to a otherwordly tree or you could say that the cop was there all along, but didn't start helping until you spent the resources and time to snap him out of his temporary hysteria caused by being lost in time and space. There are a ton of ways to interpret playing cards. I don't want to get into a major argument over what roleplaying is (because those are rabbit holes), but that's not necessarily true. To clarify, it can be true, but isn't always true. At the end of the day, if you are acting in character or describing actions in a narrative way, its roleplaying. Oh and to share: I have started so many scenarios with "Milan, hand me my ax." I have lost count. (thats a very simple, fun roleplay in the game)
  14. There is no reason you can't do both. eg. I can do both, other people can as well. Roleplaying isn't doing suboptimal moves. Its doing optimal moves while in character. Example, "stay here if you like, I think I hear something in the next room." I pull out my guns (tosses 6 resources out of my pool), move. "Egads, a shoggoth, help!!!" I fire my guns. Where did we leave the chaos bag? Most roleplaying games oscillate between in character talk and mechanical talk.