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  1. I think you are looking at it wrong. Its not a matter of 2+ survivor events. Its a matter of 1+ survivor events. Knocking a cost from 1 to zero is a huge deal. That's 27 of the 30 survivor events. I get wanting to get the most out of a card, but there is a huge benefit in benefit in lowering a 1 to a zero.
  2. Jobu

    Agency Backup

    I think this may be the 1st card we see in a campaign which is not usable by one of the characters released in the campaign. I would be hard pressed to use on anyone but Leo. I also agree for 5 xp it seems like to high a resource cost card. Although i do think 5 reosurces would be to cheap.
  3. I need some help understanding this. Why is "Mountains of Madness" to be announced in the next 1 or 2 releases? I have no doubt they will do a MoM cycle, but how is it more clear now? I hope they do a "Legacy" style campaign for MoM. Also when was Jaqueline Fine released?
  4. Jobu

    Marie build

    I would prefer Emergency cache over Forbidden Knowledge here. 3 resources now is probably better than 4 resources in a few turns and no sanity loss. I also would like to see some cards that help her pump her intellect. Mag glass is a good choice. Also you don't have a lot of options to use her special ability. I think it basically allows you to play or trigger either Shriveling or Scrying and thats it (although triggering Scrying is really good). That can be pretty limiting. Extra actions are great and you want to leverage those as much as possible. I think if you just replaced Marie with Akachi or Agnes and left everything else the same, it would be a stronger deck as is.
  5. Jobu

    Diana Stanley - cancel/ignore

    At this point, I am in string strong agreement with Soakman's interpretation.
  6. I don't believe we all forgot that one. This card clearly modifies the difficulty post step 1. I think that is a clear indicator of being able to do it.
  7. I am agreeing with everyone else here, its not explicit so I believe its step 6. I can also imagine a skill card or fast effect that lowers the difficulty of a skill test existing at some point. That would be a good reason to set it at step 6, flexibility. I could see it as a niche Survivor ability or a general one across roles.
  8. Jobu

    Noobs looking for advice

    I like them. I could do a ton of things differently, but its your deck/call and they seem serviceable. Zoey is eventually going to need a higher attack value to consistently damage enemies later in the game. That needs to be looked at.
  9. I am not saying that there isn't a reason to word it that way. There is a reason to use that exact verbiage and stat modification. I am just saying I find it cumbersome to use with no request to have it modified to make it easier for me.
  10. I mean if that was the case we would: Add the new versions (3 of each of the six locations) Remove one copy of each (2 of each of six locations) Remove another copy of each (1 of each of six locations) Good. Remove 1 of the 6 (5 locations) Then remove another of the remaining 5 (4 locations) Put the remaining 5 locations into the game. But you only have 4. While it is true that you need to follow all the instructions, the issue is when you do, you run into issues. Both the setup card and the written rules have you remove 1 of the 6 locations, just like both the setup card and the rules have you remove 1 of 3.
  11. I was looking at the new Return to the Dunwich Legacy cards and found this on the setup card for Blood on the Altar: - Add the new locations to the original locations from the Blood on the Altar encounter set. Remove 1 of the 3 copies of each of these locations from the game at random. Then, choose 1 of the 6 remaining locations at random and remove it from the game as well. Put the remaining locations into play. So if I do this I end up putting 10 locations into play. Is that right? Should it be remove 2 of the 3 copies? I think the rest of the setup instructions fall apart if this is the case.
  12. Same deal, tell me where I am wrong and where I am right. Also mention things that I missed. Guardian: Interrogate - This is a decent card. Guardian is oddly the #2 clue finding class. I can see uses on Joe, Mark or really any Guardian that you want some clue finding on. The 2 cost can be a lot especially if your deck is heavily resource constrained. Delay the Inevitable - Even better than Interrogate. There are those turns where you don't have enough actions to handle an enemy and can't afford to take a hit on you or another player. Better in a high payer count than a low. I also see it as more of a Carolyn and Diana card than Joe. Steadfast - not a huge fan of most of these skills. I could see using this in some decks, but they have to be a very specific deck. It would also be high on my list to be replaced by a higher xp card. Ace of Swords (1) - These cards are really good. Not sure I will always use them in my decks, but I will most likely always consider using them. For a multi class character, there will be hard decisions on which of the cards to choose. Seeker: Fingerprint Kit - This is a solid level 0 card and decent choice in any seeker deck. It is a tad pricey. Connect the Dots - More clue efficiency, nice. Although at a 4 cost, its most likely going to find a home in Joe's Hunch deck more often than in other characters decks. If I had to choose including this or Working a Hunch, I would usually choose WaH. Although there will be cases where I choose both of them. Curisosity - again not loving this card. Death XIII (1) - again great card. Rogue: Well Connected - While it is clearly a card for Preston, a lot of Rogues could make use of it. I originally thought it could be a stepping stone to High Roller, but now I am thinking the two cards will work well together. Money Talks - Again a very Preston card and not bad for him. As Preston is the only character in this cycle that can take Rogue cards, I think we will see a lot of these. Cunning - yeah The Moon (1)- yeah Mystic: Deny Existence - There are very few zero cost cards that I dislike. This is clearly a Diana card but has high utility in other characters decks as well. Eldritch Inspiration - Nice zero cost effect that can find a lot of homes. Prophesy - love the art here and I think this card is marginally better then the rest of its siblings mostly due to the wild card. Four Cups (1) - yep Survivor: Track Shoes - Its a solid, good card. Bonus agility has limited utility so you really need it in an evader deck. I am thinking Rita, Finn and Wendy at this time. It is better than Trench Coat, although together they may be great. Or Pete, Trench Coat and Track Shoes. Act of Desperation - This needs to be in a specific deck. Surivors tend to have cheap assets so the bonuses won't be that big. I could see Preston using this as he doesn't have access to most of the Rogue weapons. Able Bodied - meh Five of Pentacles (1) - While still a very good card, I think I would prefer the skill bonus to the bonus health and sanity. As a purely personal comment, I find cards that modify the printed value of your health/sanity score annoying/easy to forget. Neutral: Ace of Rods (1) - while extra actions are very useful, I just don't see my using this card. It conflicts with other Tarot cards and I see it having less of a benefit over the course of a game. Weaknesses: The Thirteenth Vision - This is a good weakness. Good to see the 1st card council card hit circulation. The Tower - So first off if you have this weakness, you really have to consider not getting any other Tarot cards which is fine for now as all of them are higehr than level 0. Other than that, depending on what deck its in, it can vary from annoying to crippling.
  13. Jobu

    How does Decoy work?

    Card text can override other requirements. Like you normally only can investigate a location you are at but some cards let you investigate a location further away. Same deal here, it allows you to evade enemies you are not engaged with and who may not be at your location, which is something you can't do without the card.
  14. Yeah plus Roland can give his signature gun a +6 with it and repick it up for free. Or if you are hit with any encounter cards that will take more than a single action to recover from if you fail. the . The +3 makes evading an enemy really easy. All of that for the cost of having to do one more investigate check. Its not a use ever turn type of card but it is a constant cost analysis against whether passing the particular test is worth having to perform another investigate action.
  15. Jobu

    Unsolved Case

    Only 2 since Joe's special ability kicks in.