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  1. Mulligan Weaknesses

    Yeah, its clear above, but you don't mulligan weaknesses. You just discard and draw another card. Eg if your opening hand has 2 weaknesses in it, you will draw two more cards and discard the weaknesses. Then you will decide if you want to mulligan any of the the 5 in your hand.
  2. Night of the Zealot Redux

    FFG also photoshops these things together so eyeballing from the photo doesn't give a you a good sense. eg, they take separate pictures, then assemble this picture. Those pictures may not be to scale with each other. Its hard to tell with LCGs, but its apparent in their shots for their miniatures games.
  3. A possible clue for the next cycle.

    I could see him as a Rogue (0-5) that can use weapons 0-? of any class.
  4. A possible clue for the next cycle.

    Yeah what makes Lola not broken is the only role at a time thing. If she was able to play all the cards at the drop of the hat, she would be broken. There would need to be some other limiter in there.
  5. Clues at a location Help me please

    If an investigator has a clue, it is not at his location. To be at a location, it needs to be on the location card (or next to it or wherever you put it) I believe if you look at the faq, its in there.
  6. Night of the Zealot Redux

    I was hoping for more scenarios in Night of the Zealot, but this looks pretty cool as well. (that hope started when I read the title of the page so it wasn't a long standing desire) While I like the 8 scenario campaigns and like the stand-alone, I feel like we could use more 3 length scenarios. I know we get an option of one in LoL, but sometimes I want to run a campaign that doesn't span 8 scenarios. Also, does anyone else think that "Pinch Hitter" and "...But Do I Have To?" should have been links to card images?
  7. Always remember the word cannot is always absolute. So if one card says you can move and another card says you cannot, you are stuck. Thats the crux of this answer, not what area its in.
  8. Aggressive Rebel Diplomacy

    I was playing with a friend of mine for the first time and his statement was "to heck with Luke Skywalker, Mon Mothma is the real threat."
  9. I bought 4 core sets, 2 of Dunwich and 1 of everything else. I am supply all the cards for a 4 player game. I regret buying a second copy of Dunwich but have no regrets about the 4 core sets. That's me other people may want/like other stuff. I find the game is plenty hard with decks built with multiple copies of the core and I play normal difficulty.
  10. That podcast is wrong. When the Act advances, all the Doom stays on the Agenda.
  11. This is all really good feedback. I will definitely replace Lone Wolf with Burglary and A Chance Encounter is out. I still have some more tweaking to do. The thought of dropping all weapons and just relying on her Twin .45s for end of game bosses is really tempting and a bit scary. I am also thinking of pulling Leo. He is way to expense if I am going to share resources and frankly when I have xp I would probable replace him with another ally (Cat Burgler, unless something better is released). He will also help with the getting away form enemies. One weird thing to remember about this deck is that Teamwork works both ways. There is no reason another player couldn't hand an ally or a magnifying glass or a weapon to Jenny. So maybe a weapon isn't really needed. So here is my new version. Upgrades: Charisma X2, Streetwise, Lockpicks X2, Cat Burlgler X2, Switchblade X2 and L3 Emergency Cache X2. That is 20 xp which is about right for a campaign. I would also love to fit in Hot Streak, but I don't think the cards are in it for that one. 2x Flashlight 2x Charles Ross, Esq. 2x Dario El-Amin 2x Burglary 2x Calling in Favors 2x Cheap Shot 2x Contraband 2x Elusive 2x Emergency Cache 1x No Stone Unturned 2x Teamwork 2x Think on Your Feet 2x Guts 1x Manual Dexterity 2x Overpower 2x Perception 1x Jenny's Twin .45s 1x Random Basic Weakness 1x Searching for Izzie
  12. My second opinion. Play a game with the base decks. See what people want to do after that. You can't build a deck effectively if you don't understand the game well and this will be a much quicker jump in.
  13. I would expect to lose. I would also expect to get many rules wrong. The big issue I see new players make (especially card game players) is that they end up playing the deck and not the board. eg. People spend to many actions pulling cards and not enough investigating or managing board state. Its a good statement to make to new players. I would suggest doing some deck building. There does need to be some give an take in that as when you want to add a second copy of a card to a deck, someone else will most likely need to pull one out. A good method might be to let the characters who have primary grab the cards that they want from their class and then let the people that have secondaries grab through the remainder. Mystics basically need doubles to be useful. The core decks are basically one of each card from the primary class, one of each card from the secondary class, 2 knifes, 2 emergency caches and a smattering of skills based on what the character is good and bad at. In a 4, I generally like to have a Guardian or a Seeker and the remaining two as player choice, but I don't think that's a hard requirement.
  14. As an aside, you can have Duke and Pete out at the same time. Duke doesn't take up an ally slot.
  15. Do you mostly play solo? Almost all the games I have played is 3-4 with one instance of 2 player. Both your comments are about action efficiency, which is valid no matter home many people are in the game but is critical in a solo. Just a comment on the different ways a person can come at a game/card depending on player count. Thats a good comment on RoS and it depends on who else (if anyone) is in your group. If I have enough of other clue gathering in the group, I like the looks of Shrivelling, Bind Monster, Blinding Light and Spirit Athame/Grounded. The JoA is nice, but I want the Holy Rosary for additional Will and the Grot Statue would be nice, but costs a lot of XP. I could see RoS being very useful gobbling up multiple clues. I guess it depends if you want to grow your deck to be better at clues or able to handle monsters.