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  1. powerwindow said: So is the FAQ correct because of the restriction of when reinforcements are introduced, makes it impossible to accomplish in a 2 Command Point Game? Yes, the FAQ is correct ! Only way to introduce reinforcement is a 3 CP or special scenario rules.
  2. Strafe is a H-t-H weapon, but can target character one circle away. H-t-H can attack adjusted character out off path. Can I attack with Strafe a character one circle away and on another path? Around a corner, for example, like out of path attack with range 2? or when i use Strafe on non-adjusted character, he must be on the same path?
  3. Thanks for quick answer. Well, time is flow and I receive all ordered expansions, but it means only couple of new questions. I'll try to search forum and not bothering someone first. Now I need only Edison & Frankenstahl. (another interesting question - in a team can be only one Frankenstahl, or it possible take two?) I nearly ended with "tutorial campaign", already played a beta-testing games. My friends was realy delighted by the game. Its time to think about new scenarios with a new characters i receive.
  4. How about a question discussed here? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=48&efcid=1&efidt=551250&efpag=0
  5. JK JoKeR JK


    Hello to all of you, Tannhauser fans. I think, you'd be interested to know, that in Russia people play Tannhauser too! About a half a year came since i have copy of original game with Revised rules, and i can say it realy awesome. This game realy cool by its versatility i think - it not just a single game, but universal tactical battle sistem. First of all I want Thanks Miah, Carlos, ??! and all others - your answers were very helpfull to me, and Links and resources you posted here too. Good work. Second, I want ask some questions. Sorry, if you already answer some of them, but its very hard to search forum now with so many treads and posts, and especialy hard to know which answer not correct for revised edition and FAQ v. 3.0. 1) Schocktruppen of Reich has command pack in figure expansion. It include "infernal Sustenance" ability. Is it work with a ranged attacks or with a grenades? 2) Addition ammunition can be used with any kind of attack, even H-t-H or Unarmed? And so - with all Union nasty Flash-Guns? (first time i see them i think it works on battery. This weapon already powerfull and then Barry gets Addition Ammunition from the crate it was very funny for Reich) For Doom it said that it cant use Addition Ammunition. 3) I got a Hoax model expansion and cant understand why she got a Pistol with ability of Automatic weapon (pistol that roll addition dice)? Is it from first edition rules? 4) I forgot others questions. Did someone can help me? =))) about homerules. I see many of them in this forum. And many arguing about them. As i know by my expirience, all this rules Good if It Good for all players. If not, it is King making. Here i want introduce homerule for using Grenades with my opinion to use them in that way: In the first time i see a grenade explosion, it makes me very angry for a rules - to harm someone with a machinegun you need rolling, when he can avoid some damage, but with grenade you say "Hey bro, take that !" and thats all. It land damage in any space it can legualy be Thrown. So if a character has a gun and grenade, be sure he uses grenade first in any case. I dont think so. In the gun fight it difficult to throw something right like you want. I use a roll to Throw grenade. Call it "Grenade roll" =). It affected by the character skill, distance and circumstances. Rule: Grenades Thrown gets same distance and restriction as in the base rule, it gets same potencial damage and effect, but Throwing Grenade model need roll for success (at least one): grenade roll pooll of dice=model combat value, difficulty = distane multiply by 2 for Grenades OR Distance for Smoke and Incendary Grenades.Plus difficulty is modefied - +1 for every model in circles on the path of the Throw excluding trowing model, +2 for smoke in the targeted circle. Granade roll can be modified with anything that modifies ranged attack roll (Ramires and MacNeal gogles, Wolfs "Luck", reduced by the smoke etc), but becouse you target a circle, enemy can't affect roll ("moving tartget", for example, won't work). So, if you want to Throw something explosive, it easy - target circle under you feet - difficulty 0, no need rolling (like i can stop you, crasy suicider) Adjusted - diff 2, 3 if with model. 2-3 circles away - diff 4-9 with average pull 5 dice - we are trained soldiers, every one can make it. But if you wounded(redused combat) or try extrime range, only natural 10 can help you. If Grenade roll success, use core rules - 4 auto-att-success or smoke or fire. If Fail, you still get a chance - roll d10 (unmodifaing). On natural 10 Grenade flyes not like you think but landing right were you want. Lucky. 9-6 Grenade landing one circle away from targeted (6 closer, 7 to the left, 8 to the right, 9 further) 5-2 Grenade landing two circle away from targeted (Like abowe 2-5) Make sence then modify targeted circle - if it go right but there is a wall, it goes further, it newer goes more then one circle out of thrower path - use sence, logic and imagination =). Decition in argues makes the DEFENDING player, I think. With my players we always can make decition. 1 - it explode right in you hands =))) With that rule players not so riski Throw Grenades to far - they come closer to Throw it, target adjusted to models circles and uses grenades more carefuly, more tactical. Any character with a Grenade Launcher (like Irishka) need rolling too, but nature of their weapon make it easier - difficulty is 1 per circle, not affected by other models, only smoke. And where is no problem with a Mizu Hippo because she use it on her circle - no need to roll. Thats all about grenades. Also I want ask about campaing game - i hear a lot about that mode, but can not find some for example. Right now i try to develop "tutorial" campaing for my newby players to interest people in the game Tannhauser. I realy sorry if all that i posted here is difficult to read - i'm not so good in english, but i hope to see answer. I want to exuse for that topic be empty so long - I had a problem with sending messages here, now it works correct. PS Wolf is a popular avatar on that forum. PPS Yes, in Russia we have Zor'ka tesla armour, I see it on the Red Square =)
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