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  1. Been looking for LCG players in the San Antonio players for some time now. Any L5R love here?
  2. Taken from the RRG, page 22 Can I use Cunning (r65) to switch an opponent’s Sith Holocron (r16) with a card in my hand? • No. You cannot have an opponent’s card in your hand or deck. The end result is that the Sith Holocron has no effect. (Emphasis added)
  3. Holocron allows blue abilities, such as force throw and Force Choke, to be added to the equipped character. However, it cannot be used to add blue weapons, such as lightsabers, to any character. Additionally, the rules for the refresh phase allow you to discard any number of cards from your hand. You could also throw cards mid turn to re-roll 'any number of dice' and then choose none. But you couldn't toss more than one card at a time for that purpose.
  4. Jabba actually hires someone to use every weapon you put on him. It's in his "armory", and you are actually rolling an all blank character 'die' that is invisible named "Jabba's lacky" when you roll any weapon attached to Jabba.
  5. Pointless thread is pointless. Here is the bottom line. Card games of this type need to behave consistently in order to work. That means they are built a lot like computer program. You create a system of rules, and then create the actual cards ( inputs), and those cards do things (outputs). Sometimes you get odd or complicated outputs. These things are what is being complained about. (Cunning is responsible for more than it's fair share). This is the nature of things. OP has no specific complaint other than that things work in a way they don't appreciate. All card games are designed this way. (Except maybe pokemon. That has a lot less interaction. But it's also a lot less interesting, as a a game system)
  6. So some comments to address on the nature of collectable games: The first is getting Set 1 after set2 or 3 come out. We should be casting our gaze at the rest of the field for how other CCGs handle this problem. and pretty universally, it looks something like this: -You have the most recent 3-5 sets actively being produced/sold. -Your sets on sale is usually are defined by what is tournament legal. - You eventually stop producing or selling older sets. Magic: The Gathering goes back about 2 years, depending on what part of the year it is. - If you look at Yu-Gi-Oh, last I looked, they had a model that allowed all cards ever printed into their tournament, but had a healthy list of cards that were limited/restricted/ or forbidden. Ussually this list is for old cards that break the game when included in recent sets, or cards that are simply too strong in general now (Pot of Greed) The trick of design here, is to ensure that you have a healthy game taken from the entire library. When old cards rotate out, sometimes you flat reprint them (like Magic does with it's Core Sets), design alternatives (You have two cards with different names, but the same basic cost and ability, re-themed for the current set), or bring them back in the future. Looking into my own personal Crystal ball, here is what I expect to see. Jan '18 On our about the release day for the first set to come out in 2018, Awakenings will rotate out. The reason is the they are going to have a TON of characters in the pool to choose from, and to keep design space free, and the game healthy, they will definitely want to keep the number in circulation to under 100. (four sets in the pool at 24 chars per is 96...pushing it) Generally: You are going to see a redesign or reprint of popular characters every year or so. The Luke from Awakenings is from Return of the Jedi, powerful in the force and rising to contest Darth Vader. I expect 2 or 3 sets down the road to get a red flavored Luke to represent A New Hope Luke, where he's still green, and more lucky than good. Also in this line of thinking, expect to see Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader, Anikin Skywalker, a Luke from Ep 8, a Leah from 7/8, and so on.
  7. The character cards and battlefield are required to be different for official events. If you are talking about having two different sleeve designs in the same deck, that's not gonna be ok. That's a marked card. Even if you aren't actively using it for an advantage, it's not gonna go well if you are playing folks that you don't know really well.
  8. Lightsabers benefit a LOT from binds all things. Also, gives you a way if you run up against control to drop the upgrades anyway. I do Recommend trading the 2 Personal Escorts in for 2 No Mercy.
  9. So this is pretty fundamentally an agro deck. I think you need 2 holdout blaster, and a second DH-11 blaster. Without those, your ability to get Bala-tik online is going to be too slow. A few nice to haves might be a copy of leadership, and, if available, one copy of Commanding Presence. Consider "Firepower" over "Go for the Kill".
  10. "Resolve one of your RED DICE showing discard" (emphasis mine) Sorry dude, but commando raid is dead in that deck. Right now, You have to have Admiral Ackbar or Launch Bay to use a Commando Raid. Maybe swap for Field Medic?
  11. Hard to say without an exact list, But ackbar's 2 focus side, and utilty focused die is generally useful. That being said, I don't use him for that.
  12. A mill deck featuring Padme' and a pair of Rebel troopers won a 6 round tournament in Toronto recently. Focuses on Defense, and just peels a few cards off the top of the deck, along with having a few ways to pull a couple cards out of the hand. You really only need to mill away about 8 cards to be scary, but 10 is better. The real trick is being able to yank the final cards out of their hand. Millenium falcon is critical to the deck, and solves that problem (and gives a powerful ability for cunning to play with too). EDIT: Found the list. Here's a look: Character: 2x Rebel Trooper (Awakenings) 2x Padme Amidala (Awakenings) Battlefield: 1x Echo Base (Awakenings) Event: 1x Defensive Position (Awakenings) 2x Field Medic (Awakenings) 2x Negotiate (Awakenings) 2x Logistics (Awakenings) 1x Block (Awakenings) 2x Flank (Awakenings) 2x Electroshock (Awakenings) 2x Unpredictable (Awakenings) Support: 1x BB-8 (Awakenings) 1x Millennium Falcon (Awakenings) Upgrade: 2x Scout (Awakenings) 2x Diplomatic Immunity (Awakenings) 2x Infiltrate (Awakenings) 2x Datapad (Awakenings) 2x Cunning (Awakenings) 2x Second Chance (Awakenings) 2x Hunker Down (Awakenings)
  13. Best start I've gotten, Playing eLeia/Poe vs Rey/Han Turn 1, Holdout blaster on Leia, meh rolls on both sides, a few dmg on Poe, and little on Han, I get the battlefield Turn 2, DH-17 onto Leia, Roll Poe, Opponant Ambush tricks with Holdout blaster and leaves out a pay ranged side. Hit and run to roll Leia,, get +2 on Holdout blaster and a bunch of trash otherwise. Use ambush action for It's a trap, turn all 4 red dice to 2 dmg, throw 10 at rey, kills her. Turn 3, Draw the other trap, Get 8 on han After that, Han was down to 1 or 2, and the other guy scooped. He hadn't been getting good rolls, so he hadn't made a ton of progress on my side of the board. This deck is not that good against melee decks, but if the opponent is at all slower, you can Trap for resources to get out some big league hitters that Poe would normally throw at peoples faces with his special, and win that way.
  14. That makes some sense as most people have eRey quickly available and supply is so low. e(anything else) is tough to get right now. are lots of people seriously having that much difficulty finding product right now? i managed to get 4 boxes, i have an epic version of everything except Poe Dameron, and i could always buy singles at my FLGS if and when i want him bad enough (prices are too high atm and i'm going to wait until it drops) and most of the players in our area seem to be roughly the same boat as I am, just trying to finish off completing the entire collection of 2 of everything. I think i need about 10 legendaries to complete a full set No, not really. Some logistics issues, but nothing out of norm. And we get eKylo just as easily as eRey. If I had to guess, it was a meta call with some Rey fanboyism. Extra info: 12 players, 3 eReyGon-Jinn. 5 Rey overall, 3 troopers, 2 Han, 2 Leia, 2 Kylo, 1 Ackbar. In case you're wondering. Notable takeaways from this: No Darth Vader No Jango Fett No Jabba the Hutt It looks like the local meta we are looking at in the sample isn't lining up with expectations.
  15. Confirmed. e means "elite". It refers to the act of paying the extra points for the 2 die version of the character. (Ie. Jango would cost "12", eJango is "16")
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