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  1. I don't think anything happens. The "road" is abstract. Bilbo is simply that distance away from the mountain relative to Smaug's distance away from Laketown. They might be occupying the same place on the game board at a given time but this in no way implies that they are in the same actual physical location. At least that is my interpretation.
  2. Can this be played solo? Maybe with modifications?
  3. Being new to gaming I have not heard of this game before. I just wanted some info on the universe the game is set in. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the input. I am inspired to check out the card combat again
  5. Does anyone else forego the confusing combat card system and use only the dice combat systems like me? I like the dice variant that pairs the ability to the specific monster since your chances for sucess are based on abilities somewhat, but it can be a bit tough depending on the character you choose. For example, the dwarf or the knight has no chance against the Sorcerer. With this variant, Lindel is the most balanced character. The other dice variant equalizes the characters regardless of abilities, but it is a lot less fun.
  6. I just got this game and I'd like to work out a way to play solo also. The problem is that although it is partly co-operative you still have to have a good side and evil side. The only way I see to play solo is too have pre-card-assignment play completely random. I'll let you know if I figure anything out.
  7. I got it for my daughter and me for Christmas. It is a fun, easy play yet has all the cool stuff associated with fantasy games: great artwork, epic and beloved characters, etc. The rules for 2 players are a little different that the 3-5 player rules and sort of limits the fun of the game in my opinion. So we are thinking of trying 3-person play even with just two of us. The good side simply controls both Thorn and Bilbo as separate players would. My daughter is only 9 so I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. I kind of a new player and I would like to begin combining heroes from different spheres. My question is: can player deck cards from one spheres be played with a hero of a different sphere? For example, can the Unexpected Courage (Spirit) be attached to Aragorn (Leadership) as long as it paid by resources by a Spirit hero? Thank you!
  9. Thanks to everyone for your help. The blessings of Men and Elves to you all!
  10. Thanks. I posted a question under Deck Building to address this. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. I am new to the game, play solo, and have only the core set at this time. I really like the game but so far I have not had much success with the Passage thru Mirkwood Quest using a single sphere of influence deck and heroes. I am looking to begin building a custom deck but really don't know where to begin. When custom deck building are there any basic guidelines to follow besides the ones in the Rulebook? How many cards should be in a solo deck? Can I exclude cards that control other players since I am playing solo? My more general thoughts on the game: My biggest challenges are not having enough willpower strength to progress thru the quest and, relatedly, the ever increasing threat level. How do you guys deal with these factors when playing solo? One last question popped into my mind: should I always play with 3 heroes when playing solo? Thank you!
  12. So once the enemy is engaged, it does not have to be engaged again on subsequent rounds, and only 2 attack strength applies. Got it! Thanks!
  13. I still have a question about the Forest Spider getting a +1 in attack strength even when voluntarily engaged by a player: Why not simply have the attack strength at 3 on the card to begin with? When would the +1 NOT apply in combat?? Thanks!
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