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  1. Folks, I just recently purchased a near-mint copy of this game with everything in perfect condition. However, the prior owner threw away the interior cardboard box insert. Would any of you happen to have one in good shape that you would be willing to part with? I know I can make one from foamcore. That's not what I'm looking for, though. I like the original box inserts. I'm weird that way. Thanks!
  2. And...I have figured it out. PM sent. Zaltyre...you too.
  3. I'm flummoxed. I have searched my profile and can find nowhere I can set it to accept messages. In fact, I can't find any way of sending messages. This is frustrating. We are quite literally within driving distance of each other.
  4. Excellent! I sent you a PM...or a message on your Profile Feed, rather. We are surprisingly close to one another. EDIT: I hope that is the way to send a PM. I don't see it showing up.
  5. Bravo! Would you happen to have the hero tokens I indicated earlier in this thread? If so, I would love to send you my address via PM, and it is in the United States. California to be precise. If you have extra tokens in general, and are interested in parting with them, I would be more than willing to pay you for them and pay for shipping.
  6. If you buy them from the shops they have all the stuff in. Best way to be a "complete-ist" imho I whole-heartedly agree. And, I was quite surprised when FFG said they'd send out the minis. Like I said, I offered to pay for them several times.
  7. Here is a better picture of what I'm trying to describe regarding the Objective tokens. There are supposed to be two more red ones.
  8. Yes, I'm a 'complete-ist'. It's sort of like a sub-hobby to my boardgame hobby. I am trying to rebuild a complete set of the tokens.
  9. Then I'm missing two red ones, then. Thank you for confirming that!
  10. I counted the tokens out and checked them line by line with the list in the front of the rule book. There were supposed to be 16 Hero tokens. I have 14. Each color was supposed to have four tokens. (Granted...I am making a logical assumption.) For the Hero tokens, I have: Purple - 4 Gold (tan) - 4 Silver - 3 Orange - 3 Total = 14. Per the rule book, there is supposed to be 16. As far as the Objective tokens, I am speculating since there was the following: Purple - 4 Red - 2 White - 1 Green - 1 Total = 8. Per the rulebook, there is supposed to be 10. I assumed there was supposed to be one more green and one more white.
  11. My friends... I recently made a trade for Descent 2nd Edition Base Box, and Descent: Lair of the Wyrm. Both were gently used and in good shape, albeit both missing the miniatures. I contacted FFG and they are replacing the miniatures for free. I just finished going through each box piece by piece, token by token. Wyrm is complete Descent 2nd is 98% complete. I am missing only four tokens out of the entire set. I would really like to complete the game and bring it back to original condition. 2 hero tokens (the small ones) - 1 silver, 1 orange 2 objective tokens (the large ones) - 2 red Would any of you kind folks have these tokens and would be willing to part with them? I would pay whatever shipping is required. I would contact FFG again, but since they are sending me complete sets of minis for free, I didn't want to burn up all my good karma. Pics below: EDIT: The picture above is wrong. They should both be red.
  12. Aha! Thank you, guys. That clears up quite a bit. In last night's situation, I hit a TIE Interceptor with the Ion Turret. I rolled hit/hit/critical. We applied the single damage and token...and simply ignored the rest of the hits. Apparently we were applying the rule correctly. We were over-thinking it. We just weren't sure how it applied if another ship fired on the same Interceptor, during the same turn, AFTER the hit from the Y-wing Ion Turret.
  13. Folks, When using a Y-wing with Ion Turret. Let's say I hit an opponent's ship. I do the one damage. Then...the card states "Then cancel all dice results". What does this mean? Does this mean that subsequent attacks on the same unit during the same round are not allowed defense rolls? (that is, no green dice)? Do Ion tokens stack on individual units? For instance...two Y-wings hit the same opposing unit with Ion turrets. Each does one damage, and each applies a token to the opposing unit. During the next turn, does this impact the movement any more than a single token (the 'straight 1' move)? So far, all I'm seeing that an Ion Turret does is cause one damage and restrict movement the next round. The "cancel all dice results" doesn't really mean anything. Am I reading that right? I'm trying to find a valid reason to equip an Ion cannon, other than a player just wants more of a Star Wars 'feel'. to the game.
  14. How many new unit cards will be coming out for Icarus?
  15. That is beautiful! Do you have a link to your blog for more pics?
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