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  1. Thanks, waiting patiently or not, I wait.
  2. Thanks. Will be very cool to have a new digital that did not previously have a physical reality. Hmmmm, sorta the point in a way.
  3. Awesome concept. Lots of imaginative work!
  4. Are you able to do 'other' things with other spirit or ghosts etc? Wouldn't it be cool if you could take on ghosts as your followers or something like that?
  5. For sure, I am fortunate and interested enough to place an order, nearly any order for a future expansion in Digital. I remember some ideas I had to fill in the gaps, as you say and wonder what they could explore - like I said, I have/had ideas. Would you say or be able to say that this Souls Realm involves its own board, conveniently located between the Highlands and the Woodlands boards?
  6. I hope I'm not offending anyone by writing about Nomad's digital version of Talisman. I just saw on social media that a unique expansion, The Realm of Souls, is in beta testing. This is quite far out of course. Makes me wonder if there will be more and what form they may take. Before the Digital version I often tried to imagine what kind of expansions I would make or be interested in. I liked ideas that favored continuity between expansions and also connectivity. I always thought there should be more ways to have trap doors, secret passages and 'expanded' views of The Castle, The Hidden Valley, or other spaces on the board.
  7. The problem was resolved! A fix was provided.
  8. If someone from Nomad is on this forum, I recently was made aware of this character download for the digital Talisman. Once I booted the game up for play it seems like my keyboard and mouse/trac thing are not able to effect changes or interface with the game. I can only use the spacebar to start a game and I'm totally locked from there, so usually have to force quit (on a Mac, btw) I used a 'macfixplease' thing, switching to beta, that we had saved, but nothing changed, so I deleted the Talisman and reloaded, but same thing. Any help or email to reach someone would be helpful.
  9. Greetings, I saw this from Talisman Island recently. Not a lot of info. Is it a new expansion (doesn't appear) or a new game set in the same "world" as Talisman? I would like any such new idea be interwoven with the game as is; - - but I'm willing to see what is up with this.
  10. I can't speak to horrible character that I win with; nothing seems to come to mind. *because* I almost always choose the Vampiress, even though I don't always win (better than 50/50) She can regenerate fate and lives at the Graveyard. She can steal other's followers and/or drink them or her own to gain life. Etc.
  11. Does anyone know when Woodlands digital expansion will be done? Still in testing? Other expansions?
  12. It is really looking great and very much worth the wait.
  13. I like them both but prefer the one on the left.
  14. "We're not worthy!" (unless we have money) These are outstanding. Just excellent!
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