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  1. Yes, so far I have found the legendary decks pretty daunting with their increased levels of strength and decreased rewards in some respect. I only play digital, alone, with AI characters, which are **** brutal. So I've not found the perfect strategy. Just playing around with toggling legendary off or on for the various regions. I'm def enjoying though, I can say that. And now they have new digital characters coming out shortly, from the 2nd edition. So that keeps me going too.
  2. Bought Legendary decks and 3 new characters. I like it so far, Haven't play one full game, but in process on several with different templates or expansions used/not used. I like it enough! It gives me ideas about how this 'deck' idea could be a sort of Expansion or Expansion/Expansion to the game. Example. So there is a Legendary 'Castle' deck. When you arrive at the Castle, you can encounter as normal, or pick option 2, where the Legendary cards all take you through different encounters or things 'in' the Castle. A basement chamber could have a trap door to somewhere in the Dungeon. Or Secret Passages to that effect. But beyond ways to traverse areas of the board, what about 'mini' quests. I've had this idea before, but now I can see a better way to do it? So you have Castle folks who need escort to The City or somewhere within the City. Rather than/just monetary rewards or Quest style rewards, some form of "get out of jail" card, or a discount at a shop, etc, for taking the Queen, or other noble person there. Along with this idea would be either a NPC or adventure card that spices up the action by representing a rogue force that will try to take the Queen from you, hold for ransom, etc. A 'legendary Mystic Glade' deck, option 2, could have some very interesting things there. Maybe an actual 'Witch-Tree' card to correspond with the Warlock Quest that fades you drop something off at a witch tree (or something). Maybe more portal- cards to the Woodlands or elsewhere. A NPC that is sort of the opposite of the new Witch-Hunter; ie; a good Witch or magic person (prefer female) who gives a different type of mini quest: Sky could be the limit; things about the original old Wizard, or it harbors a strange cult that is trying to summon an Ancient Beast! [ note: I like that digital expansion, but wish it could interact more with other game aspects, rather than characters and moving around the board. ] Of course being very attuned to the supernatural and things found in the Blood Moon expansion, I'd like to see a "Legendary - Graveyard" deck, with expanded ideas there as Option 2. BUT given the Graveyards space near the empty area between Highlands and Woodlands, another digital expansion could be all about an expanded area of Gravelands, with more spectral menace. I recently thought there are so many characters that are in public domain. Maybe a Dracula's Castle in this area. Dracula could be an awesome End-boss or scenario too. Now what would a mini quest for Graveyard Legends be? I think I'll hold back on that one for now.
  3. Ancient Beasts. Also enjoying but still - even after weeks - have not got a handle on various things. I can't seem to find any reference to guidebook or something with better descriptions of the game process and also those various awards or badges you can get for slaying a beast. I sort of feel that some things we already have - spells, mostly, but maybe some other things, should be able to have more impact with Beasts. I know weapons can be used in battle, but I'm not sure what else can. At any rate I do enjoy both Beasts and Souls expansions.
  4. I've enjoyed Realm of Souls, with some caveats. I sorta feel it is arbitrary to be a ghost, but if you lose any other life - kaput - that is all for ever. Sort of defeats the purpose of having ghost characters. I also feel that there should be ways, occasionally at least, that Ghosts can interact with characters or board spaces, cards, etc. After all, the various Ghost enemies can attack or interact.
  5. Fireland tokens are pretty harsh and usually serve as a brutal reality and balance. Therefore I like this usage.
  6. Thanks, waiting patiently or not, I wait.
  7. Thanks. Will be very cool to have a new digital that did not previously have a physical reality. Hmmmm, sorta the point in a way.
  8. Awesome concept. Lots of imaginative work!
  9. Are you able to do 'other' things with other spirit or ghosts etc? Wouldn't it be cool if you could take on ghosts as your followers or something like that?
  10. For sure, I am fortunate and interested enough to place an order, nearly any order for a future expansion in Digital. I remember some ideas I had to fill in the gaps, as you say and wonder what they could explore - like I said, I have/had ideas. Would you say or be able to say that this Souls Realm involves its own board, conveniently located between the Highlands and the Woodlands boards?
  11. I hope I'm not offending anyone by writing about Nomad's digital version of Talisman. I just saw on social media that a unique expansion, The Realm of Souls, is in beta testing. This is quite far out of course. Makes me wonder if there will be more and what form they may take. Before the Digital version I often tried to imagine what kind of expansions I would make or be interested in. I liked ideas that favored continuity between expansions and also connectivity. I always thought there should be more ways to have trap doors, secret passages and 'expanded' views of The Castle, The Hidden Valley, or other spaces on the board.
  12. The problem was resolved! A fix was provided.
  13. If someone from Nomad is on this forum, I recently was made aware of this character download for the digital Talisman. Once I booted the game up for play it seems like my keyboard and mouse/trac thing are not able to effect changes or interface with the game. I can only use the spacebar to start a game and I'm totally locked from there, so usually have to force quit (on a Mac, btw) I used a 'macfixplease' thing, switching to beta, that we had saved, but nothing changed, so I deleted the Talisman and reloaded, but same thing. Any help or email to reach someone would be helpful.
  14. Greetings, I saw this from Talisman Island recently. Not a lot of info. Is it a new expansion (doesn't appear) or a new game set in the same "world" as Talisman? I would like any such new idea be interwoven with the game as is; - - but I'm willing to see what is up with this.
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