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  1. I've recently gotten into Wild West Exodus and I'm loving how line of site/profiles works there. While the bases are a quite a bit wider than Legion (1.25 inches/3.175cm for a small base model), the profile of the model is a dome the height and width of the base, not the sculpt itself.
  2. Odds are that Clone Wars will be on sale at Gencon and released everywhere in September, so it's likely: May- Sabine, Bossk and Downed AT-ST June- Tauntauns and Veterans July- Dewback and Shoretroopers Maybe the ATST is a single release and pushes the schedule out until August, but I imagine we'll have one more thing in there before Clone Wars.
  3. AlKusanagi

    Tank Deployment

    So the rules say that a unit must deploy with their entire base in the deployment zone, but the tank's base is longer than a range one ruler. I assume that means that it must deploy sideways or at an angle when it's limited to range one deployment, but X-wing had rules about larger ships being able to be out of the initial deployment area as long as it was touching the back of the deployment zone. Since the tank wasn't out when the last rules reference was made, have then been any rulings about this that go against the standard "completely within the boundary of a deployment zone" of the RR?
  4. Initially I struggled with them, but once I figured out a couple of things I've had far more success with them. First, just because you can deploy them into the middle of things, doesn't mean you should. Stick them somewhere safe, ready to contest an objective if needed, but they don't need to come out swinging. Second, they need Duck and Cover. Yes, it's just white dice, but extra dice is extra dice. Jut remember to keep them out of melee range since their ability only works against ranged attacks.
  5. They are also good to bring back snipers that may be lost to Leia and Veers orbital strikes early on. In the long run, yes you lose some firepower, but as long as you get 2 uses out of them, they pay for themselves by bringing back more than they cost to add them to the squad.
  6. Personally I'd probably drop the HQ Uplinks on the RTs in favor of Improvised Orders on one (or both) of your commanders and Duck and Cover for Chewie since he needs all the defensive help he can get.
  7. Looks like the medical droids were similarly changed. In the rules update it says they can treat both the trooper and emplacement trooper keywords.
  8. Are you sure? Under Emplacement Troopers it says "Any game effect that targets or applies to troopers can target or apply to emplacement troopers."
  9. Phew thanks! Good to know. It definitely seemed like an oversight since, you know, they're made to fix things that fly.
  10. I was trying to put together an extremely dumb, but hopefully fun "all" vehicle list (generic Rebel commander, 3 troops with R5s, 3 rotary ATRTs, and 2 T47s) assuming that R5s could repair vehicles in general. However, looking at the card is specifically says "friendly ground vehicle." Talk about a slap to the face of the already struggling T47. I was hoping to at least use the droids to remove whatever vehicle damage tokens they took, but that dream is dead... Ah well, looks like the RTs will just be getting more sweet, sweet droid lovin'.
  11. Remember when they were talking about each faction having a unique aspect? They said that the Resistance would be all about the heroes, so it makes sense it would be largely named pilots.
  12. I just had a game with the new build and I was getting the same situation where it was telling me things that were clearly in arc were out of it.
  13. I'm sure the intention for force push is that it has to be a "legal move," hence not being able to move them on and off different height terrain, which would seem like moving them off the map would also not be a legal move. I'm sure we'll get official clarification eventually.
  14. Personally I've found that Z-6 troops with an aim token or an ATRT with a rotary cannon chew bikes up. It is also the one time that troops can really benefit from standby actions because you can take advantage of the speeders' compulsory move range and get to a spot where you'll force them into getting shot at. Also both Luke and Leia can do some serious damage to them. Leia's Sharpshooter 2 is no joke and, with luck, she can drop a bike in a single shot. It's those darn AT-STs that I can't reliably deal with...
  15. Standby really needs to be changed to "When an enemy unit in range activates" you can spend it, or at least have it changed to work with the range of the weapon of the unit taking the action. At the moment it's pretty much a pointless option.
  16. Repulsorcraft are hover vehicles. They are more akin to helicopters than jets, it's just that they decided to add the compulsory move rule for what I'm assuming is some level of "balance."
  17. It's a week long event. There will most likely be daily announcements.
  18. The transport gains 3 energy on on straight 1, and pretty much 1 or more energy on everything else. You'll be at max energy by turn two, with most engagements beginning on turn two or three.
  19. The exact wording in the first line of the energy section of the transport rule book is "can gain energy." It seems that "gain" is the key word here, so you've got to build it up using maneuvers. Odds are you'll have two turns to build up energy in most cases.
  20. Slightly related question that I may be missing in the rule book: Do you have to destroy one or both sections of a huge ship to count it as killed?
  21. I won our Star Wars Day tournament with a Han list, but I've varied it up from the standard HSF list. Decoy Squad: Han Solo with the Falcon upgrade, Gunner, Recon Specialist, and Push the Limit Biggs (unmodified) Prototype A-wing (unmodified) I find this version of Han to cover a lot of bases since you have two focus to use on either your initial attack and your gunner attack to get the max number of hits, and with PTL you can always have an evade token, plus you're likely to have a focus left over for defense, which greatly increases his survivability. Biggs and the A-wing are just there to soak up shots and distract from the Falcon while Han sits back and does his thing.
  22. Rogue and Wraith Squadron boxes and upgraded X-Wings with a Jaina Solo pilot card.
  23. I wouldn't mind a few ships from the Clone Wars series, mainly the Z-95 Headhunter and a fully armored Y-wing.
  24. I'd love to, but Mondays and Tuesdays are the absolute worst nights of the week for me. If there was any way to move the X-wing events to later in the week I'd attend them but I can't make Monday nights with my work schedule.
  25. I play at Game Theory all the time, but with my work schedule, Mondays and Tuesdays are a no go for me. I really wish there was something going on later in the week.
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