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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing something like it gaining surge to hit, or Critical 2 to at least make the offense more consistent.
  2. It's an Imperial trick to get us to field a unit that explodes in a stiff breeze.
  3. There is a checkbox in settings that says "Enforce tournament rules for lists" that you need to click to get it to change to the new point totals if you're still seeing the old ones.
  4. Happened to me a couple of days ago as well, but it sorted itself out eventually.
  5. Legion broke into my house this weekend, stole my social security number, and ruined my credit! True story! Seriously though, where's Lando?!?
  6. I've recently gotten into Wild West Exodus and I'm loving how line of site/profiles works there. While the bases are a quite a bit wider than Legion (1.25 inches/3.175cm for a small base model), the profile of the model is a dome the height and width of the base, not the sculpt itself.
  7. Odds are that Clone Wars will be on sale at Gencon and released everywhere in September, so it's likely: May- Sabine, Bossk and Downed AT-ST June- Tauntauns and Veterans July- Dewback and Shoretroopers Maybe the ATST is a single release and pushes the schedule out until August, but I imagine we'll have one more thing in there before Clone Wars.
  8. AlKusanagi

    Tank Deployment

    So the rules say that a unit must deploy with their entire base in the deployment zone, but the tank's base is longer than a range one ruler. I assume that means that it must deploy sideways or at an angle when it's limited to range one deployment, but X-wing had rules about larger ships being able to be out of the initial deployment area as long as it was touching the back of the deployment zone. Since the tank wasn't out when the last rules reference was made, have then been any rulings about this that go against the standard "completely within the boundary of a deployment zone" of the RR?
  9. Initially I struggled with them, but once I figured out a couple of things I've had far more success with them. First, just because you can deploy them into the middle of things, doesn't mean you should. Stick them somewhere safe, ready to contest an objective if needed, but they don't need to come out swinging. Second, they need Duck and Cover. Yes, it's just white dice, but extra dice is extra dice. Jut remember to keep them out of melee range since their ability only works against ranged attacks.
  10. They are also good to bring back snipers that may be lost to Leia and Veers orbital strikes early on. In the long run, yes you lose some firepower, but as long as you get 2 uses out of them, they pay for themselves by bringing back more than they cost to add them to the squad.
  11. Personally I'd probably drop the HQ Uplinks on the RTs in favor of Improvised Orders on one (or both) of your commanders and Duck and Cover for Chewie since he needs all the defensive help he can get.
  12. Looks like the medical droids were similarly changed. In the rules update it says they can treat both the trooper and emplacement trooper keywords.
  13. Are you sure? Under Emplacement Troopers it says "Any game effect that targets or applies to troopers can target or apply to emplacement troopers."
  14. Phew thanks! Good to know. It definitely seemed like an oversight since, you know, they're made to fix things that fly.
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