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  1. Hi there, well honestly I thought about the exact same thing. But I don't see how this could work out. This variant demands that there are revealed cylons around. Otherwise much of it is useless. And even more critical: If the admiral is a hidden cylon or a hidden cylon makes himself the admiral the chance for human victory is minimal to nonexistent since he then is able to order the jump while most players are still on New Caprica and the entire civilian fleet still on the ground. So you'd have to do a lot of house ruling to get it to work…
  2. Quite an interesting opinion… They developed a great game and published nice expansions for the game. You like their products. And because you do they have to forget about marketing strategies, the impact a good marketing strategy has on their profit and tell you about the status of their developments. Now that you mention it that sounds really logical! My local games dealer once said that fortunately his products are not existential. A point you obviously missed here. Maybe they will never say another word about BSG. Maybe they'll announce an expansion next month. So what? If they come up with another expansion, I will be happy about it and buy it. If they don't there are still enough games in the shelves of my local game store that I don't have yet.
  3. Instead of throwing away the packaging of the sleeves I use them for the POD expansions. One for each expansion. Fits well, I don't have to mess around with the game box and I get it for free
  4. Skowza said: Thanks for the response, and for not being rude and aggressive about it. Why should I? It was an absolutely legitimate question… Let's just hope that I'm right and that they will come up with another expansion sooner or later
  5. Well, honsestly it's nothing that I could prove by figures. It's just an assumption based on the obvious: 1. BSG is one of the Top 20 games on BoardGameGeek which creates a lot of ongoing attention and should create relatively constant sales. The only other highly credited game I know is Starcraft which has gone out of print because of the expiration of the Blizzard License. Blizzard was never likely not gain more attention to their video games by having a board game on the market so I guess that they were not that forthcoming with their license especially when Starcraft 2 was about to be released. It's a different story for SyFy because the BSG board game can create interest in the BSG series and lead people to buy and watch the series. If it wasn't for the board game I would have never bought the BSG DVDs… So SyFy should have an interest in FFG keeping the license and continuing to sell the game. 2. Have a look at amazon's list of bestselling strategy games. You will stll find it in a fairly high position. I think only Citadels is higher. 3. And when thinking about FFG there are some Games which come to your mind immediately. I'd say these games are A Game of Thrones, Arkham Horror, Battlestar Galactica, Descent, Twighlight Imperium and Warhammer: Invasion. It doesn't mean that there not many other great FFG-Games and I might have missed on or two but these are very closely linked to the brand Fantasy Flight Games and anyone in the board game scene has at least heard of them. Having a product which is that closely linked to your brand run out of print is normally a bad choice. That's what made me assume that it is one of the most successful FFG-games and that it's not going to run out of print too soon.
  6. It has appeared on preorder in a German online store with the German title "Rune Age: Schwur & Amboss". Being asked the German publishers didn't make an official announcement but they hinted that they have been working on it.
  7. They will definitely announce or present an expansion there. It has just leaked that there's an expansion coming up.
  8. What are you talking about?! In the online shop it just says "Out of Stock". That's not QUITE the same as "Out of Print"… It's still listed as available in the catalog, its still listed in the shop and it's one of FFG's most successful games. So as long as there's no ugly red "Not available"-sign in the catalog there's nothing to worry about.
  9. When Broodlords are coming up you've got to make sure that you have the right marines in place. You need Marines capable of Blocking. That would be Sgt. Lorenzo, Gideon or yellow team. They've got the best chance to make a stand against the broodlords. Then you need Marines capable of dealing a lot of damage. That would be Sgt. Lorenzo again, Librarian Calistarios or Zael. They can deal enough damage when they've got enough support tokens to really make the difference. Of course it's not easy but it can be done. Best of luck, brothers!
  10. Well, it was just supposed to be a little piece of advice. If it sounded offensive rest assured that it wasn't meant to. While there a some things in the guide which are obvious, it says a lot about best positioning and helps you in valueing the marines in your squad so that you know which are more and wich are less expendable when it comes down to it. Have a look and let me know afterwards if it helped to improve your game.
  11. Kaermo

    Editing Posts

    Hi there, I noticed that I can only edit my posts for a certain period of time. After that the edit-button vanishes and I can't change my posts. For me that doesn't make much sense. I would like to be able to change my posts no matter if I posted them 5 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day ago. Since I haven't seen much official activity here I don't suppose that someone will change it though...
  12. Sorry, maybe I should have been more clear about it. There are no Space Hulk: Death Angel video games. The two games I mentioned are based on the original Space Hulk board game and are more than 15 years old. They don't have much to do with Death Angel beside the theme. If you want to find out yourself just search for Space Hulk and abandonware. You'll turn up with free (legal) downloads of the first game. But please don't expect anything. It is really really old. You won't get it running without DOSbox. The second one (Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels) is not (legally) available for free.
  13. Well I guess they were supposed to be used when you need replacement parts or something. But since you get those without any proof of purchase there's not much you can do with those tokens. Anyway it's not like they would consume much space in the boxes so they can as well stay in there. Just in case...
  14. Maybe the fact that you don't see the intricate planning you need for the Blood Angels is the reason why you're getting owned... There's a lot to consider if you want to start winning more regularly. There's a guy who posted a great guide on BGG. Take a look at it if you wanna learn more about the tactics in Death Angel.
  15. It's a game fair. Well... there are two Space Hulk games. But I don't think that they are exactly what you are looking for The first one can be run by DOSbox and the second one works under Windows XP if you turn off DirectDraw. The second one even features 3D graphics! (Or at least what they called 3D at that time)
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