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  1. Hi I was sifting through various ship components to see which gives bonus to command. Several mentions a bonus to "social skills". At first i figured that meant charm/decieve/intimidation etc and not command. However command is listed as an interaction skill under the skill list. Later at page 207, the bridge of antiquity gives "+10 to command and social skills". This makes me assume command is distinct from the other ibteraction skills. Is there some definition of which skills are "social" that i missed?
  2. Mostly because I feel that one should always be prepared.. Even sneaking around with silent move as skill of 70, it doesn't hurt to paint your armor white for snowy places and put something to muffle sound on the boots I mean, most people would try to improve their chances at performing any action, especially as it probably will be a risk for your life or well being. That Lathe wrought pressure carpace seems hard to get with out current PF, but one must have a goal, right?
  3. At least I guess I didn't miss anything about it RAW but yes i'll discuss it next time. 60/70 would be a pretty good start IF either of us had any skills, so I guess that'll have to be worked on... with the meager XP we get an a 3x cost for elite advances, it might take a while! The combination you mention sounds good. I've been looking at it.. however lately having "high" ap and sealed environment has served us good. (low tech hordes, nurglings, combat in vacuum, viral stuff..). I was thinking to eventually maybe get a lathe wrought carapace to keep some armor and sealed environment... but it's hard to get for us yet Thanks for your thoughs on the subject.
  4. Hi, As we just had a session where stealth could have been useful, alas we don't have anyone good at that for the moment. Only my character (VM) and our AM got any decent agility, respectively 70 and 60. However neither of us have training in the relevant skills for the moment. Most of the group are currently running around in light power armor, but alas AB 7 gives everyone a -30 on concealment/silent move. Being the most agile, I started looking how I could make these skills better(aside from elite advances). Downgrading to a AB 6 armor would certainly help since I only have basic skills (-50%). Also you have stuff like Chameleoline cloak, nightcloak and more advanced a holo suit. How does these stack with armor (regular and power version)? only holo suit makes any comment that it's usually used with "light or no armor" but doesn't specify anything. Can one use synskin+holosuit? Are there any rules I missed regarding this? If not I'll just have a discussion with our GM...
  5. I am aware that you can't pick archeotech without a reason. For me it seems that such tech is one more step over BQ regular items and probably should stay at that level. Thus quality levels doesn't apply..
  6. Thanks for the assistance so far. As the ship is being created (we do indeed seem to end up with a turbulent after I explained the combat system, with extra armor and reinforced prow), the question came up if archeotech can be purchased in poor, good or best quality? I can't remember seeing anything in the book and a google search came up with several "yes" and "no" opinions on the subject.
  7. I'm looking forward to see what they chose. Knowing them, I'm willing to be it'll be a gunned up frigate or raider. I agree on the cargo part, and it makes little sense to explore without some storage space for stuff you find laying around... Do you usually make important NPC's from scratch as real characters? As i'm on holidays I rolled up an Astropath for them thinking to make one, and maybe I'll add in an assistant sceneschal which is their aide.
  8. I'm quite sure they want some gunship action. The explorator (who played RT/DH before) is already drooling over BQ-muscle graft and powerfists.. He might be disappointed if he drops his tech use too hard though. The RT rolled up a char already which I've barely glanced over. Seems to be quite balanced for the most and high focus on command/charm. He also rolled at 40PF/50SP start, so I'll let them argue over what ship to start with I'm thinking to run the Whisperer adventure since your arguments for doing it seem quite sound. I'm just thinking to change it a bit, maybe use the generator to make a new (and slightly more interesting) system. The idea that they have an anchor and a place to develop appeals to me. Also said explorator already played it so some changes might be in order... I'm not sure I mentioned or said it clearly enough, but I'll be using some variant of Mathhammer, and as far as I can see, 50SP isn't enough to start with a cruiser with carrier capacity. So that issue won't come up yet. I've not checked if MH deals any with the carrier issue.
  9. It seems we ended up with the following, although I had expected different players to chose different roles: player 1: Rogue trader player 2: Navigator player 3: Void Master player 4: explorator (playing RT in our earlier game) No Astropath for now, which I feel eases my initial task of not having to fine-read all the psyker stuff. Errant, I stand corrected. I somehow took your sentence and made it into "astropaths are OP" while thinking about it. I'm aware that the mishaps should be a limiting factor of power use. My VM in our other game took wyrdling and chose telepathy+mind probe. Unless I misunderstood the rules, I can run them on fettered even as unsanctioned and avoid any accidents. However as VM I almost never use them in order to avoid risk being noticed as unsanctioned psyker. Leogun_91, I'll keep that in mind. I also agree (and most of the players) that covering these roles is probably the best setup with 4 players. As Errant pointed out, having a PC astropath would make it perfect. Is there anything regarding character generation / ship generation I should watch out for? I don't want to hand them "the sabre", as player 4 and myself already had it and it feels quite "maxed out". Unless you start dragging in better quality components and stuff. I was thinking a trader, raider/frigate or maybe light cruiser. If the last one, I'd make it somewhat weak (not maxed out with space/power, or weaker components) in order to have some potential for upgrading and not making it too powerful at the start. But I'm guessing a smaller ship might be better for starters? Alternatively I'm also considering letting the RT assist in building his ship.
  10. Thank you for all the advice and thoughs so far. I decided to just jump into it and email the 4 players what class they'd want to play. For the record this is old time friends that some are living a bit far away and we only meet like 2x a year to play (but usually go 3 days straight). This does leave me some time to consider, and make house rules on all the unbalanced stuff and create a sandbox Most likely the group will end up with a Navigator, an explorator and a rogue trader. One will probably pick void master but they've not decided for sure yet, Seems to me like a pretty solid composition of roles with 4 players. It also saves me a bit on toning down the Astropath which Errant mentioned earlier was quite OP. I've played imperial psycher in DH1 a while and can completely outshine everyone else in combat... it's a bit over the top I think. I've read through "The Whisperer" adventure which we played with our other GM. I found it surprisingly short actually and feel I'd like more stuff written down as options before I'd jump into GMing than that.. at least for a first try.
  11. The characters should of course have fields of expertise they're good at indeed, so is it with all games in general. I just felt that we completely outshine even the opponents (other famous RTs we encountered) by a mile (or light-year) while being rank 1-2 ourselves I suppose that might have to do with what Venkelos said about that the NPCs are written up at the lower end of the scale. Our GM is very good at narrative and creating an interesting story but not very strong with game mechanics, so I believe he didn't change much of the NPC stats and such to account for party strength/weaknesses (or system strength/weaknesses). I'm guessing I might've just gotten the slightly wrong impression due to that. I suppose I'm mostly worried if I'll be a good GM at all creating interesting stories, good adventures and somewhat fair encounters. The open universe of RT is just an extra challenge on top. I guess I'll try reading up on the various GM related stuff, which I've avoided since I hoped our other GM would have time to play again.
  12. I absolutely understand and agree with this. The freedom is a big part why I personally enjoyed playing RT. I guess it's more that this freedom comes on top of my general worry of being a good GM. Starting with a regular fantasy adventure as first time as GM sounds just easier (stick the players into a railroaded dungeon crawl...). However we're currently playing Pathfinder somewhat regularly, and also 5e dnd and a very good homebrew fantasy game more occationally (like 2 times a year, but the whole weekend!). Thus I'd really like to do something different and RT was one of the most fun settings I've played in. Maybe not broken but even as low level it seemed to me that certain parts gets out of hand quickly. I could be a tad negative here and reading too much into it, but i felt our group (see below) could totally annihilate any opposition we met within our "field of expertise". In my case piloting starships. Looking how the boarding rules are, I'd say our captain with some 100ish command (iirc) could try boarding a much bigger target and with good chance just take over the ship if the opposing captain has your average 30-40 skill. Your advice on the freedom part I appreciate and agree with! I suppose a well though out adventure that got bombed can always be reused later with some changes later. You have some fair points how to push them back on track. The railroading shouldn't be too forced though. I've played adventures where I felt my character was just being pushed along the rails and what he did wasn't even relevant. I'll strongly suggest to pick different roles. In the group we had there was a Rogue Trader, Void Master, Tech Priest and Arch Militant. I have to say the AM felt most useless.. He kicked ass in personal combat but outside that couldn't really contribute much. Our GM flat out asked where we'd go the next time, it worked pretty well. However that was playing Lure of the Expanse (i guess it's the Lurel and all, I've avoided reading any of the adventures since we're technically still doing them Although I suspect our progress might take a lot of time with the current GM. The times he wasn't prepared the sessions were gruelling boring as he had to read up while playing I'd REALLY like to avoid boring my friends if i GM.
  13. Hi all, I and some of my friends have been playing various rpg's for many years (In my case I started around 1993), Some of us have managed to play more or less regular while others are more busy. The issue lately is that while we had 4 somewhat regular GM's for various systems, only one is now regularily available so I've been considering starting as GM in a setting. We've played about 10 sessions (i guess) with RT.The RT GM is quite busy and it took a year in real time from the sesstion we found the Light of Terra to we captured it in the next sesstion. It's now 8 months since that time and I don't expect we'll be playing for a while... I think most of us found RT quite enjoable but the system appears really broken and unbalanced in general. I quite enjoy looking at the mechanics of games, so that might be fixed with a rather generous amount of house rules. I have to say that in our first encounter with RT and another pirate ship, the first thing our captain said was "lets board and capture it", only to find out how poorly these rules are. I've noticed how Errant Knight has a rather extensive set of house rules that I've just glanced over. My bigger worry as a (potential) new GM is the freedom one has in RT to go anywhere and do anything. While the same thing really appeals to me as player, it's also a concern I have if i GM. In more regular fantasy, one can pop the group into a dungeon and they'll more or less stay there How do you solve these issues? Also, I'm wondering how many official/premade adventures exist for this setting? Are there only a few? Any suggestions or tips are great!
  14. Great job! It makes everything easier when you have all the information easily available instead of having to dig through books. This topic should be made sticky. Some details I'm wondering about though: * Crew improvements (ITS163) lists best quality as "+3 morale, +5 crew rating" in the book, while the sheet lists the bonus as "+5 morale" * Cybernetic senses (RT149) appears to be missing in the cybernetics tab of the sheet Is the first one errata'ed or something? and If I just overlooked the second, feel free to ignore me. regards
  15. Hi, I'm currently playing my first DH adventure and chose the psyker class, as i really feel this is of the WH universe we should experience in our group. Now as I just reached rank 4 and thus psy rating 3, our GM decided to go with the "Effective psy rating" house rules he found online. This means every time a power uses WB, this should be substituted with "number of dice rolled while activating the power". As I've played various systems over the years I can see that certain powers can get out of hand. Psy blade being one. As I have Will 65, soon maxing it to 70 (whenever i can scrap together the last 750XP) it would be an awfully powerful weapon, having 70% chance to hit, d10+14 dmg and pen 14. Using the EPR and rolling my maximum amount of dice (3) instead it would now be 70% hit, d10+6 and 6 pen. Still a ok weapon, especially as my psyker sucks in melee, this would give him an option to at least give back some damage.at Max level using 6 dice it would be again +12 and 12 pen. However at this point I assume that once we're at that level, the others would have fighting abilities matching this some way or another. The above example I feel is pretty balanced with what the rest of the group can come up with in firepower. Given that a psyker must take the risk of the oh-so-fun warp phenomena and perils. Which I've already been hit a few times with. Not too bad yet, some insanity for the group and a few points of corruption for me. However I feel that almost all the other damage related powers are nerfed to uselessness. As I meant to take psy blade for my first psychic power, I decided instead to go with seal wounds as the EPR affects it less (and we always need the healing anyways) so I took biomancy. I did however mean to take Telekinesis to get various powers there. Though now they mostly strikes me as quite weak, at least when only rolling 3 dice. For eksample the force bolt will be maximum 70% hit chance, d10+3 (possibly +1-3 more on overbleed) for a ~27% chance of a phenomena. While I agree with our GM that phenomena is mostly "fluff" without too bad effects, it's still a ~7% chance of a Perils effect which seems to be can be quite damaging. The same goes for the biomancy "bio lightning" that appears to be the only pure damage power. If i buy this with the XP we got last session, I can do d10+3 dmg. Granted the lightning appears to automatically hit, and one can potentially get may be 1 or 2 more bolts (but i wouldn't count on this too much). I'm guessing our opponents are in the range of 3-5 toughness and 3-5 armor so far. It seems to me, especially given the force bolt, that simply firing my simple auto gun with regular ammo is just as good (base 44 BS) on full auto. No 7% chance to permanently injure/kill my own character and/or the rest of the group. Even force barrage doesn't seem all good, firing about 3 (possibly 4) force bolts compared to simply having a long las with red dot sight (and possibly topped off with uncanny aim, that can be activated with a single die). having the potential to do 3d10+4 (and i believe getting a few hotshots packs shouldn't be impossible either). Some info that might be useful to know: * I generally use invocation, if possibly, before using the major power I have (at the moment seal wounds) and will probably always do so. * I don't see it's likely that our GM will ever let me get unnatural willpower * Telepathy and Divination are barred for me, I'm not allowed to chose powers from these diciplines. Now while I can appreciate effects such as "always hit" (bio lightning), having "infinite ammo" and simply having damage power ready in case one gets stripped for equipment, I feel as long as I can get my hands on almost ANY reasonably common type of weapon (autogun, long las..etc) they will do as good, or way better, while ignoring a significant chance to some sort of bad effect (mostly getting a perils). If an experienced DH player has any comments on this, I'd appreciate it!
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