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  1. *nods and slows down* ah, so very wise! Rereading through it, I see that. In the powers, it explains it. Thank you Tasuret.
  2. Hmmm, I get what you mean. I'll propose that idea to the GM. Thank you!
  3. FOUND IT! LOL! I'm a derp sometimes. Only took like the fourth time looking through it to find it.
  4. I'm currently playing a Tao focusing on the Nemesis abilities, and hoping to avoid purchasing any of the Ki abilities, as it doesn't fit his background or story line as of yet. He has come across what is needed in the game to start developing Magic Cancellation from the Nemesis tree. The only requirement for purchasing the ability is Use of Nemesis. It costs 2 ki per round to maintain the Magic Cancellation, thus, do I need to purchase Use of Ki, and possibly Ki Control in order to perform this ability? I did a few searches trying to find anything on this in the forums, but found nothing, so sorry if this is a repeat question.
  5. I''ll be taking a look as I get a chance! I''ve recently had an idea for a campaign that would be set in the far future.
  6. I don't think anything past the 7th will be necessary either. Plus, I wanted the seals to be a slow progression aspect of the character as well. So that actually works out! Thank you for the math! I didn't even think to calculate that out with the class switch!
  7. That's not a bad idea, to have it work as just access to the Dragon Seals, which is where I plan to take that character anyways. I'd just have to look into switching him from a Warrior to a Weaponmaster to make it work out than. The main reason I used the benefits I did was I didn't want the Blood of the Dragon to give him anything obvious, or supernatural from the start. Also, the idea of using like The Gift is a good one. The lack of level adjustment fits better into the dynamics. Going to keep the Style requirement for the casting. However, if I did change it to the sister, and she got killed, he, as a Necromancy, could just work to keep her undead and near him, or keep parts of her with him...
  8. Would the Required Action of being within one movement value of his sister be appropriate? Cuz that could get restricting to both characters in a hectic combat or if they ever get separated.
  9. I missed where you can't start with anything better than a +5! >.<; I spotted it now though, I'll adjust that down. What would you suggest doing for Blood of the Dragon? This is part of the purpose behind starting this thread! XD Making sure I has grips on this before I start running an Anima game!
  10. K. Double checking the math for the Attack and Defense, may switch him out to be a Weaponmaster class. EDIT: OH! The Blood of the Dragon says the GM should dictate the bonuses: I have it set as +5 Block per level, +5 Attack per level (max +50 both), +5 wear armor per level (max +50), Elemental Affinity Fire. Wear Armor = 50 base +15 Str +15 (5 class, 5 Use of Armor, 5 BotD) = 80; 100 DP Attack = 40 base +10 Dex +10 (5 class, 5 BotD) = 60; 80 DP Block = 40 base + 10 Dex + 10 (5 class, 5 BotD) = 60; 80 DP 15 DP for 1 LP multiple 50 DP for Soldier Module, 30 DP for Body Guard; 80 DP remaining 5 DP from the 360 put into Feats of Strength. I originally had his Attack and Block at 50 each, but I dropped both by ten to adjust Wear Armor up. I forgot to adjust the total down to 60 from 70 when I did this. That has now been fixed. If the Longsword being a +10 adds +10 to attack and +10 to Defense, does its bonus to Block stack with the bonus to Block from the Shield? If it doesn't, that is where the math went wrong for his Defense Value. Initiative Correction: 20 Base -15 Armor (+5 Scale Mail) 5 Agility 10 Dexterity 10 Weapon (+10 Longsword) 5 Class -20 (+5 Shield) 15 Total Initiative w/ Longsword + Shield (35 With just Longsword) That should fix that. Thank you AW, found it. I was looking in the core book for it. Feel kinda silly for missing it now!
  11. Yar, the idea behind the Style being the required action is to represent he has to perform his spells with a level of 'style' and grace, or hi fails to properly direct his Zeon into the spell. Would it work better if I tagged the required action to be the Style Skill plus he cannot perform any other Active Actions? Where is the Opposite Magic Advantage? I intend for him to have it, even if I have to swap some things around, I just missed it. I'm guessing it's a one point advantage, so for the moment, going to edit it in, and drop his Magic Nature by one, and adjust his Zeon down to 585. If it is two points, then I will drop Magic Nature all together for it. Kirt's Wear Armor is 80, I'll edit it into the first post.
  12. I'm working on the possibility of working on a story based in the Anima setting/system. These are the three main characters I have atm, just curious of any thoughts, hints, or tips. Riu Kitsumi Level: 1, Category: Natural Life Points: 90 Class: Wizard Str 5 Dex 6 Agi 5 Con 6 Pow 8 Int 10 Wp 8 Per 7 PhR 35 MR 50 PsR 40 VR 35 DR 35 Initiative: 50 (unarmed) Attack Ability: 5 Unarmed Combat Defense Ability: 20 Dodge Damage: 5 Unarmed Combat AT: None MA: 50 Zeon: 585 Magic Projection: 55 Magic Level: Necromancy 40, Destruction 50 Advantages and Disadvantages: The Gift, Natural Knowledge of a Path (Necromancy); Magic Nature (+50), Opposite Magical Path; Action Requirement (Style, no other Active Actions), Requires Gestures. Natural Abilities: None Size: 11; Regeneration: 1 Movement Value: 5; Fatigue: 6 Secondary Abilities: Notice 10, Search 10, Track 10, Memorize 35, History 20, Magical Appraisal 30, Occult 20, Style 75 Aki Kitsume Level: 1, Category: Natural Life Points: 90 Class: Mentalist Str 5 Dex 8 Agi 8 Con 6 Pow 9 Int 9 Wp 10 Per 8 PhR 35 MR 40 PsR 45 VR 35 DR 35 Initiative: 65 Unarmed Attack Ability: 10 Unarmed Combat Defense Ability: 30 Dodge Damage: 5 Unarmed Combat AT: None Psychic Potential: 90 Free PP: 2 Disciplines: Telepathy (Mind Reading, Psychic Shield), Energy (Sense Energy, Control Energies), Psychokinesis (Pschokinetic Shield, Psychokinetic Flight) Innate: 1 Psychic Projection: 100 Advantages and Disadvantages: Free Access to Any Psychic Disciplines, Psychic Point Recovery (1/10min) Natural Abilities: None Size: 11, Regeneration: 1 Movement Value: 8; Fatigue: 6 Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 15, Athleticism 15, Ride 15, Notice 15, Search 15, Track 15, Animals 15, Appraisal 15, Herbal Lore 20, Medicine 20, Sciences 20, Persuasion 15, Style 20, Disguise 15, Lock Picking 20 Kirt Lancestorm Level: 1, Category: Natural Life Points: 165 Class: Warrior Str 10 Dex 9 Agi 7 Con 10 Pow 7 Int 5 Wp 5 Per 5 PhR 45 MR 35 PsR 30 VR 45 DR 45 Initiative: 10 Longsword and Shield Attack Ability: 65 Longsword (-1 AT) Defense Ability: 65 Block Longsword, 70 Block Shield Damage 75 Longsword (Cut), 20 Shield (Impact) AT Scale Mail (+5) Cut 5 Imp 5 Thru 5 Hea 4 Ele 0 Col 4 Ene 2 Wear Armor: 80 Advantages and Disadvantages: Use of Armor (+5/lvl), Starting Wealth (5,000), Blood of the Dragon, Vulnerable to Cold Natural Abilities: Body Guard, Soldier Module Size: 20; Regeneration: 3 Movement Value: 7; Fatigue: 10 Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 15, Athleticisim 15, Climb 15, Jump 25, Ride 15, Composure 10, Feats of Strength 35, Withstand Pain 10, Notice 10, Search 10, Track 10, Intimidate 5, Leadership 10, Persuasion 5, Style 10 Note: Being edited to reflect corrections and updates and fix flaws discussed in the thread
  13. Errata: My point of saying they were each individual creatures wasn't meant to dispute the control of the creator over them, it was to point out that even though they are controlled, they are not part of another creature.
  14. Alright, on the other two issues: The pricing seems fair to me, if not somewhat cheap. A Level 80 spell for 400 gold crowns? That's pretty much the highest level Creation spell there is before getting into High Magic! Now, considering at character creation, I can start with 2,000 gold crowns for 1 Creation Point, that's really easy to get. Also take into account, the world setting has 1 out of every 10,000 people have the gift. So there's not a lot of them, and definitely not that many resources for them. I don't see the world of Gaia being filled with magic shops in every town, and spell books available wherever you go. If he does get the Chimera spell, honestly, I'd say let him, then screw him over by doing something that transfers him to a new body! He loses all the benefits (as per the last paragraph of the spell)!!!! Also, once he casts it on himself, until he loses the powers via body loss or switching, he can't cast it on himself again. What is his Character's Intelligence anyways? If its 11 or less, his max level in any one sphere would be 75, thus he wouldn't be able to cast Chimera. If its 12 or higher, than he'd have a max of 100 points in any one school of magic. As far as pricing for spells goes as well. Page 113, Table 57, it has a Magic level Cost chart for spells based on level categories. A level 80 spell would cost 16 Magic Levels to purchase. Granted, again, disclaimer, I could be full of ****! Still relatively new to the system, but I have GM'd numerous other systems successfully, and I have been pouring through the books a lot since I've gotten them prepping to run my first Anima game.
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