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  1. Like Senf in one of neighbouring topics I was super exited about the announcement, but after reading the description it has suddently started sounding like something very similar to CoC. Actually, the repetition of some core mechanics was already pretty obvious in Star Wars LCG (some strange mix of GoT and CoC - that was still OK for my taste), but from what I've read about Conquest it looks like too similar to CoC. Maybe that's because I found CoC the least appealing of FFG living card games up to date (generally because of central story deck model that makes planning difficult - just too much counting and counter-counting for me to enjoy), but I am somehow disappointed about it. Yet, I would really like to restore this nice feeling of anticipating a new LCG that I had with LotR, A:N and SW in the earlier years, so can someone convince me that I'm wrong and these are going to be two completely different games? Kudos are promised !
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