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  1. Darrel Simmons camera allows him to take a picture of any monster killed in a room with him. He then takes that monster miniature and its square of information and sets it on the camera. The keeper can't play that monster anymore, and for example if it was a shoggoth the keeper could now only ever play 1 shoggoth. On top of this it gives the entire investigation team +2 to all combat checks against that type of monster. So you would get +2 to all combat checks against any shoggoths, but not every creature in the eldritch class. Or if you used it on a cultist, you would get bonus checks to all cultists, but not zombies or other humanoids. As Humanoids, beasts and eldritch are classes not types. And the card is far from overpowered as the keeper can force it to be dropped, not 100% but maybe even destroy it. Kill the person holding it or do any number of things. I'm surprised that you find anything in the game with investigators overpowered considering they are already against a severely stacked opponent. The keeper has every advantage and if the player plays aggressively he will almost always win against the investigators. (Also, I tend to follow a house rule I suppose. I too make the monster return to the keeper if the camera is forced to be dropped although it is not otherwise specified in the manuals.)
  2. Thanks for clearing that up in grand detail, that clears up a lot of issues I had!
  3. My friend was discussing arkham horror with me and I told him of a funny situation where another friend missed out on a luck item encounter. It was a luck check to determine whether or not he received anything, his slider on his stats had him set to 0 luck. Now since he was given no rolls at all, could he use a clue token to just add another roll? I was under the impression the clue token was only to re-roll an already failed die roll. Not add another one altogether, ultimately acting like a stat increase. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.
  4. Update on my own post. I had resent a request for the parts on 4/2/12 and told FFG of my missing Joe Diamond in my original MoM game. I got a response email next day notifying they had received the email and I would get my replacement package in 1-2 weeks. I came home on a half day from work on friday to see my forbidden alchemy replacement package, with free book, and joe diamond figure within just roughly 2 days. Thank you kindly FFG.
  5. Did anyone else not get a response from FFG after emailing for replacement forbidden alchemy parts but still see replacements?
  6. Thank you for clearing that up, I kind of realized this as the first time I started to play. One more question if you could, when the assassin declares a target, he can do it at the start of the turn phases? Like if we just shuffled our cards and got our character cards, if he laid down his assassin and said, "I chose to kill the King." Whoever has the king would just skip their turn? Or do you wait for it to be your turn as the assassin?
  7. If you were doing a two player game and you each had 2 characters a piece. Would one of your characters just never get to have a turn if the other player had an assassin constantly murdering him every turn? Likewise, would the witch consistently get the turn of the bewitched person?
  8. I would definitely recommend supplementing your investigator ranks. Increasing them to equate to 4 I mean by that. The reason behind that is 4 investigators simultaneously will always perform better even if the keeper gets 4 threat tokens per round. You are getting 4 potential explores at the cost of 3 more threat to the keeper. If you were to break it down, and the keeper was to deal with threats accordingly, he is still proportionately getting 1 threat a time to deal with each individual investigators. While the investigators have now gained 3 more explores per turn phase, and since you are working on a timed event basis, this is a large advantage. On top of that it keeps the game more lively, more interaction between the keeper and investigators.
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