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  1. Hello, I recently finished another excel project, which is an artifact creator for Anima. I posted it on cipher-studios, but decided to provide a link here too for those who don't travel there. For those without google account: http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/22326651/file.html With google account: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3vZFhO9KKngNGM4MEJWQ3NJSUE/edit?usp=sharing (google drive makes it much easier to update) For questions and error report I will only monitor this other thread though. You can find it here: http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php?topic=9120.0
  2. ?? Sorry that I have to point that out, but Shurikens are in the standard book allready, page 70 and 71. Damage 25, +20 Ini, 4 Str. req., Cut or Thrust .. ..Fort. 10, Break. 1, 20 Presence, Rate of Fire 30, Base Range 20m.
  3. The Essential Abilities of Monster Powers are still valid too, just not for Blood of the Great Beasts.
  4. Which brings another possible source of permanent Inhumanity and Zen: Monster Powers. Could be aquired through Elan again, but also through sufficient Gnosis or some permanent transformation spells (e.g. Chimera or Spiritual Existence).
  5. Thanks alot, good guy Raybras.
  6. Elric of Melniboné said: There's also the Elemental Bending system designed and posted by someone else on this very forum. I can't seem to find it right now, but I remember the system (although not perfect on my opinion) was very interesting and deserving attention. -.- o.o O.O I want to see this too! I played a forum rpg with psychic warriors+projection module as a substitute for elemental benders once. It was quite fun, and also quite accurate in terms of powerscaling.
  7. Good question. I would answer with yes, since no damage is a disadvantage and disadvantages allways apply to any effect, as far as I understood it. The limited additional attacks only miss out on any other advantage effect that you had chosen. I see that this is a gap though. This trick to take a additional limited attack to immitate kind of a special attack beneath your normal action, is old, but it seems that it suddenly doesn't work anymore with certain disadvantages. I would let it slide, but I fear that is not what would happen officially.
  8. You are in the wrong thread, but concerning the problem: Don't forget that the standard deviation increases alongside with 'just the average score'. The increased chance of open rolls makes the dices alot more chaotical with tendencies of more extreme results. If you are only looking for the average bonus, you will have a bad time with every effect that increases open rolls, because that value is never affected so much until very high levels (probably open roll from 70 to 100 or so [a +20 open roll bonus!]- and even then 'just around +15'). But hidden in this mediocre average bonus lies the probability of great luck and the chance to overcome much tougher opponents than you could reach with a simple +25 attack bonus. A bonus of average + 4 could mean 10% chance of +40 or 2% chance of skybreaking +200. Of course the distribution is much more complicated, but this is in essence what makes this skill worth its costs. But again, wrong thread. Better repost it in a new one.
  9. This is an amazing list. Most of them fill in alot of gaps or solve problems that existet with the creation system before. Aside from little individual fixes (I would never go with a +damage bonus per level for example), this is going straight to my standard rule library.
  10. I haven't seen anybody doing something like that, but always heard rumors and speculations about it being possible or not. I would like to brainstorm about it, though at the start I only have indications for difficulties to offer. So first a problem that may arise making something a 'generation through points' tool in general. It can be exploited. Whenever you offer a system that let's you spend points to choose and improve abilites, there will always be the PG-fraction that instantly has its calculators readied to find the optimal solution for their character. There is this urge to make the things efficient and well thought out- -I know it all to well. So for a concrete example, if you want to make the jump from 3 to 2 DP for the block ability cost 2 of the class-generation points, everyone would feel themselves pushed to just choose that for either dodge or block - whatever they want to go with later. But looking into the books tells you that most combat classes have both at cost 2 DP, so that you choose after you elected your class. This is even more of a problem for the cheapening of secondary skills. You can generalise this problem to the point where class generating players would do the hell choosing just fluff relevant skill or whatever boni, because that would always draw on their capability as fighters/mages dotdot. E.g.: Why would I have +10 style per level as an acrobatic warrior, if I could just get another +10 acrobatics, which leads to incredible uncounterable combat boni later with the right build? Same with leadership and persuation, or any cheapening of skill branches. So the original classes kind of serve as tool to force some more 'inefficient' but stylish and realistic-real-human fluff onto the players and the GM. Making it a paying system would draw that away or in return punish those who actually invest points into secondary abilities (/or any other kind of 'unfocused' build), because they will always stand back a bit against the full center hardliners. This is allready a huge problem to consider. Another one, in combination with the first, is the missconception that a open class generating system will inherently lead to new and interesting, but through the equality of the generations points, well balanced classes. As I said first, people tend to optimise their character build if there are no forces restraining or punishing them for doing so. So most classes will come out as (overstated examples) "Evokation-magic Ninja" with all points in summoning, zeon, hide/stealth and rest in battle, but no general magic, no banish, bind, or control. Another one: "KI Weaponsmaster" 10 MK per level too low? Class change to technician for 60 DP later? Meh! How about a combo class that allows class change for 40DP without cost, where you also get rid of the "Feats of Strength" per level bonus and the cheap lifepoints multiple (that nobody uses anyway) and get increased MK, maybe KI for 1 DP allready (as preperation for later) in return? Optimisation like that is breaking for sure. You will see players justifiying their classes with very strange artifical logic ("he has only trained how to make poisons his whole life, so he gets an +40 poisons per level bonus"). Convenient logic, but still not real at all. But this is honestly a problem of any point paying system that exists so far, so you can expect that there have been different approaches to counter this (very natural) behaviour. One for example is to make every further investment into an allready improved group of skills/or whatever even more expensive than the last time, so that the costs grow exponentially. You will never get the same amount of ware for the same price, which leads to some pondering if the focus of +10 here might be worth it, if you could get an overall spread +10 in five different skills for the same cost, and wouldn't that be more handy and efficient now? I think that is kind of intelligent, because it doesn't actually restrain the player/GM in anything. Strategy is stays open, but you have to sacrifice something if you still go powerstriving to the limit. It is more a kind of politics instead of a solid wall. Encouragement instead of prohibition. This only appears suitable for more longterm investment systems however, so it would be more a thing for the DP investment. Mini payment systems, where every option does only have 2 or 3 steps don't really work with it, but the principle is a good thing. Another example are the conditions of the world. If your campaign consists of die hard fights out of every tree shadow, of course players will optimise for fight. If you are only playing detective stories, players may even focus on their non-combat abilites only and crazily overhype them. There is a game named Shadowrun, where in the 4th edition the generating and skilling system is totally free, but still doesn't come out unbalanced. I think one of the main reasons for that is that their world really requires any kind of skill, and on the same time low skill levels aren't so heavily punished (while higher scores don't give you that much of an advantage on most/standard occasions). This setup lead to an overall very realistic character building for any player, where every skill was used and even tertiary knowledge skills would be sometimes purchased for fluff … aand because it may actually be useful. Totally class and limitless, yet balanced - I was impressed. So, if you can manage to construct the right mixture of pressure in your rpg world and have a system that let's everybody achieve at least something in everything they try, you can actually have that naturally without any kind of politics and barrier. Of course, for Anima, this would be not yours to decide. The last example is what Anima actually does with its clear spending limits in the DP growth. I don't think this is a particularly clever system, because I hate hard restrains for their absolute decision barrier and slightly predetermined development, but it is quite a valid solution too. Since you don't have anything to do with the 40 extra DP per level, you could as well invest them into something personality building aside (though Anima kind of messed up that there is no individual limit on every skill, so it may be more efficient to focus and have one 'superskill' instead of being an all around Mr. Useless). So at least some character building gets forced on you (a good thing here). I would recommend this solution for a small payment system like this, though I am not sure. You could determine that a prowler class could spend around 18 points (60%) for secondarys while a fighter class only gets 9 or 12 or whatever. There could be type related limits on single skills, MK or Magic, or everything could just get increasingly more expensive (like with the attribut point 10 which costs double with the payment method). What I am sure of is just, that there is some management and detouring needed if you want to prevent strangeness overload. Creators will still seek optimal solutions, but you could establish some valid balance between a 'concentrated' and a diversed build with the right politics, so ideally nobody is getting punished. Taking the pressure of am I?
  11. Nope, it means that he literally does 11 attacks, any with a +50 bonus and any in 10m radius against chosen opponents. Per round if maintainend Quite powerful, and that is why it is so expensive. Raybras used the term "complete" attack bonus/area attack instead of the "(multiple)" add that is in the books. I don't know why, but I have seen some people do that allready. This works because you add the bonus or use the area attack for any attack that you execute this round (that's what the description says). The only mentioned limits are attacks of other simultaneously running techniques if both are not 'combinable'. I know it kind of conflicts with the (not 'limited') additional attacks effect, that gives you copies of your best modified attack. You can run in situations now where for example there are two ways to get a "4 Attacks with +75"-technique. One with +3 attacks and simple +75 bonus, and one with +3 limited attacks and +75 multiple attack bonus. So you have to find the optimal solution balance since Dominus Exxet and calculate them both. But most of the time you will still use more of the first kind, because attack boni for multiple attacks are rather expensive. I really have to watch fate stay night now
  12. VoidCabbage said: I've been making characters for… a while. The actual process comes easy but I usually get sidetracked for hours when it comes time to choose a name and develop a backstory. Ever since I got Gaia the possibilities have increased exponentially. Same for me, though I have my idea development time span before I really start making the character (and I usually grow the idea outside of any possible gaming time). But that was not the point with the beginners I guess. I totally agree that the technical character builing can easily take up 2 hours and more, especially for new people (rules and system have to be explained in the same process), but also for experienced players if they plan to get some spirit into their creation (which happens when you are more the type who plays his character for many many hours and sessions probably). Also, in Anima it appears to be wise to plan the build ahead, which takes alot of time. Although I find this uncompfortable and a bit unnatural (who has his life efficiently planned out like this?), it is quite necessary here if you don't want to get stuck with a miss-skilled character lategame. It took me around 3 hours to calculate one my characters out up to level 16 where retirement was planned at the latest.
  13. Innate Magic is more like the ability of a magician to manipulate the natural magical energy of the world that surrounds him (and that is the reason why it never runs out). While drawing from the your internal stored energy is a secure thing, a highly skilled or powerful magician might just alter the way in which the magic flows in his surrounding, so that it immitates a spell (which is a very economic way to use energy). That is also why you can only use your innate magic ability once per round, because it literally represents your full proficiency of ähh, 'magic dynamics alteration weaving', yes. Its a question similar to how fast you could type. Also, if the surrounding energy levels are for some reasons is higher or lower than usually (ancient temple area, meteor crater, magic bann, void dimension etc.), your innate magic skill is influenced too (it gets easier or harder).
  14. No, not quite because the DEX+AGI Score only determines the number of possible actions per round, but you can still only do one attack action. You can then split this one attack action up into three attacks with a score of 200 if you like, but no more other attacks are allowed (except dual wield maybe). High DEX+AGI enables you to make run actions, scouting, acrobatics, or even thievery aside from the main battle spectacle.
  15. Lia Valenth said: There is a rumour that this was supposed to be the Final Fantasy RPG, but the licensing got removed. So it is not the Final Fantasy RPG any more, rather it was going to be or not. Wow, although it's a rumor, that would not only explain alot, but also give Anima a special kind nobility from my point of view. *FF-Fan* Ryoto said: Hello, im new here and at this game, and i have few questions about rules and settings. First one is about the settings of this game. Everywhere on the internet is wrote, that this game is inspired by Final Fantasy. But when i look on FF, i see there much more mecha, robots, machine towns, motor airships and much more. Look for example on Final Fantasy X-2 first opening video. Yes, there is a concert, Yuna has microphone and there is so many scifi elements. I think that scene is not possible in the Gaia world, or am i wrong? (I havent read yet this book) Well, I think it is hard to say what is the standard setting for Final Fantasy, so you could compare it with that of Anima. Final Fantasy served all kinds of settings over the time - often multiple in one game (as Anima does by the way with the high technological forces in the shadows, and the split up worlds). I think the core flavour of Final Fantasy doesn't come with the setting - or better: the time. Because no matter what time you play in, you could allways easily figure out if your game is Final Fantasy or not - partly because the art style and overall atmosphere lives seperatly to just the technological timeframe. But on the other hand also because the system of powers, magic, beasts, and the kind of storytelling stay the same. And these are things that are definitly highly comparable in both versions. They gave you all the possibilities to have those seen powers in alot of detail. (they even seperated beast summoning through magic from KI Invocation for fighters == purely FF inspired, because they came up with summoner fighters, although it got copied a bit over time in some other JRPGs). This is why I also present Anima as RPG Final Fantasy (/ + generell Anime) to others. It is not a question of a special setting (which by the way will also allways be adapted a bit depending on the groups taste you play in), but of the underlying system and the art flavour that presents it. Ryoto said: And second one is about characteristic checks. In rule book on page 6 is example of situation, when Celia has STR 5 and her opponent Serenade, has STR 11. It means, that difference here is greater than 4 (by 2 points). Next is there wrote, that Serenade will doubles those two additional points, when making the check, like that 2 (difference) x 2 (doubles) is 4. And 4 + her STR 11 is 15. But in example is wrote, that she has STR 13. Is this typing error, or there is something i dont get? You only double the points above those limit of '4 more' and add them to those limit. In this case you therefore only double the points that come after strength 9 (5+4). You have 2 points more than that to eleven, so you double those 2 points up to 4 and add them to the 9, which is 13. The error you made is that you assigned a bonus with the value of double the difference additionally to the allready present difference of 2. But the rules only say that you double those difference, so you only add it once more (+2 in this case). ------OT---- .oO( I find the smiley variety here pretty unsatisfying. I don't allways find the expression I need, which wouldn't be so much of a problem if I could just import smileys from elsewhere. But it seems that you cannot import any kind of picture, only link it. )
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