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  1. Good points. I guess I was most taken aback when I saw that the Oathsworn Cavalry had no way to disengage (unless I'm missing something). I guess it makes sense thematically though that they are "Oathsworn" to stay in there until the end, not sure if they were going for that though.
  2. Do you think disengaging with the Leonx riders would be a valid play? If I have one complaint about the game so far it's that once a unit gets into melee it seems like it's in it till one side dies.
  3. All that being said the new Terrinoth RPG does gives me some hope because it looks like they are trying to build up the IP which can only help Runewars down the line.
  4. Yeah, I gotta say I'm not very pleased to see this. I mean as long as the game doesn't die out entirely I'm ok because the local scene was never going to be very big to begin with. Man, it does seem like FFG finds a way to burn me everytime I buy in to one of their systems. Warhammer Diskwars, Warhammer Quest adventure card game, now this.
  5. My group just won this tonight with three players. We were the Warrior Priest, Bright Wizard, and Ironbreaker (played by me.) We agreed going into it that we were going to win in the first two rounds or not at all, so we totally abandoned the idea of exploring. I started off by aiding the Wizard (who had the Keys of Secret) but then after that it was attack, attack, attack; the Wizard also had the Ruby of Taal to keep the attacks going. It was close! It came down to the last attack action before the end of the second round but we pulled it off. The downside of this strategy is that we left a Legendary Fortune card on the table due to none of us exploring in what was a very short game. Only one was acquired in the settlement phase.
  6. What you could do is pair the Thunderers with one of your harder hitting units and charge the two of them at one forward-positioned enemy unit that lacks the counter strength to kill either of your units. That way, you will have killed an enemy but more importantly, you will have closed the distance to the enemy's main force with your Thunderers and you can fire away next turn. Napoleonic tactics . This works pretty well with Flamers, have to see how Thunderers look though.
  7. Ignoring them could be a good option in some scenarios, but remember that although the Spearmen have a meager Strength of 3, peeling them off of any disk they are pinning could be difficult. Any disks that you throw on top of them to create a scrum will have to face their Swift Counter of 4, and their toughness of 5 gives them good survivability. This means that Spearmen could potentially be used to pin one of your more valuable disks and incapacitate them, even if they don't have the strength to eliminate them.
  8. You're absolutely right about Crossbowmen, they are very tricky to play with. Flamers are strong enough that you can Empower them, pin an enemy disk, and then come out firing the next turn in the high likelihood that they survived the melee. I imagine that the Dwarf Thunderers will be as tough or tougher than the Flamers so you can probably use a similar tactic with them.
  9. I think Heinrich Kemmler just became my new favorite disk!
  10. The idea I'm having with the dwarfs is to deploy the Ancestral statue out in front of the deployment zone, and then advancing some Warriors, Queen Helga, and a Flame Cannon directly around it as a first layer of defense. I'd leave leave the second hero, a runic cannon, a master engineer, and whatever else behind in the deployment zone as the second layer of defense. Preferably, I'd put some dangerous terrain on the flanks of the position to bottleneck the enemy towards those two strong points. I'm honestly kind of worried that the dwarfs are gonna be a overpowered. I'm hoping that dwarf gunlines don't just blow everything to smihthereens. Dwarfs don't like quite as shooty as elves, although I think they'll have a Thunderer (riflemen) unit that hasn't been revealed yet.
  11. I'm thinking the fact that Battles of Westeros was not even mentioned in the announcement for Days of Ice and Fire 2014 cannot be a good sign.
  12. I couldn't be happier about this game's existence. I decided not too long ago that I couldn't keep up with the costs of Warhammer Fantasy and this has filled the wargaming void in my life. I just hope that the game does well enough to justify lots and lots of expansions.
  13. I'd go High Elves. I'm really liking the Alarielle + Sun Dragon combination. I may as well rename her "Daenerys the Radiant" By the way, is there any kind of "Store Finder" feature that lets you know about stores in your area that have organized play?
  14. I think you have a lot of great ideas here! I was wondering the other day if the lack of dice in the melee phase would kind of limit unit diversity, but your Tomb Guard rule seems like a cool way to add some flavor to it. I also like your "Plentiful" rule, and I imagine we will be some variation of it as the game is expanded. I like your "Protected" rule but I think I'd make it short range. Medium range actually covers a lot of battlefield and it would be hard to picture a unit at full medium range sprinting over to take an arrow for the Priest. Again, I think we'll be seeing something like this as the game game grows. My personal favorite is your "Underneath" rule, and I especially like the chance that it can kill the targeted unit outright. The image of a giant scorpion bursting from the earth to pull some hapless unit to their doom is just too cool I hope FFG takes note of your rules and considers making a Tomb Kings army in the future. But, as I'm sure you already know, Tomb Kings are pretty low on the totem pole in terms of popularity. You have just as much chance as getting your Tomb Kings as I of getting my Beastmen I'm afraid.
  15. Well, I've been doing that totally wrong. Thanks for the clarification.
  16. Hypothetically, if each of the Orc Units had a Counter Strength of 5 damage, would Karl Franz be killed in this engagement?
  17. This is unclear to me. On page 21 of the rulebook, under "Wounds", it reads: "when a disk with stamina is dealt damage, no more than 1 wound marker is placed on it regardless of how much damage was dealt." Now, to me, this means that no one individual attack can cause more than one wound. For example, if a River Troll were to use its Strength 10 ranged attack on a Toughness 5 disk, the disk would receive one wound and the remaining 5 damage would be ignored. But, again, this is on an "attack by attack" basis, so in example 1 above, the disk would receive 2 Wounds and be killed. Individually, each of the Orc disks does enough damage to wound the target, so the target dies. In example 2, the disk would end up with ONE wound, because the disk with the attack strength of 4 doesn't do enough damage to wound. This is how I interpret the rule. Anyone else wanna weigh in here?
  18. From what I've seen, the unique flavor of each of the 4 races is achieved in the form of Race-specific command cards. We've seen "Fist of Mork" (which can do damage to friendly Orc units) and "Waaagh!" in the previews. We'll have to wait and see if there will be a card that touches on the "animosity" theme of Warhammer Orcs, perhaps a "high risk high reward" kind of card. I sure hope there will be something like this.
  19. There is a pretty good list of the discs that have been revealed so far over at boardgamegeek.com Here it is: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1083253/unit-info-from-the-previews
  20. So if I'm understanding you correctly, Ken, that means that archer units with a range of 1-4 or 1-3 can shoot units adjacent to them, but cannot participate in any attacks where an engagement token is involved?
  21. Thanks for the reply, vyrago. I was hoping we were doing this correctly. My friend was quite perturbed by the fact that the Longbowmen cannot attack enemies adjacent to them, but it only makes sense that they have some sort of disadvantage considering how much more powerful they are than regular archers. Cheers!
  22. Hello Everyone, A couple of questions have arose during my friends' skirmish battle. The Brotherhood without Banners were in play in this scenario. 1. The Lightning Lord's Longbowmen have an attack range of 2-5. Does this mean that they cannot attack in melee even if engaged by an enemy melee unit? 2. If they in fact cannot attack in melee even when engaged, we decided it would be prudent for them to withdraw from enemy attackers whenever they have the oppurtunity. The question is, how is withdrawing handled for Brotherhood units? Since they cannot go inactive, we've decided that a Brotherhood token must be discarded if a unit withdraws. Is this correct? Thanks for taking the time to read my questions!
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