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  1. I've played only the first scenario. I've played with 2 and 4 players. 9 games played so far. I own everything, including alt art and playmats for LOTR LCG and Netrunner. Netrunner lives on as my favorite two player competitive card game. AHtCG is, and I don't think I'm basking in the glow, going to completely destroy LOTR for me. It is what I wanted the Pathfinder card game to be. It is what I've wanted many co-op games to be. Even with me knowing the narrative I will still enjoy it for many plays. The chaos bag is better than I expected. I'm enamored. Seeing abate and Matthew talking about their decisions in designing the game was revealing and I could see everything they talked about in the game itself. As a long time fan of everything AH related from FFG, I'm giving this 8 tentacles up. Edit: iOS corrections And I will add that the narrative is everything you want out a card game. We cheered, we cried, our group of four were so immersed that leaving the table was traumatic.
  2. Wife and I will be attending for the first time as well. Looking forward to seeing you all. Should be a lovely time. Will be happy to game outside of the event as well.
  3. You are asking for a fundamental UI concept: forgiveness in an app. I know you don't want guesses, so I won't guess. I will however HOPE that FFG had a solid UI designer that understood forgiveness in UI design working for them. Edit: it doesn't look like there is an undo action. You are asked to confirm anything so hopefully you confirm correctly even though some of the answers use Descent terminology (something I would assume a user was familiar with tbh).
  4. It would be easy enough for you do this, even with a simple text document. Think about what the app is doing (place these here until event happens). It's pretty basic and can be done with a well written script in text. Sure, players would have to keep track of gold, morale and so on and it wouldn't 'tie in' to the app but I think given all the glitz that comes with these games these days we have forgotten how effective a good body of text can be. I'm with you in wanting something a l little bit more out of this app but hell, I lack the time to outdo it.
  5. I'm pretty pleased with the balance so far. A bit concerned about the rules and how they adapt to the heroes but otherwise, well, I love rolling real dice. I've always had an aversion to computer assisted randomness (if you can even call it that). I would like more info on the card data but I'll live with the fact that I have to have the cards in front of me. I like cards too so that isn't a huge impact. All in all my opinion is a bit different than yours and that is all it amounts to. We are doing two 4-player tables this Monday with the app and I'll see what others think. I don't like that there are ONLY set campaigns. I would have hoped to get more out of it (even paid) with a random generator (with all that it entails, good and bad). Still, I'm pleased for what it's worth.
  6. The tutorial restricts your available actions indeed. Once clear of it all will be available.
  7. LOTR LCG - Mandatory, anything released I get it. Netrunner - Same deal although I lack a playing parter of my skill level (which is near 0 but I love experimenting) Doomtown Reloaded - Also lack a playing partner but I'm enamored at the mechanics of this game as elusive as they are I'd like to be following Call of Cthulhu but I already have enough games that I don't have a group for. Being on the road makes it so hard. Within the next month I hope to settle and catch up on some of these things.
  8. I think they've done a great job with Ents so far. I think they should fill out the lore with more unique ents. Do people find that other players gravitate toward OP decks? My group is pretty small and I don't think any of us would habitually play an exploitative deck. We'd try it out, just to see what it's like (I've built exactly ONE outlands deck, myself) but repeated playing a deck that stomps most quests is boring. I remember getting super-tired of playing Eagles about a yearish ago. I say more Ents. Give me the option to play with them. It's not like anyone is forcing me to build a deck with them.
  9. Box art costs money to design, yes, and that means someone is getting paid. I'm not too worried in this case but I'd personally rather see someone get paid (and I'd pay a little extra) to make something cool than have some middle manager step in and save the company money by removing someone from some job that they feel passionate about.
  10. Best reply yet. Ignacy is why I'm getting this game. I have everything he has designed and am incredibly happy with the games.
  11. We played it so that we read and resolved the legend card as soon as the marker enters the space on the Legend track. It seems to work well that way, so far (we are at Legend 2)
  12. You do know that the dwarf only gets this discount at the mines, right? Also, I found as the Wizard, being able to change any one to a six in a team battle to be an awesome power, particularly if someone had the witches brew (you'll see those in Legend 2). The archer being able to target adjacent enemies gives the archer an extra hour to work with (doesn't have to move to the region with the enemy). This is also a big advantage. Strength isn't everything in this game, that is something I love about it.
  13. CJMatos said: Happycatmachine said: Sorry to Necro this but have another very related question. Bilbo is exhausted because he removed a Sack, Troll carrying the key is killed. Where does the key go? I assume it goes to another troll but what if no other trolls? IMO, the key it's discarded and, therefore, you have to resolve its "When Revealed" effect as instructed in the card text. So you attach it to another Troll enemy in play. If there are no Troll enemys in play, I think it goes to the discard pile because you are not able to do its "When Revealed" effect and therfore the card is discarded. So the good strategy to get the key is try to not kill the troll to which it is attached while Bilbo Baggins is exhausted… Confirmation of this received from Caleb as well. Will put it into the unofficial FAQ.
  14. Sorry to Necro this but have another very related question. Bilbo is exhausted because he removed a Sack, Troll carrying the key is killed. Where does the key go? I assume it goes to another troll but what if no other trolls?
  15. Bloody Sun Boy said: Does anyone know if the Alien Sheet sleeves are still being sold? I've been checking tbg_shop on eBay off and on for a couple months and have never seen them listed. Are there any other channels for purchase of these? Yes he is still selling them. Send him an email and he will relist them quickly.
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