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  1. In the announcement for the Icarus Warefare book they talk about Übertoten superzombies… Noticed that?
  2. That is interesting. Do you have a link?
  3. I still hope we will see some new platoons in the next expansions. After seeing Tina, Wilhelm and the French Foreign Legion Kill Team at Gencon i think those could well be themed around the North African war theater. Neues Deutsches Afrika Korps, Free French, British 8th Army… and looking at the Dust world map perhaps even SSU troops pushing into Southern Egypt. I still do not know what to make of the Autoblinda Laser vehicle Wilhelm is sitting in. Is it a kitbash? Dust Models has never done something like that before as far as i know. Please correct me if i am wrong. But some light dustified vehicles would get me exited. And btw:
  4. Look what appeared on Dust-Models today: http://dust-models.com/products_d.php?nid=18&id=324 Now, are we getting a NDAK Army? Light german panzers with lasers? That would be exiting!
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