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  1. Yeah I lost mine but I found this web site that has all the information you need about the campaign http://lotr-lcg-quest-companion.com/arkhamhorror.html
  2. Thanks as another example the card mass hysteria says you must either take 2 damage or do something with other cards in play but if they are not in play then you have to choose the take 2 damage.
  3. Ok sorry I see that now thank you for staying with me. I thought I looked over everything but some how missed that. Cheers
  4. That doesn't really answer the question on how to get this card. I don't want to go on to much in case there is a chance for a spoiler. I was thinking you can just add it to your deck when you first create it.
  5. Just got the POD scenario Curse of the Rougarou and it has a player card called Monstrous Transformation. I tryed to look trough the cards to see how to acquire this card but couldn't find out how. Any one out there playing this card. It seems like a really good card. http://arkhamdb.com/find?q=transformation&sort=cost&view=list&decks=all
  6. try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-XvqSr12y0
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-XvqSr12y0 This guy does a good play demo He's using a tabletop simulator so I wonder if he even payed for the game, but its still a good video
  8. When is that first expansion coming out?
  9. Ok I see in my case you need to remove two willpower. Cirdan has 4 but there is no change so you would have to remove him totally from the quest and that would satisfy the requirements and any others could still quest. Of couse you would first remove another that had 2 will power but I see. Wow I didn't get that at all. Thanks so much for the reply.
  10. So how does Aimless Wandering work? In my case x=2 so does that mean I remove only the characters that have 2 or less will power but like Cirdan that has a will power of 4 can still quest?
  11. @took no I know you wasn't refering to easy mode I just wanted to pick your brain on how you beat it. Glad to know it wasn't some cosmic combo. Thanks for sharing I finally beat the first one can't believe I misread that last scenario card. But boy I do like that scenario. I'm sure the Cannot have attachments are coming in the future AP's
  12. Yeah enemy ships can be attacks by any character. But enemy ships can only attack other ships. I play solo and you get to choose two ships (out of four) to use in the senario. @took hay thanks for the info big help!
  13. @took no wait I thought you had to take it out. I'm away from my cards now but your saying you can just quest for ten and you get away?
  14. I think the quest is good. Love the ship idea and think they pulled it off rather well. Unfortunately I Can't seem to beat this one. I do alright until I engage that last ship with 44 threat. What gets me is the boarding 3. To much to guard against and the captain stops you from hurting the ships. Any tips how to handle that last part. I feel rushed because I don't want anymore ships to spawn. Could you please post your list. I had a lot of luck with the posted list on the last news post.
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