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  1. Hey they used my quote on the expert trackers card. I guess they do read the forums! Very excited about this, the rangers of the north are my favorite archtype. Looks really interesting what they are do with them. I wonder if there will be other ways besides the leadership event to get the RotN card in the encounter deck.
  2. So, how does it play, fun, easy, hard, interesting etc?
  3. To me i play this game for fun, i don't care about tournament play and banning cards. Combining heroes and building decks are a big part of what interests me and whether i win or lose scenario is not really big deal. A blessing and a curse with this game is that you can't select any 3 heroes and build a deck around them. It's a blessing because it leads to some creative and strategic deck building choices. It's a curse because it really limits which heroes can be played together. Glorfindel became a crutch in many of my deck because i allowed me to take 2 other hight threat heroes and play them together. Sure he has good stats, but i would probably even if he was a 1/1/1/3 hero for 5 threat it would lend a similar versatility to deck building that glorfindel provides. That seems to be the case with the amount of decks with merry and pippin at least. Any hero with 7 or lower threat is going to be considered when playing with 2 other high threat heroes. Glorfindel floats to the top so often because we have so few options keep a reasonably low starting threat when using high threat heroes, of course his stats make him the obvious choice to fill this much needed role. Okay, i sound like a broken record at this point. Whatever, we'll see what the developers have down the line.
  4. Yes, Beregond/ gondorian shield is extremely powerful if not broken. Thing is he does not fit in every solo deck, and other then defending he does not do much else, but he basically neutralizes a very challenging part of the game. However, i never hear of players banning him, talk is usually how he can defend for each player.
  5. The fact that you want more good heroes with low costs (even if they can't work together) would compound the problem I feel - yes you would make it so not everyone runs spirit Glorfindel, but only because they want to pick other super tier heroes. Really my main issue is that you can't combine 3 good heroes without threat toping 30. A deck with 2 nobodies in the lotr universe Idraen and Beravor along with Aragorn, and I have a starting threat 33! Also, if I want to make a deck that includes some of the most iconic heroes in the game Gandalf, Elrond, and Aragorn. I'll be at threat 37! So even though I'm using some of the most powerful heroes in middle- earth i'd be at such a disadvantage losing the game is inevitable. They probably can't even beat a hill troll. Also many theme deck based on trait struggle because of the hight threat heroes, can't be combined well. Rohan, Gondor, Dunedain etc. Trying to mix and match heroes that have a chance to survive, always brings the deck around 30 or more. Theodin, eomer, eowyn at threat 31. It's no wonder there are no really good rohan themed decks. Most decks use Merry at 6 threat, or resort to using Glorfindel, or just play medicore high threat decks with frustrating results. Even a 1 pt threat reduction from the norm makes a big difference. Bifur often goes under the radar. His stats add up to 8, but he is 7 threat. When looking at lore heroes he floats to the top when building decks, because of that 7 threat combined with an ability that bends the rules of deck building significantly. So, in many ways in the right type of deck he is also super powerful. With an ability like that you think they would have put him at 9 threat, 1 more than his stat value like Bilbo and Grima, but they went the other direction and made a great versatile "glue" hero for many deck. At 9 threat he would mostly be a dust collector. So, really all i'm calling for are more heroes like Bifur. Since heroes like that are enough to give the players a slight advantage in threat, while providing deck building options with many of the high threat heroes that are difficult to play together.
  6. This was just asked by another Newbie http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/112305-hilltroll/
  7. Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy the new player cards, too. I just like things to get shaken up every once in awhile.
  8. I find this not to be the case. In many decks he is there to just support and make a deck strategy that does not revolve around him possible that otherwise would be hard to manage with any other combination of heroes, because of the high starting threat if he was not in the mix. So, often depending on the deck he will only bring 6 core cards with him LoV and Elrond's Counsel. Personally I don't use Asfalof as much as I once did and don't really miss it all that much when it's not in the deck. Now that card is OP, or was on the earlier scenarios.The rest of the cards in the deck are selected around the decks strategy and the other 2 heroes in the deck. Sometimes, i'll have a deck where at some point it really does not matter if Glorfindel is questing or attacking anymore. It really just came down to his low starting threat, although his presence in the early game equipped with LoV is what makes him so advantageous, but it some decks that advantage may not even be necessary. It's really all situational, on what the deck is trying to accomplish. Basically, what i'm saying is he provides more deck building possibilities then without him, and personally I would not mind a few more heroes that allow for this. Really Gandalf hero is nice and all, but how many other heroes can you really build a deck with him. 14 threat really limits the possibilities.
  9. He is more overpowered for solo then multiplayer. When I was playing 2-4 player games he seemed to blend in like most heroes, and did not see that he had a dramatic effect on the game. I think it's hard to say he is more OP then Dain, it just depends on the number of players. However, dane solo or multiplayer is crazy overpowered for most scenarios. The great thing about this game is people can restrict any cards they want. Personally i don't care any more, since sometimes i'll create decks that restrict cards and other decks that use every power card available. I like that flexibility, since i'm able to increase or decrease difficulty of a scenario based on the deck. Banning cards for this non-competitive solo player seems silly since i'd be missing out on a range of deck building possibilities, and by no means do I find the game so easy that I need to do so especially with Nightmare mode available. I'm fully supportive of weeding out infinite loop type combos that destroy the challenge of the game, but I don't feel like every time I play Glorfindel I'm guaranteed to win. Interstingly when there was a hero poll some time ago about peoples favorite/best hero card . I think it came down to Legolas, Sam, Glorfindel, and Elrond in the final four. So, i really wonder how many people are on the ban Glorfindel band-wagon. Would love to see an actual poll on this.
  10. Everything i say relates to solo play, and sure there are a lot of great decks that can be made without using him, but there are also many more great decks that can be made because of him. Without him I think the deck building potential would be even more limited, because it would be very difficult to make decent decks using 3 high threat heroes. At least 1 hero needs to be 8 threat or lower, especially if your running high threat heroes. So, without him some combination of heroes would not be possible. You want to play Elrond and Celeborn together, your starting at 24 threat. At this point even a 6 threat hobbit puts you at 30 threat. Through Galadriel in the mix and now your at 33 threat. Glorfindel gets you at 29, which is still not great, so in some way the game forces players into these hero combinations. It's unfortunate that it does, because it is counter productive to the player who would like to create a deck using Elrond, Celeborn, and Galadriel, because they will then likely get stomped by a hill troll first turn of Anduin. Although, recent scenarios are allowing for players to start with a higher threat and still be successful, but i still like to keep my decks starting below 30 and only rarely above. Anyway, i see no problem in introducing heroes that allow for a greater range of deck building like Glorfindel allowed, as long is it is done in a way that prevents combining these superheroes together like i mentioned before in the previous post.
  11. I think your absolutely right, i use him a lot in my solo decks, because he brings so much to the table. 5 threat, 3 will, 3 attack, 1 def, 5 HP. LoV for questing and then Attacking. Spirit sphere has a ton of important cancelation and threat reducing cards, including a 0 cost 3 threat reduction that pairs with him. He's also got asfalof, to place 2 progress, and can use Rivindell blades. That's just a few things that make him so awesome. He can fit into just about any deck type and make it better. I use him a lot, and I will continue to do so, because he is often the best solution for many decks. I sure as heck would love more options that could rival him, but the main problem I think the designers face when introducing heroes with very good stats and low threat is that they can be paired together. Imagine if you could have 3 comparable heroes and start at 15 threat. My thought is the designers need to get creative in finding ways to create a few more low threat heroes like this, but come up with ways to restrict paring them all together. Mirlonde is a perfect example. When Idraen first came out I balked at her high threat. I suggested that her card would have been even more playable if she had an additional ability along the lines of: if you control any heroes with 9 or less threat she is 11 threat, otherwise her threat is 5 or something like this. It could make sense thematically too. With high threat heroes she can make them more elusive, and with low threat heroes she needs to be more threatening to protect them. So , in this case you could pair her with Aragorn and Beravor and start at 27 threat, but if you paired her with two 6 threat hobbits threat would be 23, and put the kabosh on paring her with Glorfindel. This would give her a lot more deck building options, since for now I can't build a deck with her without spirit Glorfindel in it, and I tried the dunedain build, but 33 threat is a bit much. Another way to do this is to scale threat by trait, and like we saw with Mirlonde sphere. By trait would be cool, like if you control all ranger heroes, said hero's threat is 6 or whatever. Or, said heroes threat is 12 if you control a noldor hero, and 4 if you don't. Maybe mimicking some hero that has bad relationship with Noldor. Anyway, the game is in need of some heroes that shake up the regular stat distribution that we see, since many are leaning toward the high end of the threat value, which is making it difficult not to include Glorfindel when building with these new heroes at least for solo. I mean Gandalf threat 14, for me that pretty much screams here's Glorfindel to the rescue. On another note, new Haldir hero with 9 threat is very satisfying.
  12. I hear where your coming from, but you and your buddies are missing out, the first 2 Ring-maker scenarios are really, really good.
  13. This is the deck I used with some strategy tips in the post. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110081-deck-the-3-es/
  14. Just noticed a card called Expert Trackers on the Angmar box. Can't wait to see what it does. Looking forward to making tracker1's tracker themed deck, Ithilien tracker, silvan tracker, northern tracker and ranger stuff etc.. Love it! Aragorn tactics - 1 def for engaged enemies can make a big difference early in the game. So may enemies early in the game are just 1 pt away from being destroyed. Response for solo play could still be good to pull a high engagement cost enemy out of staging area.
  15. Well you say your deck is not so strong for solo, my similar deck with Glorfindel is good for solo with a similar deck list.
  16. I ran similar deck with those heroes and spirit Glorfindel for solo. It was solid and did very well even in NM play. Very cool deck. Ithillien Lookout is really good. I like playing secrecy with these cards, because it is very exciting to see what cards show up in opening hand. When most cards are secrecy there is usually something good to pick from that can be played right away.
  17. Right, should have gone back and read the card. Thanks.
  18. Question about Gandalf staff and the Lonely mountain scenario hobbit #5. Smaug makes additional attack if he is dealt a shadow card with a burgle effect. Smaug is also immune player card effects. So, can Gandalf Staff be used to remove the shadow card, or does Smaug's immunity prevent this? Smaug is not being targeted by the staff, it is the shadow card, so I'm not certain. If the shadow card could be removed it would make the scenario way easier.
  19. Here is the decklist used in the video. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/93807-dunhere-is-back/?hl=dunhere
  20. Are we sure haldir ability allows an attack to staging area? I interpreted that it did, and it seemed clear to me, altough at BGG site there is some debate that it may just mean that Haldir can attack a enemy engaged with another player or a previosly engaged enemy with you.
  21. This is a deck I used for VoI that had a Gondor Rohan theme, so you don't have to give up on theme entirely to beat these scenarios. The deck has not been updated since VoI. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/100294-gondor-rohan-solo-deck-for-voi/ I'd recommend doing some searches in the deck building strategy forum to get ideas about different decks and strategies players are using. You should find a good deal of content for HoN. Also check out the blogs Hall of Beorn, Tales from the Cards etc. They'll also have some strategy tips for particular scenarios or deck list.
  22. I think 2 Dagger of Weternesse over rivendell blade is the way to go for Haldir. As long as enemy engagement cost is higher than your threat you can turn Haldir into a Dunhere with 7 attack. Great yew Bow is a good thought, but it is restricted so at most he could have only one dagger or blade with the bow. It's hard to know if the extra attack to the staging area will be more important or the extra attack power, at this point I think I would go with the 2 daggers instead of the bow, but I'll probably try out both. I'll also probably stick with spirit Glorfindel for the threat reduction.
  23. What other heroes does this Haldir secrecy deck use? is it mono-lore to use Advance Warning, or does it use Spirit or Tactics? I think he's great for mono-lore Rangers but I don't see him in secrecy to be honest. If you have not given up on using Spirit Glorfindel, he is an obvious choice, paired with Merry your at 20 threat. So, there you have it. Elrond's Counsel and Galadhrim's Greeting and your good to go. Although if you read my post before this, I think this type of deck might struggle a bit more than the Dunhere model, although having access to lore opens up some different possibilities which might make up for it.
  24. Haldir's combat action is once per round, so if he does not have enough attack strength to finish off an enemy in the staging area and more enemies are revealed in subsequent rounds, eventually the staging area will fill and engaging enemies will become necessary, at that point Haldir will also loose his ability since it relies on not engaging an enemy to work. He will need to be able to generate enough attack strength to finish off enemies first attack to make it a reliable strategy for a non engagement deck. I'm talking strictly solo here. Dunhere on the other hand can use any readying effects and continue to hammer away at enemies in the stating area while wielding 2 spears for 7 attack. So, A deck built around Haldir and non engagement is going to have to rely a lot more on the non- engagement cards like Ranger Spikes, and some of the other events that keep enemies in the staging area longer. It will give Haldir a bit more time to chip away at them. Direct damage to enemies in the staging area is also going to help him out a lot too, Ranger Bow, expecting mischief etc.
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