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  1. NM 7th level one of my favorite quests now, the original was always one of my favorites too. I always test my new decks on this one now. I have similar deck with same 3 heroes although I never try Frodo though. I like to have 2 Copies of Faramir in the deck, he is perfect late game when there are a lot of allies in play. He is exactly what you needed on game 3 Using a chump blocking strategy for this quest is very difficult that shadow card is a game ender like in your first 2 games. Were you running hasty stroke? I also like Westfold outrider for this scenario to pull goblin archer out of staging area. I opted for him over windlord. His consistent 2 attack is pretty useful too I also liked Rohan Warhorse in the deck for swarms of enemies like in 7th level, personally i think it's a better choice then BoG. I would also have the horse breeder to fetch those mounts earlier, and her 1 Wp can help with questing. The scenario is not too difficult with the right deck, but the deck your using make the scenario much harder. My similar deck struggled on it too.
  2. I do six piles with 49 cards, then mash them together a bunch, cut the deck and put Light of Valinor on top!
  3. I did not find Get that Dwarf to be a game ender. Any ally or hero that the player controlling Nalir can defended it, so it might destroy the defender, but as long as someone is ready it should not be an issue. If the attack was undefended damage would be assigned to Nalir, but he is not responsible for having to defend the attack. Unless I'm miss interpreting something here.
  4. Cool, i enjoy seeing the refinement even though I don't play 2 handed. If I ever do or play with another player. I'll probably start with these 2 decks since I like the hero selection and style of play. Have you ever had a friend play the other deck? Just wondering if you ever noticed any difference in how the decks play 2 handed when you call all the shots for both decks, compared to when someone else makes the calls for one of the decks.
  5. It's possible. Idraen would probably have to turn into the main defender. Arwen would have to get out soon, and Blood of numenor would help her later. But here are the main problems I see without having another dedicated defender. This is not the problem. The nice thing about her working with Glory is that they can both quest and l if there is location leaving play she and will ready, and Glory usually will have LoV. Then they can attack for 6. It's nice to get a readying effect on Idraen incase a location does not leave play. Now, without a 3rd hero as defender. You can't rely on Idraen readying after questing to defend so at least 1 UC is going to be needed to make sure she can defend. This would normally be the only insurance she would need to attack and quest every round, but now she will need an additional UC or other readying card to insure she will then attack. If you get stuck engaged with 2 enemies it will be tough to get out of, since glory has no way to boost his attack above 3, so he is relying on idraen or other allies to finish of most enemies. In the early game LoV will be even more critical since it may not be wise to quest with Idraen in case she has to defend a low threat enemy. If she does not quest and glory does not have LoV yet he will need to exhaust to quest, and if you get engaged your probably done for. Since, she will be defending, and if he can not attack, it's only going to get worse next round. Also, idraen can be turned into a solid defender, but it will take a bit of time. Blood of Numenor will help, but it takes resources to function, which will put more strain on Glory to pay for most things, so a few Resourceful on him will be necessary early. So, you could probably make it through some of the easier quests, but I foresee a bumpy ride with a deck feeling like it's missing a wheel, and in my mind that missing wheel is a strong tactics defender. But give it a try I'd like to hear how it goes. I'm just speculating here. They might work better then I think in actual game play On another note Glorfindel And Haldir have some real potential for 2 hero secrecy, but song of battle and weapon attachments are critical early on.
  6. My thoughts on here changed dramatically. At first I did not like her, but then i figured out how to play her in deck without allies, which is something i always wanted to do. So, i enjoyed that very much, although I do feel she is kind of stuck to Glorfindel and have had a hard time putting her into decks without him. Here is the thread when she was first released, cool to read about peoples reactions and it also follows the evolution of my thoughts on her. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/111488-and-our-next-hero-is/page-5 There is also a a lot of discussion at Tales from the Cards on her if your interested.
  7. This is the deck I used. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/111863-my-three-trials-solo-deck-idraen-glorfindel-beregond/ There are 2 versions of it one with allies and the 2nd without. I found Beregond to be essential for the scenario if your not going to try and use chump blockers to win You can only hope he gets Gondorian Shield opening hand or that you don't get the 5 attack Guardian. Ways to ready him are also essential. In the last stage I'll just take 1 Guardian at a time before traveling to the last location. Overall this is an awesome scenario, and I always felt like I was right on the edge of losing right up to the very last encounter card drawn.
  8. I try another deck with Haldir, and I can pretty much complete he whole quest without an enemy engaging. Having the main mechanic be about lowering your threat through questing at stage 1 along while just about every difficult enemy in the encounter deck being above 30 engagement, makes the scenario quite simple for a deck that focuses on attacking the staging area. By the time stage 2 is reached it only takes a round or 2 to win. Overall, the scenario design is an interesting Idea, but the path to victory is so straight forward and predictable that I don't see getting much replay value out of it. That being said, i certainly do not mind this scenario every once in awhile. I have not tried to use secrecy cards and deck on this yet. It probably could work well since the scenario makes it so easy to achieve secrecy. Although, i'm shying away from it because it's kind of a false secrecy set up by the scenario, if i took the same deck and played it against another scenario with high expectations since it did well on the current scenario, i'd probably be in for a rude awakening. Personally I'd like secrecy to be a viable option on many scenarios, and not have to be given customized quests that allow me to play that type of deck.
  9. Okay, to sum it up, a player controlling both Haldir and Dunhere can attack the same enemy in the staging area at different times during the combat phase.
  10. Interesting, I don't play 2 player, but I always thought player 1 could exhaust a ranged character and play quickstrike on an enemey engaged with player 2 and then ready that character and then declare a ranged attack on the same enemy during player 1 combat phase, and ready again to participate in an attack declared by player 2 on the same enemy Sorry if I am completely bashing these rules, it's been a long time since playing 2 player
  11. I'm not suggesting combining them. Let's say Haldir attacks the enemy in the staging area at the beginning of the combat phase, and then Dunhere makes his attack on the same enemy in the staging area later in the combat phase.
  12. If i had these to in the same deck could each hero attack the same enemy in the staging area at different times of the combat phase? So, could haldir make an attack and then Dunhere make an attack? The rulebook states that you can only declare 1 attack on each enemy engaged. It does not comment on how many attacks can be declared if the enemy is not engaged. Dunhere text does say if he attacks alone, but i read Haldir like Quick Strike which can grant an additional attack on the same enemy in the same combat phase. Further, can Haldir attack an enemy that engaged the previous round cor the normal attack, and then attack it again using his combat action, as long as no new enemies were engaged that round?
  13. Played this twice, lost the first time using the ally free deck I was using on 3 trials, not enough questing power. So I added in some allies, but it was still not super heavy on questing. I won the 2nd game, but it took 16 rounds. I was down to the 10 threat out limit. It took forever to make it through the first stage, but the second stage was cleared in 2 turns, so i found it a bit anti-climatic after the long struggle, at which point i thought i might lose many times. Did I like the quest? Somewhat. I'll have to try it some more, with some different decks. The time mechanic was a bit of a nuisance to keep track of especially since there are tons of effects to remove counters, and even i was very close to losing many times, i never felt very frightening like it does in other quest, because the real reason for losing was more associated with the threating out mechanic rather than with being beaten into the ground by the encounter deck, so that felt really different, and in some ways it was a bit boring. Basically it felt harder than it is, but it's really not that hard. I'll give it some more tries with some different decks to get a better sense of it.
  14. From the release article: "Herald of Anórien (Trouble in Tharbad, 57) arrives. Better yet, if you feel you’re truly doomed, you can give the Herald “doomed 2” when you play him and bring into play another ally of printed cost two or less. In this way, the Herald even allows you – or a teammate – to recruit allies that don’t match your spheres of influence, expanding your deck-building options by allowing a mono-Leadership deck to recruit powerful allies like Gléowine (Core Set, 62) or Arwen Undómiel (The Watcher in the Water, 58), whose game texts can change how your deck functions."
  15. Mithrandir's advice is really the only one I use, usually if it's 2 lore heroes I'll consider it. 1 lore hero i never use it. If i could get more cards out of it by including songs in the deck if it did not require printed, I'm not sure it would be worth including songs just for that. Basically, it would still take a bit more set up to get the extra draw with songs, but I don't think it would make the card incredibly unbalanced, since that draw increase would probably be later in the game, and by that point a deck is usually pretty stable in the game. It's interesting that Thicket of Spears is essentially a Mono sphere card, since the card states you need to use resources from 3 different heroes pools. I rarely use the card because of this, and never considered using song of battle to be able to play it, but maybe that's because feint is the obvious choice and i usually don't sue SoB to splash tactics in a deck. the wording on this card also means it can not be used with less than 3 heroes. I think it is the only card stated this way, but this type of language could have been another way to phrase the monosphere cards, other than now they would be restricted to 3 hero decks.
  16. The use of Printed really got a big boost last cycle with all the Mono Sphere attachments and events, even Caldera and Theoden heroes used it. It is also used with ranged and cost. Overall, when it's connected to sphere it usually makes the card far less playable, especially when all the heroes need to have the printed sphere. For the most part i make Duel and tri sphere decks and all the events that call for 3 heroes to have the printed sphere, i usually never use. It would give players many more options to not make printed a requirement, then songs would have another use in deck building. I guess designers wanted to make the advantages of mono sphere to be quite good, although All the cards that required 3 heroes to have printed resource icon were mediocre. The tactics one and leadership ones were the best, but i rarely use them because of the restriction. And no i do not see any overpowered combo at this point.
  17. Not sure, I consider using that card when I put Gandalf in and Outlands deck, but left it out because I did not think it would work. My thought was the card could be played because Gandalf will have leadership for that moment, but then he loses leadership, so when you play a non sphere ally the response will not trigger on the card since only 2 of the heroes have leadership since Gandalf will be Neutral again. It seems like the Lord of Morthond is an ongoing effect, that requires each hero to have printed leadership icon, which is different then playing Burning Brand on Gandalf which only requires him to have lore when it is played.
  18. I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum then PsychoRocka. I'll make 2 - 4 different decks for each scenario, and even try out older ones. For me deck building is a real joy in this game. With different decks and strategies each scenario can become easier or harder, and i enjoy seeing which of the decks seemed to be the best fit for the scenario. In the beginning deck building was a real process, but now after playing the game for sometime and being familiar with all the cards, it's easier to see connections between cards. This is especially apparent when new cards are introduce and ah ha moments go off and a rough deck can be drafted out in 10 minutes, and playtested and tweaked for the next few days. What keeps me playing the game regularly is play testing and tweaking decks. Even if i get some wins on a scenario, I'll continue to make subtle adjustments to the deck, and then I'll play the deck on a different scenario, and maybe tweak it, and then go on to another scenario and tweak some more. Eventually i'll go back to the original scenario and see if any of the additional tweaking changed the performance. It's amazing what a few cards changed can do to a deck. Anyway, if you get the deck building bug this game offers an enormous amount of replay value, I'd say the replay value of this game is greater than any other co-op game i have encountered. In my opinion it's the best, and I go off and play lot's of other games, but i'm always coming back to this one time and time again.
  19. Your post all made sense when i realized you were talking about The new Galadhrim minstrel, i forgot she was in the pack and you wrote Rivendell minstrel. I was totally confused, you played her for 1 resource first round, fetched feigned voices, returned Minstrel to hand? Huh! I had to go back and look at all the cards i thought i missed something.
  20. No sweat, i appreciate the diversity of opinions and playstyles, and none is more valid than the other. it's enlightening for me to see beyond the box that i live in. Your statement just rubbed me the wrong way because it sounded like a "this is this is the way to play", which i know is not true, but i now understand what your getting at. Until next time!
  21. Well your talking to a guy who builds decks to beat Into Ithillien and a number of other quests with no allies in the deck at all. So, dropping allies to chump block to survive the early game is only one way to play the game, and when it comes to building decks i find it one of the easiest strategy to employ in deck building that takes minimal skill. I do agree that the modern quests allow for more flexibility in starting with high threat. Engagement cost of enemies seems to be higher especially in the current cycle. The Morgul Vale was the last quest that we had that starting under 30 was a big issue. Much of this comes down to player styles, personal preferences, and the number of players played with. Personally, I like low threat decks, enjoy shooting for secrecy decks. I like attachment heavy decks, which often take a bit of set up time etc. I'm a solo player so it's easier to control the pace of the game to build decks with the parameters that I like. Also in solo game, i don't have any other players decks to help me out where my deck is lacking, so starting with higher threat decks in multiplayer is often easier, since the team of players can work together with ranged and sentinel heroes to work it out. In solo some of these higher threat decks just get swamped early on and it's tough for them to recover without any help.
  22. Maybe not. Dunedain thrives on engaging enemies, so maybe they purposefully want Dunedain to have higher threat. Sure that occurred to me, and may certainly be the case since it would fit the theme they are building around the trait, although i feel it will just force me to choose non-thematic solutions for the deck i.e. spirit glorfindel, even hobbits would feel unthematic with the story they are building around the expansion. The rangers are keeping them safe not bringing hobbits along with them on their adventures at this point. So, i doubt I'll see a 7 threat hero, and the best I can hope for is under 10. I'd be satisfied with that.
  23. I feel pretty confident the 2nd hero in the box will be leadership. With Aragorn tactics in the spotlight there will be no Dunedain leadership hero to play, unless we use core set Aragorn, but i bet the developers will give us the opportunity to play the Dunedain event to use Ranger of the north without relying on the older version of Aragorn, so we can play the new tactics version. My hope is that the 2nd hero will have a threat of 7 or lower. So, if Idrean and Aragorn are paired we would be at 30 threat. Aragorn and Beravor would be 29 threat, and if new 7 threat hero were paired with Beravor and Idrean we would be at 28 threat. These all seem pretty reasonable to me. Or if they have a high threat there would be some discount based on controlling all Dunedain or Ranger heroes, or something like that. If we get another threat 10+ hero a 3 hero dunedain deck may suffer.
  24. I think someone built a pretty good single hero deck with Sam at BGG. You could probably search for it over there.
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