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  1. I used a dwarf deck that handles the scenario better than anything i tried. I used Nori, Bifur and Dain. I have not used Dain in ages, but was getting tired of fiddling around with this quest with experimental decks and it was time to pull in the big guns. Pretty simple deck with loads of dwarf allies to keep threat low, which Nori was key for as well as treachery cancelation. Built up classic dwarf army during stage 2, pushed through stage 3 in one go, ready dwarves with lore of Moria and finish boss off for stage 4. This one gave me quite a bit of trouble before this, it's a bit of a frustrating quest in my opinion. This was the first scenario that I did not really enjoy the Time mechanic and found it a bit annoying, but i guess thats the point of being stuck in a swamp.
  2. Yes, I agree with the above. Encounter deck does not look like any thing to difficult, although certain cards can be problematic, but quest cards are what make the scenario more difficult, and the random order of the quest cards can make each game different making strategies for winning a bit different each game. I have not played it since my last post, but when I get a chance again I'm going to run Eleanor in the line-up.
  3. I've played this quest a number of times with a number of different decks, and I'm having a really tough time beating it. Even with threat reduction in the decks I have been threating out, or heroesq die because of treacheries. The encounter deck can punish you for having lots of allies, it can also mess up attachment deck strategies too. Each stage 2 effect always messes up my plans. And getting to stage 3 can also be problematic especially when enemies might get - 20 engagement cost. I have not tried any of the real power decks on it, but I don't believe this scenario is super easy. It's got a small encounter deck that's pretty unpredictable in how each game will play out with the changing scenario cards. Overall, I find it interesting, and am having a challenge coming up with a good deck solution, but maybe I'm just rusty. I have not tried a silvan deck on It yet, but I'm thinking Galadriel hero will make a big difference on this one for me.
  4. -1 for every thing, HP too? This could outright kill some of my heroes for carrying too much stuff. Maybe I'll include an ally or 2 in my deck for a change.
  5. At the other extreme of my ally free decks. I like it, although it must be kind of slow to play with little card draw and resource generation.
  6. Glaurung, no worries. We've probably all made mistakes like that, i know i have for sure. Thanks for the time and effort to put these together, and keep it up your gameplay videos are great.
  7. Glaurung, i have not watched whole video, i had to stop becuse i think you are playing bifur wrong. His action: pay 1 resource from a hero's resource pool to add 1 to Bifur's resource pool. Only Bifur can be given a resource. He can not give a resource to another hero. In the first planning phase you give bifur's resource to Hurlin to play SoG. That's going to have a signifigant impact on the rest of the game because of the early resource acceleration. Anyway, let me know if I'm missing something about Bifur or something else.
  8. It will only be events in the other phases and allies, attachments, etc. in planing phase. Reason being is that his ability says play as if from hand, so you can't plays allies and attachments form your hand during the other phases besides planing
  9. After playing these scenarios over the past few days i'd have to say they are really good, and fit the story nicely. The first scenario as stated is not to difficult, but I like the transitions between quest cards, which can change some well laid plans. Journey in the dark, may be my favorite of the bunch. It can definitely be problematic at times. I love the challenge of having to race out of the mines before the Balrog shows up, or I can choose to face him and try to destroy him, i also have the choice of sacrificing a hero to help get the job done. There are some great decisions to be made there, and all feel like the right thing to do to survive the encounter. I nearly made it out once before he showed up, I was one turn away. It's a real challenge, and also a real challenge to defeat him. Really nice work on this scenario. The Breaking can also be pretty trickery. At first I thought it was more challenging than Journey into the Dark, and sometimes it can be, but overall it's a little more predictable, but still very good. I can imagine it would be even cooler in multiplayer. So far I've now moved to playing an allly free deck on these and turning Aragorn Lore into an super defender and attacker. Gandalf, Sam and Frodo from TBR are the other heroes in the deck. Sam turns into a questing powerhouse and Gandalf does whatever is needed most at the time. With lots of action advantage, all 4 heroes will quest most of the time, and with all the Wp boosting attachments and events they can quest for almost 30 wp when needed! So, overall i'm quite happy with how my solo games have turned out with these scenarios, although I'd still like to add other members of the fellowship as allies at some point. Whoops just forgot I could have added Boromir ally. I'll have to add a copy. Should not be a problem to get him in with Gandalf around.
  10. I am using Frodo from TBR. TRD frodo never used his ability in the decks. Gandalf was removed from the campaign in the second scenario, so i can't use him as ally in Boromir deck. I'm hoping that players who use Gandalf as the hero sacrificed during the second scenario will be rewarded by getting access to Gandalf the white in later expansions. It's a leap of faith we'll see how the developers handle this.
  11. The following two decks are designed for a thematic solo experience of The Road Darkens scenarios. Why do I consider them thematic? They contain no allies that would not be present in the story when members of the fellowship left Rivendell. Unfortunately, with the limited number of fellowship allies to choose from I had to develop decks that were essentially ally free, well except for bill the pony, bringing him into the mines certainly leads to some inconsistency, but whatever. The first deck, Gandalf's deck, was used for the first 2 scenarios. It features the new Gandalf hero. After Gandalf is discarded from play while facing the Balrog, Boromir replaces him for the Breaking of the Fellowship in the final scenario. I have played through the scenarios a few times with these decks, and it provides me with a very good challenge that fits the feeling of the story for me. Sure these decks can be made much more efficient with some more variety in player cards especially when concerning allies, but i wanted to recreate, to the best of my ability with the player cards available, an experience that felt most true to the struggle the members of the fellowship faced. Overall the 2 decks transition real nice between the 2nd and 3rd scenarios with only about a twenty card change, but everything else pretty much stays the same. I post a few ideas on how the decks work below, but one important thing to mention is that I use Frodo from The Black Riders, since the way the decks are designed he never defends, making the new version unnecessary for the decks. Questions, comments, suggestions are always welcome. Gandalf's deck Total Cards: (51) Hero: (4) 1x Gandalf (The Road Darkens) 1x Aragorn (The Watcher in the Water) 1x Sam Gamgee (The Black Riders) 1x Frodo Baggins (The Black Riders) Ally: (1) 1x Bill the Pony (The Black Riders) Attachment: (40) 3x Expert Treasure-hunter (On the Doorstep) 2x A Burning Brand (Conflict at the Carrock) 3x Unexpected Courage (Core Set) 3x Wizard Pipe (The Road Darkens) 3x Gandalf Staff (The Road Darkens) 2x Sword that was Broken (The Watcher in the Water) 3x Fellowship of the Ring (The Road Darkens) 2x Fast Hitch (The Dead Marshes) 3x Healing Herbs (Foundations of Stone) 2x Protector of Lorien (Core Set) 3x Cram (Over Hill and Under Hill) 2x Celebrian's Stone (Core Set) 3x Dunedain Mark (The Hunt for Gollum) 3x Dunedain Quest (A Journey to Rhosgobel) 3x Dunedain Warning (Conflict at the Carrock) Event: (10) 3x Power of Orthanc (The Voice of Isengard) 2x Flame of Anor (The Road Darkens) 2x Word of Command (The Long Dark) 3x Frodo's Intuition (The Black Riders) Basically, any attachment that has to do with questing goes on Sam. For the first scenario I made Gandalf the main defender, and Aragorn as attacker, but for the second scenario I switched to Aragorn as Defender/attacker with 2 unexpected courages and gandalf as Attacker with 1 UC. Either way will work, but it is Critically important that Protector of Lorien is attached to the hero defending the Balrog when it shows up. Boromir's deck Total Cards: (50) Hero: (4) 1x Aragorn (The Watcher in the Water) 1x Boromir (The Dead Marshes) 1x Sam Gamgee (The Black Riders) 1x Frodo Baggins (The Black Riders) Ally: (2) 2x Bill the Pony (The Black Riders) Attachment: (33) 2x Sword that was Broken (The Watcher in the Water) 3x Fellowship of the Ring (The Road Darkens) 3x Gondorian Shield (The Steward's Fear) 2x Gondorian Fire (Assault on Osgiliath) 2x Fast Hitch (The Dead Marshes) 3x Healing Herbs (Foundations of Stone) 1x Protector of Lorien (Core Set) 3x Cram (Over Hill and Under Hill) 2x Celebrian's Stone (Core Set) 3x Dunedain Mark (The Hunt for Gollum) 3x Dunedain Quest (A Journey to Rhosgobel) 3x Dunedain Warning (Conflict at the Carrock) 3x Steward of Gondor (Core Set) Event: (15) 3x Frodo's Intuition (The Black Riders) 3x Daeron's Runes (Foundations of Stone) 3x Deep Knowledge (The Voice of Isengard) 3x Gondorian Discipline (Encounter at Amon Dîn) 3x Close Call (The Dunland Trap) Boromir does what he does best on this scenario; smash orc! Anduril on Boromir (another inconsistency) is really good, and it will help keep threat down. Getting his Def./ attack Buffed is important. Archery damage can be soaked up with tactics events, or healing herbs if it gets bad. cram to Aragorn.
  12. I've replaced eowyn with Frodo a few times, but never remove Glorfinde. But, i don't see why dropping out Glorfindel would be big deal in multiplayer. Solo might be more of an issue, because losing the 3 attack, is a big problem, but if teammates can help with ranged it might be okay. His most important pole in the deck is attack. Questing is rally no big deal.
  13. The suggested decks are unthematic because there are not enough player cards in the sets they used to create such a deck, so they have to use a number of player cards that don't fit the story. Even with all the material released I'm not able to make such a deck that contains all the members of the fellowship. I could probably make 2 mediocre decks that has all members though. Personally, I would love have the opportunity to creat a deck that contained all the members of the fellowship. I see no reason why this should not be a goal of the developers. I'm not suggesting that they make all the these hypothetical player cards function in a way that creates a perfect deck. All i ask is that I have the possibility to do it, since this is how I would like to play through the saga set. My hope is that we will see more ally version of fellowship heroes in the future, but i am the worst at guessing what the developers think. It's almost always the exact opposite. The biggest problem is the slow growth of our player card pool. Playing these scenarios a year or 2 from now will probably be a completely different story.
  14. I've played first 2 scenarios a bit now, and only played last scenario once. I'm using Aragorn lore, Sam and Boromir tactics. i have very few allies in the deck Master of forge, bill the pony, Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf (hobbit version). TRGS is not hard at all. The one with Balrog is a little difficult, but still quite doable. Boromir with dunedain Warnings, And Gondorian shield, and Blood of Numenor with access through Celebrian's stone will be able to defend Balrog when it shows up. One time I defeat Balrog and sacrificed Boromir to do so. The other time I could not get enough damage on it. I played Breaking once, and it's one of those enemies pile up in the staging area scenarios, but I also realized i was also playing something wrong , so quite a little ways into it. Overall, scenarios seem to fit the story line well, but i am not as thrilled as TBR. Maybe thats because the hobbit synergy was new and a lot of fun to play, but the scenarios were also lot's of fun to play. My hero selection, and supporting allies don't feel like they synergize well with the story being told. I really hoped to make a deck similar to the Hobbit deck. I put Galadriel and Elrond in the deck, but why are they showing up in the mines of moria? My feeling is that the allies for this saga should have been 3 other members of the fellowship. Maybe this will come at a later dat, but I'm considering shelving the campaign rules until i get the complete story, and for now just play the scenarios as they are. The suggested decks in the back are really unthematic. I recognize that the developers are constrained to only 3 products, but it's just silly to have Guards of the citadel and Beorn showing up in these scenarios. My hope, when the saga boxes are all said and done, is that i'll be able to create the types of deck(s) that match the story more closely. Back to the scenarios. When comparing these to their predecessors with a similar theme; Journey Along the Anduin, The Watcher in the Water, and Shadow and flame. I'll have to say the older scenarios will continue to get more play than these. They seemed more challenging at the time and i liked the mechanics more. But maybe I have more expectations since the scenarios are trying to portray a story I am familiar with, which is going to be very difficult to do, and I will say they the scenarios are capturing those moments of the books. Right now I think I actually prefer the FFG made up scenarios and story line the. The Saga's including the Hobbit, which also gets almost no play. Sorry, if this seems overly critical, but maybe i am just overcome with grief after having lost Boromir for the next scenario. The scenario, in which he is supposed to be lost.
  15. Wow, really? Fatty? I thought for sure developers would try to create something to fit the theme of the scenarios. Fatty, to Rivendell and Mines of Moria? I hope that this was just forced by the limited number of player cards that can be printed each saga, and that in the next saga we'll see new versions of Legolas and Gimli to make building two thematic and viable decks for playing the full fellowship as allies and/or heroes through these scenarios. I'm a bit disappointed with some of the choices that the developers have made for player cards in Road Darkens. Also I like the Idea of boons, but having cards limited to the saga, and taking away from space of normal payer cards is a bit of an annoyance, since they are pretty much coasters for 99% of my LOTR playing, It's even more bothersome that they are one use cards for the whole campaign. Thematic and fitting the story, yes! But, in terms of me feeling like it adds to my enjoyment of the game for the money I've spent. I'm not sure, leaning towards no, but I guess I'll have to see how it plays out. Having a card sitting around in my deck for 10+ scenarios seems like a waste of deck space, but maybe it will be the thing that turns a scenario around, who knows? I hope the scenarios are amazing though.
  16. Are there suggested deck list for 2 players, and what heroes did they use if so? I am really curious if Gandalf is one of the heroes in the decks, and if they represented all the fellowship members in the two decks. If Gandalf Hero is in one of decks then either Gimli or Legolas is not represented. The only other combination to have all the members of the fellowship represented in the two decks is if they use Gandalf ally instead.
  17. Wizard Pipe completely eliminates the one challenge that I faced when splashing a sphere that did not belong to one of the heroes in a deck. This problem actually made Gandalf interesting to build around because there was the potential of getting dead cards stuck in hand, so I was relying on Gildor ally for 5 resources. Now the pipe makes it easy to move these cards back to the top of the deck, so now I can pretty much put any off sphere card into a deck and have a chance to play it. If it was not for gandalf's high threat I'd say he's pretty broken. I'm still quite intrigued to build some decks with him, but when testing him out I started to find that Gandalf's style of play became pretty boring. with too much player deck manipulation for my taste. It was similar to Elrond Vilya, which I also find boring and broken. Makes many scenarios easy. It's the same story with Gandalf. I understand why the developers designed wizard pipe. It eliminates Gandalf's one handicap, but now the only thing going against him is high threat, which can be worked around easy enough.
  18. Well that's certainly not a Gimli ally like I thought. Not really sure if I like the ability or not. For a Mono leadership deck she looks like an auto include, but I rarely play mono decks. Sure it's great she can put the attachment into play right away, but unless you are able to ensure it will be a high cost attachment, which usually there are less of in a deck it will most likely be a low cost or 0 cost attachment if anything. So, it's a bit of crap shoot. I think i'd rather just have Master of the Forge in a deck with consistent attachment draw, and then pay for the cards as normal. I'll have to try her out to see if she works for me. I really don't like playing allies that don't stick around after i pay a high cost for them. If I play a card like Gandalf core it's almost always with Sneak attack. Also, with her hero card not even released yet, which i am very excited for, i would have much rather seen a card that was a fellowship member, for deck building purposes.
  19. I think we should stop talking about our successful decks. Clearly some designer hate here! I've done the same with NM. I'm buying them and tucking away for later. Ha, I'll never post another deck again.
  20. Blazing Grip is Brutal. I knew we were going to start seeing shadows that could not be cancelled. I can't keep up with playing NM right now. Other than the quests I really like, most NM scenarios are on the back burner for now.
  21. Can't we already do the full Fellowship with 2 decks now that we have a Boromir Ally? At least for the Saga quests where you have Frodo/Aragorn as Fellowship heroes. 6 heroes + fellowship hero, Boromir Ally, and Gandalf Ally makes 9. You are correct, although I'm more interested in playing Gandalf as hero, which would call for the ally version of Legolas or Gimli. But you are correct it can be done. With Gandalf Hobbit version and Aragorn Lore you could probably even feep Gandalf in the game for awhile too. Although, I'm not super excited to use Tactics Gimli. Maybe a deck with 3 hobbits from TBR, and another deck with Gimil, Legolas and Aragorn lore or core. I've tried a three hunters deck like these before, but they were pretty poor, maybe it will be better on these scenarios. Gandalf and Boromir Allies complete the fellowship. So, yes it can be done. Interesting that spirit is not represented strongly here. I think this was also the case with building dwarf decks during the hobbit sagas, or maybe that was tactics.
  22. Looks good to me. Looking forward to playing him. I normally just play 1 deck, but with the amount of new cards coming out and wanting to play the whole fellowship, i might have to go 2 handed. My hope is that we will see Gimli leadership for the last ally to make it possible. If they do I'll go 2 handed for sure.
  23. My thought is the other ally will be Gimli or Legolas. My thought is the designers are going to make it possible to play 2 decks with core set heroes, TBR, and TRD. I don't think we will see Aragorn. We have 4 hobbit heroes including Frodo ring-bearer, and Gandalf hero along with Aragorn hero. Legolas hero is already solid, so my thought is that they will make Gimli the other ally along with Boromir, and viola we can have 2 decks with the entire fellowship represented.
  24. But you can have only 1 weapon to play up to 3 events. Events play in response so you can tap a sword play one event and then in response play second. Even you can play first event draw 3 cards and if you get same event among those 3 cards you still able to play it in response and draw another 3 cards. only one weapon is enough. Wow that's not how i have played it at all. The response calls for exhausting the weapon. Once the weapon is exhausted for the first response then how can another copy of Foe hammer be played using the same weapon, the weapon has already been exhausted?
  25. My first outlands deck when they came out was Hurluin, theodred, beravor. Card draw and resource generation is all outlands needs. It destroyed just about every quest available at the time. I have hot really invested any time building decks with them other than putting them in a Doomed deck with Grima, Aragorn, and Hurluin, which also crushed most things. If you want to make it interesting, you might as well pair outlands with the worst 3 heroes in the game that have no synergy, and even then they probably still do alright. And yes, 2 hero outlands decks work. Glorfindel and Hurluin was also one of my first builds, which still beat many quests with ease. I had to go down to just 1 hero decks with Hurlin by himself to make things interesting, and still beat JAtA and others. Heck my lowest score ever for 7th level was 57 with hurluin all by himself. NM mode change things a bit, and some of the post outland scenarios are specifically designed to destroy the power of the trait. But when they first hit the scene they were unstoppable.
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