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  1. A. Nori B. Brand C. Eowyn D. Elrohir E. Frodo F. Thalin G. Caldara H. Eleanor I. Imrahill J. Denethor K. Bifur L. Idreaan M. Duhere N. Gandalf O. Haldir P. Galadriel Q. Eledain R. Theodred J. Celeborn K. Bilbo L. Grima M. Dain N. Eomer Tough choices were: Boromir vs. Caladra. Ive played with both a lot and li,e the, both. I went with Caldara though because she brought a whole new way to play the game that actually works and is pretty strong. Boromir is great, but every deck i play him in relies on Aragorn lore to save his a@@, so she get's my vote. Idreaan vs pippin Lo. I like both these heroes, i went with Idrean because i built my firs ally free deck with her and had a blast. She brings something to spirit sphere that was lacking. Pippin is probably the more versatile hero, but I really only play him in hobbit deck. His 6 threat is great, but the 2 hp always make me nervous. Dunehere vs. merry. Same story as above. I only really use merry in hobbit deck. Dunhere on the other hand is always fun to play in the right deck. Funny enough he is often paired with merry for merry's low threat and ability to play the spears, but dunhere is the star of those types of decks, merry is there for utilitarian purposes. Although merry is a beast in hobbit deck and loved playing him during Black Riders. Some tough choices. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. Thanks for putting it together agian.
  2. How does the Cache give resources every turn? Isn't it discarded?
  3. Yes that's the way to play it. Crazy card draw if attached to 3 questing heroes.
  4. They can be attached and ye does not lose them after attached wher resource icon goes away.
  5. As I quoted above, the FAQ actually refers only to "When Revealed effects" not to "all effects". But does not hero Gandalf seeing top card of deck ability in affect during setup? I guess the questions come down to are passive abilities active during setup?
  6. It absolutely makes no sense to pair her with Celeborn. Their abilities are too similar. Are you kidding!? She is what makes Sivan and Celeborn work so well in solo. I see that their abilities compliment each other perfectly, stat boost and not exhausting when entering play along with silvan bouncing in out of play to take advantage of both abilities regularly. Silvan is really solid trait now. Probably 3 rd strongest in the game behind Outlands and Dwarves.
  7. I think Galadriel may be a tad bit better than Gandalf. She can fit into a lot more different types of decks and for 9 threat not so bad, and for certain decks she can even oust Glorfindel from the line up. Her ability to draw a card and lower threat each round may be one of the most powerful in the game for solo play depending on the type of deck, of course she's no Dain, but when playing with her it's like time stands still with no threat increase at the end of the round, as long as questing is strong she can keep most threats away until you want to encounter them. Also in ally heavy decks, the ability to let them quest with out tapping upon entering play gives a huge action advantage, which makes up for her not being able to do much else unless she has Nenya. I would have liked her to have 1 or 2 less WP and 1 or 2 points of def that she could grant to a defender with Nenya in the same fashion. I really don't find the WP boost to be that big of a deal, but 1 or 2 points of Def would make me consider using her ability often, which could make my use of the threat lowering and card draw less often. Gandalf is really good, but he is a bit limited in the type of decks he fits into. Being able to play and see top card of the deck is pretty amazing, but I think the thereat reduction and normal card draw gives Galadriel the edge at least for my tastes.
  8. Good points. I did not use Merry, because I created a similar Dunhere deck with him and Frodo awhile back, so I felt like it would end up similar and I wanted to stay Mono-spirit. Merry would be fine in the deck, starting threat would be 23, and one Elrond's Counsel away from Secrecy. I did not think Nenya would be useful in the deck, the first Unexpected Courage will go to Dunhere and the second too. Once Galadriel gets the UC it would be late game and pretty unnecessary, since wp should be in the 20's by now. Overall she is going to lower threat and draw a card each round. Adding A copy of nenya probably would not ruin the deck, and it could be useful at some point in a game, but it's not a necessity. And yes the deck does rely on 2 cards for Dunhere to work, but it's the risk that comes with playing this type of deck. Consistency can be a problem.
  9. Sure, Dunhere staging area attack decks have been Dun before, but this one features our new hero Galadriel, for keeping threat stationary, and her Mirror for fetching song of Battle and Spear of the Mark for Dunhere if necessary. Overall the deck is pretty straight forward with a ton of questing WP and dunhere clearing out the staging area of enemies. Once threat is lowered Galadriel will keep it there. Very easy to end a game with 0 threat. I'll use Galadriel's Mirror nearly every turn, and if a key card is lost I can retrieve with Stand and fight or Dwarven tomb. With the Galadriel ability and the Mirror card draw is pretty good in the deck. The deck has no Resource generation, but that's no big deal, since many cards are 1-2 cost and only nine at 3 cost but three of those can be played for 1 (Celduin Traveler) Have not play tested it much just on CS, which it destroys. Usually no enemies engage and often end at 0 threat. I'll have to try it on some others, but I'm thinking it should do quite well on scenarios that do not have big boss with low threat at the end. Here's the deck. Questions, thoughts, suggestions are welcome. Deck Created with CardGameDB.com The Lord of the Rings Deckbuilder Total Cards: (50) Hero: (3) 1x Dunhere (Core Set) 1x Galadriel (Celebrimbor's Secret) 1x Glorfindel (Foundations of Stone) Ally: (17) 1x Arwen Undomiel (The Watcher in the Water) 1x Bilbo Baggins (The Road Darkens) 3x Celduin Traveler (The Nin-in-Eilph) 3x Ethir Swordsman (The Steward's Fear) 3x Galadriel's Handmaiden (Celebrimbor's Secret) 3x Pelargir Shipwright (Assault on Osgiliath) 3x Silvan Refugee (The Drúadan Forest) Attachment: (15) 3x Light of Valinor (Foundations of Stone) 3x Mirror of Galadriel (Celebrimbor's Secret) 3x Unexpected Courage (Core Set) 3x Spear of the Mark (The Morgul Vale) 3x Song of Battle (The Dead Marshes) Event: (18) 3x A Light in the Dark (Core Set) 3x A Test of Will (Core Set) 3x Dwarven Tomb (Core Set) 3x Elrond's Counsel (The Watcher in the Water) 3x Stand and Fight (Core Set) 3x The Galadhrim's Greeting (Core Set)
  10. For solo one-handed Niin-in-eliph is more difficult then CS. One thing that takes the edge off some of the recent scenarios and especially CS is enemy cards have very high engagement cost. I'm able to take a deck with Gandalf, Galadriel, and Elrond and still have not much problem in the early game, and by late game just crush the scenario. Nin-in-elph I would have much harder time doing that, mostly due to the restrictions of the stage cards, which is really the only thing the scenario has going for it and can make it more of a challenge. Also, smaller encounter deck is more punishing, the large encounter deck of CS dilutes the power of the deck.
  11. Played twice with silvan deck lost first and one second. Seems like it can be pretty easy to get location locked in the early game so decent amout of WP needs to be genrated early similar to To Cath an Orc. Lots of 2 - 3 threat cards in the encounter deck and a few untimly scour effects can have things spiral down hill quickly. However, once the staging area is under control and being cleaned out each round it is not so bad. In both my games I did not find the damage on locations to be a big issue, and only one location was ever placed under the orc search card. I'll have to give it some more tries, but I would not say it's easy, although I did beat it on my second attempt. It's a bit of chore to check all the scour effects with the time mechanic, which i think takes the fun out of playing a bit for me. At first I really liked time mechanic, but now it becoming a bit more of a chore to play the scenarios, and that's probably why I have not and probably will continue to not revisit many of these scenarios in the future.
  12. Have not played CS yet, but i agree Nin-in-eliph is the best of the cycle so far, and for solo at least for me it was the most challenging. The random stage cards make the scenario unpredictable each time. 3 trials on the surface seemed more difficult, but once the formula for beating it was figured out it was pretty easy. It's difficult to come up with formula to beat Nin-in-eliph in The same way. I'm going to come back to this one regularly. It might be a new deck tester for me.
  13. Why not Lure of Moria for readying all dwarves? 3 Dwarven Tomb? What's the main target?
  14. Give it a try. I've wanted to update that deck, since many of the new cards can really make it much better.
  15. I did this solo deck awhile back, so it has not been updated in a while, but it was a lot of fun to play at the time. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/87284-legolass-yew-bow/?hl=legolas%26%2339%3Bs
  16. Deck space is tight there are so many good Silvan cards. Running 2-3 Song of Battle takes away space I'm not sure it's worth it for a few cards 1 cop of Rumil and 3 copies of the archer. As leptokurt suggested A good Harvest might be a good solution, which can be useful in a trii sphere deck anyway. Figuring out what cards to bring them in will be a challenge though.
  17. I don't have it yet either, but I put together a silvan deck with Galadriel, Celeborn and Mirlond and ran it against Nin-in-Elph. The deck did great on the scenario and beat it 4 out of 5 times. This was a scenario giving me problems too. Galadriel's built in threat reduction and card draw really changes the game. It makes it so easy to turtle along and build up the elven force. At first I was running 3 copies of her Ring and Mirror and then cut it to 2 copies, and the settled on 1 of each. I found that I never used her willpower with the ring, threat reduction and card draw were more important and I did not feel like taking up deck space with UC to get her to do both. The biggest thing was getting lore Icon, so I kept one copy and added 1 song of wisdom for Celeborn rather that go for multiple copies of the ring. The Mirror is cool to have, but not really essential. It was more useful when I had a lot more unique dead card in hand. But I tightened the deck up to only having 3 copies of Oh Lorien as duplicates. All other unique cards were singles. The draw back of potentially losing a Test of Will or another key card I was sitting on was to great to warrant using it. I kept one copy, because every once in awhile it was worth the gamble, but for the most part I did not find it to be a game changer. If anything I think it had potential for more of a negative impact if my hand was already looking good, so it felt like a situational card rather than an every turn kind of thing. Really looking forward to getting my hands on the actual cards to keep exploring them, but I don't see her attachments being as strong or as essential as an Elrond/Vilya or Gandalf and his tools. However, as a hero, I think she is pretty amazing for solo play, her ability incredible. Allies not exhausting when entering play (action advantage), card draw, and threat reduction all in one. Another card That worked well with her was Silver Lamp. i ran 1 copy i. The deck and when attached it really helped deciding when to defend with an ally or a hero. Not directly related to this pack, but I'll ad it here. Tighten the Belt resource acceleration card is pretty good in a tri sphere deck, since it provides the boost to all the heroes that don't spend. Worked really nice in this deck since resource use was somewhat equally spread out amongst the spheres. Silvan is pretty cool, I just wish I could find a good way to splash some tactics cards in the deck.
  18. Yes discarding a card is really no big deal for a spirit deck. There are many ways to bring back cards from discard pile in the sphere.
  19. I don't think we will ever see limits placed on these, especially now that they are designing scenarios that target hand size and card draw. I think that's the approach they took to the problem. Creating limits to hand and draw will open a giant can of worms that i think they are going to steer clear of. If you think it's important, maybe you can come up with a variant, or test out how it changes the game to play with such rules. Maybe it's no big deal. I've never tried it, other than in decks that don't have much card draw or rely on discarding cards as a strategy.
  20. Interesting approach. Maybe you could try adding multiple duplicates of unique cards in the deck instead of drawing duds? I was thinking that the mirror could be used to draw then discard unique spirit allies, which could provide excellent material for Caldara's ability. Add the record attachment that allows you to play events from the discard pile to use dwarven tomb so u can return cancellation to your hand, or play fortune or fate. I sense some of kind of mono-spirit deck brewing but I am a mediocre deck builder myself, maybe you can come up with something better instead. Yeah, by dud I meant other copies of unique cards in the deck, that I already have in hand or have played. Here is a situation. What would you do? You have 2 cards in hand, Light of Valinor, which you have already played and Elrond's counsel which you are hoping to use during the quest phase next round. You use the mirror and of the 10 cards two are the same cards already in hand. You realize you will have to discard a card, so will you: 1) choose the best card of the 10 and potentially lose it or EC if LoV is not discarded. 2) choose EC to now potentially have 2 In hand If LoV is discarded, but insure that you have at least one EC 3) choose LoV hoping that the odds favor discarding an LoV over the EC, and also removing the LoV from the deck making future draws better. Alternatively you could use the EC in planning to make sure it is not lost, but then you will have a 50/50 chance of losing the card selected with the mirror, which in that case it might be better to choose LoV and lose one of the 2 copies in hand and thinning the deck of an unwanted card. I think each player is going to have very different ways of using the mirror based on how much risk they are willing to take, the method I'm suggesting leans toward the safer side of the spectrum, but may not be the wisest use of the card. The more I think about the dilemma the card imposes the more I really like the design of it. I'm happy it's not a straight forward strategy or the ability to always select the best card without any risk. These types of decisions add a deeper level to the choices we make in this game.
  21. You're totally wrong, man! LOL (Reminds me of the joke in which a man brings a bomb into a plane to make sure there won#t be any terrorists, because it's statictically impossible that there are two bombs on a plane.) I've got no problem being wrong that's how I learn, if it works out I'll be happy I tried it. I'll report on how it goes. Good joke.
  22. Had a few thoughts on how it might use Mirror of Galadriel. With my luck I know the discarded card will always be something i'll be kicking myself over, and I'm okay with that happening occasionally. but after thinking about it bit I came up with a different strategy for using the card. I might use it as a deck thinner, which it is already, but instead of selecting the best card I'll select the worst. Which means I'll try to select a duplicate card that I already have in hand or that I have already played. It makes the most sense to do this with unique cards. The more dead unique cards I can pull into my hand will thin my deck and when using the mirror it will make it more likely to discard one of these cards that is no longer needed. At first reading of the card I thought i'd always select the most useful card and take the gamble, which will become even riskier with few cards in hand. Now, i think it might be better to take the deck cloggers out of the deck so future draws will be that much better. I could be totally wrong on this, but I'm interested to give it a try.
  23. The character specific attachments are coasters for all the other heroes, but absolutely essential to any deck built with said hero, so they are not coasters at all since they will most likely be played whenever that hero is chosen. I am completely supportive of this. I am much more in favor of these types of cards than cards that are coasters regardless of heroes played, and there are plenty of those. And on another note this cycle has delivered a number of cards that only pertain to 2-4 player games. I play one handed solo, so cards like that for me are a complete bummer, but I just suck it up rather than complain because i realize those cards may be valuable to those other modes of play, and the developers can't please everyone all the time. So, in that light character specific attachments provide more depth and theme to a character, and the last two attachments have done just that fantastically. I can't wait to give them a try.
  24. I've had the same story solo, things can go wrong quickly even when I felt like I had things under control i've lost on the very next turn.
  25. Interesting to hear others struggled with this one too. This scenario was a surprise for me. Many of the recent scenarios I've been able to be use a diversity of different decks to beat them, but this one I tried lots of different deck themes and fell short for one reason or another. I was surprised I had to build a deck with player cards I had not used in ages to get some comfortable wins.
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