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  1. Unfortunately, I have got to drive over 1hr to play with other people, and my wife and local friends have not interest. I don't have a PC to play on Octgun either. After playing lost realm a bunch now, I can say I really like the scenarios. Designers did a great job. My only gripe is recent player cards tend to be more multiplayer oriented, and faction strengths are becoming a little too well defined for my tastes. And, like my deck illustrates, power cards of old are tough to replace.
  2. I don't have him yet. Could proxy, but I wanted to use what was available when the set was released.
  3. Surprisingly, Glorfindel with a blade or 2, and beregond with a spear is enough to handle most enemies. Elrond if not questing can also be used and for 2 of the quests there is Iarion, who can help a good amount when side quest are in play. For Deadmen's I don't bother clearing side quests to take advantage of him more.
  4. Edit: title should be Lost Realm deck. Don't worry, I did get my discarded cards back after playing Deadmen's Dike, they were not lost permanently. . Well it's not a Dunedain deck, but it can make it through all the scenarios without modification, although each scenario can be very challenging, so wining is never a guarantee if the encounter deck throws a curve ball. The following deck is a hero combination I never tried before, and it seemed to be well suited for the scenarios. Elrond, Beregond, and Glorfindel sp. There are only 5 lore cards in the deck, but Warden of healing is probably the most important for these scenarios especially the 2nd. Asfaloth, as usual helps out with location control. For Elrond, I decided to not include Vilya, and steered clear of that strategy. Early in scenarios he'll be questing, but in later rounds when there are sufficient allies for questing, I'll hold him back to either defend, quite handy on Deadman's or to add a bit of attack. Putting an unexpected courage on him is great, but the first one should go to Beregond. Here's the deck, my hunch is it would do pretty well on some of the older scenarios, but have not tired it. All cards in the deck cost 2 or less. Deck Created with CardGameDB.com The Lord of the Rings Deckbuilder Total Cards: (50) Hero: (3) threat - 28 1x Glorfindel (Foundations of Stone) 1x Elrond (Shadow and Flame) 1x Beregond (Heirs of Numenor) Ally: (16) 3x Ethir Swordsman (The Steward's Fear) 3x Galadriel’s Handmaiden (Celebrimbor's Secret) 3x Warden of Healing (The Long Dark) 3x Silvan Refugee (The Drúadan Forest) 3x West Road Traveller (Return to Mirkwood) 1x Arwen Undomiel (The Watcher in the Water) Attachment: (20) 3x Light of Valinor (Foundations of Stone) 3x Rivendell Blade (Road to Rivendell) 3x Spear of the Citadel (Heirs of Numenor) 3x Gondorian Shield (The Steward's Fear) 3x Ancient Mathom (A Journey to Rhosgobel) 3x Unexpected Courage (Core Set) 2x Asfaloth (Foundations of Stone) Event: (14) 2x Behind Strong Walls (Heirs of Numenor) 3x Elrond's Counsel (The Watcher in the Water) 3x Hasty Stroke (Core Set) 3x Foe-hammer (Over Hill and Under Hill) 3x A Test of Will (Core Set) Side Quest: (0) I'm pretty satisfied with it. I was looking to make a deck that could handle all the scenarios without modification between each. Taking out Mathoms and Foe-hammers for Deadman's might help, since drawing cards during the scenario is not too wise, but I sometimes do if my hand has gone sour. After looking at which sets the player cards came from, I was not surprised to find that all of them except one Galadriel's Maiden (could easily be replaced,) came from HoN cycle and earlier. I tried many attempts at using some of the new dunedain cards, but could not find a deck to make it past the 1st and 2nd scenario. I did not try a Silvan theme yet from last cycle. The above deck continues to rely on the power cards of old to meet the new challenges. I'm either in a rut or have not figured out how to use some the newer card combinations. Maybe both. Questions, comments, and suggestions welcomed.
  5. I've tried a ton of Dunedain variations at this point on the first quest. Even tried including lore with forest snare to work with Halbarad. All are pitiful, not even making more than 5 progress on the quest. I finally said I'll try, tactics Aragorn, Glorfindel sp, and Balin, and turn Aragorn into super hero. Now it beats quest quite easily. So, this is what I mean by the game forcing me to play certain cards in solo to be successful. I probably played 30 games with all sorts for Dunedain variations with not a single win. Make a unthematic deck with the power cards and win 7 out of 10 games. So, i'm stuck in a loop. I want to try and use the new tools I've been given, but they don't work on their own, so i have to use the old tools again. Would really like to see a Dunedain deck for the first scenario?
  6. Points well taken Duke. Happy to hear your enjoying the game. I just tried to make a Dunedain solo deck. And played the 1st lost realm quest. I tried a few hero variations and deck builds. Sam, Aragorn (le), Halabrad Sam, Aragorn (ta), Halabrad Idrean, Aragorn (le), Halabrad Idrean, Aragorn (ta), Halabrad And lost every time not even close, probably played 8 games. The new player cards and heroes that came with lost realm did not help me a bit. For solo it seems like the Dunedain have not been such good protectors of the region. To me it's sad that the trait that's supposed to be hilighted in the box can't even form a viable strategy to deal with the quest. In the end it just makes me turn back to the old strategies and power cards that work. However i like the challenge of making a Dunedain deck that works, maybe I'll squeak out a few wins, but from what I've experienced so far Dunedain mechanic is pretty weak fro solo play. For instance, i was able to beat 1st scenario with mono tactics deck regularly.
  7. @Bullroarer Yeah, i saw you were starting to dabble more with 2-handed play, and I knew it was confirming some of my feelings for how things were going for the one hand player. I think you are correct about the power cards in the first 2 cycles, which in my mind was the golden age of the game through TBR and HoN. Many new cards try to offer other solutions to provide basically the same effect, but for the most part they fall short of providing an alternative to the power card, unless you want to deliberately handicap yourself, or deck build with a particular theme in mind, which there's nothing wrong in doing that, but it's a conscious choice in avoiding said power card. Also, in terms of trait mechanics and "being told how to play". There may also be some truth to that for me as well. There is still some versatility within a traits mechanic, but if it's so obvious it takes the fun out of making subtle discoveries in deck building, which is the part I very much enjoyed. Anyway, maybe I'll shut up and try and make a new deck to see if any of my observations continue to hold true for me.
  8. Ha! One of the things I've enjoyed most about this game is the community. Even though I've never meet any of you, at least we have something to talk about, even if we all don't agree. So, it's been very cool to get know these various personalities through the forums. It makes it much harder to walk away from the game. Like I said Treason of Saruman is on the way, so I have not lost all hope. It might just be a lull for me, although i must say when I saw Erestor hero the old gears started to move again. Old habits are hard to kick.
  9. @ PsychoRocka Hey, well I'm still lurking here, and checking the forum once a day. Old habits are hard to kick. Even ordered Treason, so yes it's hard for me to completely give up on the game, even if my enthusiasm is lacking. No offense taken from your post, I certainly understand that not all card will be tailored to a solo one hand player, and I'm fine with that, but I'll try to elaborate a bit more on why the solo game has waned for me. 1. There are a ton of player cards that are not being used. When making a 50 card deck, staple cards still remain the best option, and other lesser cards that try to replace them are tried, but then shelved. So, the same cards continue to find themselves in decks. I'm probably using less than 5% of the player card pool. 2. I feel somewhat forced to play with certain heroes together, and feel pretty limited in the hero combinations that the game allows. There are some pretty obvious choices, and other combinations are obviously poorer. I really started to dislike how threat on heroes works in relationship to stats. Many heroes just can't be used together well. Picking heroes often became more about this type of number crunching assessment than the actual theme of the card. But on the flip side. 3. Theme based around trait also starts to pigeon-hole many cards. Many cards are built for the trait or race of the card. The first group we really saw get the full treatment of this was Dwarves with the more than 5 in play trigger. I actually never was a fan of this dwarf strategy. It was boring. We saw outlands get the next version of this, also boring. Now each trait is getting a similar obvious mechanic to work with, boring? I find it all leads to a limited strategy for a trait with many cards designed to work within the context of that strategy. It may be cool for multiplayer, but I find it boring in solo play. 4. As a follow up to trait. I'm super dissatisfied with Dunedain trait mechanics for solo play. Probably because they are my favorite archetype being rangers and all. I've mentioned this in the past, but thematically the rangers/dunedain just don't fit my picture of them. With just about every one of them at 10+ threat, attracting enemies to them really does not fit my image of how they would operate. For solo strategy it is not so good, and really needs another deck. So, my favorite archetype is somewhat unplayable for me. Big diasapointment. 5. I also strongly disliked time mechanic. Now it was built into lost realm quests with side quests, so was not happy about that. Not really to happy about side quest in general. Basically, all this extra stuff in the quests, is making it more work and less fun. 6. I realize the designers have to come up with new scenario mechanics, and i certainly respect the skill at how they do this. But, for me basically the game started to come down to how they would find way to destroy any advantage I have. I've built up my allies, and a treachery destroys all of them, or discard an ally after every round. Your character losses all attachments, questing characters are removed from the quest, or they are all dealt damage etc. So, the same basic stuff come up every scenario in different ways. Try avoid location lock, make sure i quest enough etc. It just started to feel the same. The story did not matter, just finding ways to get around these loop holes was the objective of playing. I could go on with more minutia, and I'm not looking to convince anyone of my view point, and many of you most certainly will not agree with my points at all. That's fine, and I'm happy you still enjoy the game and see a bright future. This is all from my personal perspective of course, and may have little relevance to what the actual state of the game is for the whole.
  10. Hey guys, First post in a long while. For me the game has lost momentum. This last wait between new content really took it's toll. I was hesitating even getting Lost Realm, but decided to give it a chance to see if it would pull me back in. Unfortunately, it just didn't do it for me, and I did not feel very motivated to try and cook up some deck ideas. I've always enjoyed this game for 1 hand solo play, but the recent payer card pool is making it even more apparent that 2 handed or multi player is the way to get the most out of the game, there are a number of cards and even whole strategies, especially with the dunedain cards, built around multi player that don't really intrigue me. The scenario mechanics for Lost Realm were interesting, but overall it all just started to feel repetitive for me, and I became more focused on the number crunching than the theme of the game. Sure this is only 1 players perspective, and it probably does not have much to say about the big picture of the game, but something shifted and I can't quite place my finger on why this game went south for me. The thrill is gone. I truly hope the game does have a long life, and this has been a great community to be a part of for the last few years, but I don't think I'm making it all the way to mordor with you all. Best of luck on the journey, and i'll probably keep checking in to see when you all get there.
  11. What it means to be a Noldor elf in the spirit sphere? Glorfindel, Duh? What does this mean? Valor is big boost for doom player cards, as well as high threat hero combinations. There are a lot more hero combinations that start with high threat then secrecy hero combinations, so I think many of these cards will be very useful to decks that don't fret about high threat.
  12. Sure, i was a bit disappointed, but I also wanted more of the fellowship represented as allies. So, I'm alright with it, although my play style leans more towards loading heroes with attachments rather than ally swarm. So, the new allies might only find there place in a few of my decks, especially theme decks. I assume we'll see new hero versions of legolas and gimili. I thought now would have been the most logical choice, but i have given up trying to predict what cards we will see and when. I guess it all makes sense to the designers in their long term plans for the game. I've resigned to accepting what player cards we get. At this point, all they do is add a variety of ways to beat scenarios, since many scenarios can be beaten with cards we got back in the Dwarodelf cycle. My main interest lies in the new scenarios, and hope they provide good challenges.
  13. Cool allies. That's what i was hoping for in TRD. So i will be thrilled to go back with them with some new deck ideas. Bit surprised they did not come as heroes in this set, so i wonder what we'll see. Arwen?
  14. Finally got around to playing the scenario. It's pretty cool. I played Eowyn, Eomer, Imrahil with a similar deck to what i used at start of VoI. Since this scenario used the same encounter sets as the First scenario in VoI. Lots of card draw hate. i lost in first attempt, but it was close. Modified my deck a bit and then won the second time, but it was still down to the wire. Overall I was satisfied with the challenge, but a second attempt victory makes it probably the least challenging of any final cycle scenario we have had. Tons of time effects in this one for quest cards and locations. Once locations are cleared out of the staging area things get much easier. The first few rounds of the scenario are the most difficult. I liked that the boss could jot be engaged until the unique location is explored or otherwise he could be taken out almost immediately. It took 12 rounds to beat and it felt like i had to work for it. I like the deck i used on it, and wonder how other deck will fair. In terms of the time mechanic, it's okay, but i think it adds to much extra in game tracking which pulls me further away from the theme of the game. The game already is quite heady, and triggering all the time effects became a bother after awhile. I'll be happy if this mechanic is used infrequently in the future.
  15. For the most part a power silvan deck relies on these 2 heroes Galadriel and Celeborn. With 2 heroes locked in you get to choose one other hero. Basically any lore hero will do. Haldir, Grima, Aragorn, Bifur, Elrond, Mirlond etc. it really does not mater that much. Sure legolas and tactics can replace lore, and it may be a decent option in multiplayer, but lore for silvan is much stronger than tactics for the trait. Overall. Compare to Outlands at least you got to chose the other 2 heroes that go with Hirluin, but for the most part Silvan deck it just as obvious to build as Outlands.
  16. Silvan deck builds itself just like outlands, bunch of auto include cards. Sure they have a more fun playstyle, but essentially it's still built around one type of mechanic. Already, stopped playing them, but in general have not been playing the game at all, which seems kind of stale to me right now. For some reason it's lost it's replayability. I'll beat a scenario and then have no interest in playing it again. Maybe it was the cycle, but something has shifted.
  17. Eowyn Aragorn. Tough call just have not had enough time with Galadriel yet, but i do like her.
  18. An. Eowyn - use her more solo by far, still the best wp quester while legolas has got plenty of competition for best attacker. Ao. Frodo - the nearly indestructible hero, also used more in solo for me. Ap. Boromir T - i find Elrond decks kind of boring relying on ally swarms, where Boromir can take on a whole army himself. AQ. Beregond - really tough call, bifur is really cool, but other than his resource ability he does not add much to game play. Beregond is a brick wall defender on the other hand. Ar. Gandalf - i just don't use sam that much, i'm not sure i will use gandalf that much either, but his abilities are so unique to the game he edges out Sam in my mind. As. Galadriel - haldir is awesome, but for solo play i probably will not use him much. Galadriel opens a lot more deck options for me. At. Glorfindel - i really thought i would go celeborn in this, but he's pretty much only for a silvan deck, and i never used him until silvan got more support especially with Galadriel hero. Glorfindel, what can i say? Sorry! Au. Aragorn L - really an awesome hero for solo play allows doomed cards to be played without concern and heroes like grima, frodo and Boromir to shine. He's a great support hero, or he can be turned into a powerhouse himself. Eomer is also great, but not as good in the end.
  19. Maybe Mablung will get better in the future, but he did not really change anything for this solo player. I have yet to build a decent deck with him. Where i have buil hundreds with Glorfindel. Sure glory is over powered, but it has not taken away any enjoyment from the game, and i can decide when to use him or not. He gives me some flexibility. Mablung on the other hand is another high threat Ranger bumbling around in the woods attracting attention from enemies. Meanwhile the rest of his ranger budies are trying to keep enemies in the staging area! So he does nothing for Faramir hero since their abilities are not compatible. The developers need to do a major overhaul on the ranger trait, or at least make subtle distinction between Gondor Ranger and Dunedain. Building a deck with 3 ranger heroes is a joke right now for the solo player, and Mablung did not change anything. If you want a ranger deck to work add Glorfindel it changes everything.
  20. Knight of minas terith is good for the 3 attack, but his ability is wasted in the deck. You might want to check out the new Gondor defender that costs 3 (forget name) he adds +2 def to a character when entering play.
  21. X. Legolas No contest Y. Eowyn No contest Z. Elrohir Just can't get Boromir to work for me but that has more to do with gondor. Elrohir is one of the best defenders in game Aa. Frodo Close call, but frodo's ability has alowed me to defeat smaug and other big baddies. Ab. Elrond i like direct damage decks, but Elrond is the better hero by far. Ac. Boromir T Eleanor has made a come back in my decks, but Boromir has been consistent all the while. Ad. Beregond best defender hands down, although i have always liked imrahil and he saw more play with eomer around. Ae. Bifur never really liked scrying decks although denethor is very good, bifur can be the real glue of a deck Af. Sam both are good, but same is better Ag. Gandalf opens up whole new way to deck build. Ah. Haldir No contest. What faramir could have been. Ai. Galadriel i'll use Galadriel in my decks more than beorn, she's pretty awesome. Aj. Glorfindel S. Still a crutch at times. Ak. Celeborn great hero, did not play him much until recently, but fits perfect into the silvan theme. Al. Aragorn Lo No contest. His ability allows for many differnt types of deck builds. Am. Eomer Lots of fun to play while dain is boring, but still useful for a really tough challenge.
  22. I have used Bilbo as defender like this, but it was ages ago when attacks used to be 2 or 3. In the more recent scenarios 3 -5 attack strength is becoming the norm, so I'm not sure how he would hold up nowadays, since he could get hit hard early on and he need s a bit of set up with the cards you mentioned. Look at Three trials for instance. Bilbo would not stand a chance, where there a re a number of other defenders that can hold there own. I'd say second best defender is pushing it. He's decent, but i think the best defenders now are from gondor and have easy access to Gondorian shield. If not from Gondor then they get SoG to provide the trait.
  23. Yeah, i guess i have to go back and re-read all my cards to see what else I'm missing. That's crazy, but takes a little set still.
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