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  1. Kelifi Dragon has a restriction which reads “Kelifi Dragon cannot be played unless you have 7 Aember or more.” Sacrificial Altar’s gametext reads: ”ACTION: Purge a friendly Human creature from play. If you do, play a creature from your discard pile.” If I use Sacrificial Altar’s Action, can I ignore Kelifi Dragon’s reatrcition and play it from my discard pile without having 7 Aember?
  2. Zarathur and therefore the "passive" abilities are where it is at, IMNSHO. I get to use Zarathur 4 or 5 times a turn - and he CERTAINLY changes the situation as people hit for one more, no matter who they are. Whereas with Shadowsun et al. you only get to use them once a turn, most likely. Warpstorm can be huge. Warpstorm for 3? Awesome.
  3. Oh I can think of plenty of reasons not to play Possessed in a Chaos deck. For starters, one GIANT attack against one target is usually not as useful as several smaller attacks that can spread around to different targets. Remember how hammered you got with that AoE: 4? It would've killed the Possessed as well. That 9 attack just isn't that good with only 4 health to back it up. Preemptive Barrage is not all that useful against someone that can ready themselves...like, say Flash Gitz? Just two examples. The game is low on "staples" right now, but I'm beginning to think that Void Pirate>Rogue Trader when you're looking for a command unit that gives you a bonus. Cards>resources so far, I think. Event cards very much CAN be the level the playing field card, though perhaps not in the way that we are thinking. Events have shields, and the timely shield is the end-all, be-all for this game, IMNSHO. So, the real lynchpin of success? Armorbane or - barring that - discard. Fear the Dark Eldar....
  4. I use the Magic the Gathering Commander custom box. It has space for all the tokens and dials at the bottom, room for the planet cards in the "door" and room for two decks in the top. http://www.ultrapro.com/product_info.php?products_id=2142
  5. I love Coteaz! Thanks for collecting all of this into one post. Aun'shi is going to be a great boon for the Tau. Armorbane is just crazy to play against for some decks.
  6. We are having a tournament in Charlotte NC at Your Local Game Store on Jan. 6 at 6:30 p.m. We should have the Starbane tournament kit for prizes.
  7. We are playing at Your Local Game Store in Charlotte on Jan. 6 at 6:30 p.m. But we won't have the first kit, we'll have the second one with Starbane.
  8. Epic ending...in my most recent game my opponent was playing Orks over Chaos and put Runic Armor and then a Cybork body on an Enraged Ork! He was Brutal and had 14 health!! I did get him to 13 damage in one battle with my Eldar over Dark Eldar deck but he retreated before I could make the killing blow. Then, I used the Battle ability of Carnath to trigger the battle ability of Atrox Prime. 1 Damage incoming to all his units at HQ...and then he discards his final shield. Later, he used Iridial to heal that Ork for 13 damage, LOL! It was still a close game, but what I wouldn't have given for a Fury of Sicarius at that point.
  9. wow! Epic report on your two games and great job winning with the AM!
  10. Yeah, as I said in a different post (sorry there are three about this frequency of win conditions going on right now...ooops) I have rarely seen Warlords bloody, much less die, before someone has captured three-like planets.
  11. So, are you winning more games due to the death of a Warlord or to conquering enough dirt and having three matching planets? In about 15 victories so far, I've won 2 with death of the opposing Warlord and 13 with dirt. In about 9 defeats I've lost to dirt 8 times and had my Warlord killed once (it was Dark Eldar and AoEs really hurt my army of tokens.) In my experience (I have 1 core set and my opponents each have 1 core set apiece) it is way too easy to have the opposing Warlord run away to make death a reliable victory condition. They can just retreat as their combat turn. What do y'all say?
  12. Tau...their interactions and recursion are soooo cool. Interesting to note that you guys saw a lot of Warlord death...we've played about 15 games now and I have only ever won twice that way. It's happened maybe 3 times total (I lost that way once as Dark Eldar.) I think I might start a new thread about the variance in victory conditions...
  13. Aun'Shi plus StingWing Swarm is reason enough for me to run him. Range combat step kills - not kill possibilities. That's strong.
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