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  1. Walk said: I haven't heard anything about an official pronouncement. But, as you might expect, there have been plenty of threads discussing rules questions and not a single ban or warning. Thus, I believe the rule can be safely ignored at this point. I'ts usually after saying out lout that it's safe to ignore a rule that banning starts to occur! Don't jinx us!!!
  2. Good to know about Leo, I bought the normal american english version last month and mine too said " once per game" I was wondering what was the use of creating such a useless character. Thank you guys for the clarification!
  3. Julia said: Hugues said: Yeah, that's very true. My point is that some "items" are not considered items for purposes of discarding when driven insane / knocked unconscious. For example, the Patrol Wagon and the deputy revolver do not count as "items". But the common items counterpart (sedanette, for example, and the derringer) do count, being common items. Acutally, I think the deputy revolver is consider an item when you count the number of item you have in order to lose half of them. However, you can chose not to lose it. Espcially if it's your last item.
  4. Definetly, as you have 0 success. Unless you spend clue token to add some dice to that.
  5. Personally, I shuffle in both case because I think that knowing which card are coming up can change the game (like deciding to go shopping or not) and that breaks the suprise effect of the thing.
  6. Your right, but a monster entering a Dunwich vortez add to the terror track. So much stuff to keep track of!
  7. I didn't even know monster in vortex added doom token, i guess im buying too many expansion at once. and dont have time to familiarise myself with the rules. All i did was but a token on the dunwich horror track. Thank you guys for setting me straigh.
  8. So a rift move to a vortex, it isnt discared but add a dunwich token on the dunwhich track each time it is supose to move. Thank you guys!
  9. I just got Kingsport and I have a quick question abotu how it can be compatible with the Dunqich board. If a rift open in Dunwich, it will ultimatly have to walk into a vortex. What happen then? Logically i would say it closes as the vortez absorb it. But should the Dunwhich track advance? Does anyone know if there is an official answer on this (and I guess that would apply for the Innsmouth and the Deep One track too)?
  10. For the sake of cards like the Back injury where you can only carry 3 item (any combination of common and unique) are exhibit item are considered being unique item? Same thing for the Dunwich task (I do not remember the name) where u need to sacrifice 4 unique item, could those be exhibit item?
  11. If you want to have encounter in the street, you should get the Dark Pharaoh revised edition expansion. Investigator ending his turn on a street with the ancient whisper marker get an exhibit encounter which i find quite fun and rewarding. It's also give you more incentive to stay in the street and fight the flying monster.
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