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  1. Hello everyone, I recently finished running a fairly long campaign in DH1. I'm about to run a campaign set in DH2 for the same group of players, and all of them want to bring back their old characters from the previous edition. The thing is that I'm not sure how I should go about converting their characters to the current edition. I think it goes without saying that any cybernetics and psychic powers already in place would remain where they are, but I'm not sure how their characteristics and skills should be handled. Should I give them extra xp to start with, or a higher base number for generating characters?
  2. I'm pretty sure that most of the high lords would rally behind Him. Dissenters would be put down by puritan inquisitor faster than you can yell "HERESY". I think the real problem would be convincing the rest of humanity to resume his pre-Heresy plans for the Imperium. Then again, He might try a different approach this time around, seeing as many of his favored servants were corrupted despite his efforts the last time. He might even embrace godhood.
  3. I didn't really have a problem with how DH1 worked, overall, even if the power level of the game made me feel like my starter character was an infant. I like DH2's character creation system and think it's a huge improvement, and the new setting feels fresh to me. Still, I have to admit, it feels like a retread. 60 euros is hardly a reasonable price for any core book, let alone a hastily assembled, albeit playable, update.
  4. The first copy I bought started breaking away from its spine the very same evening on which I bought it. Luckily I still had my receipt and had it switched at the store. So far the second book is in good shape. Still, this is the third time I buy an FFG core book that's in terrible shape to begin with. You'd think that a book costing 60 euros could take normal reading.
  5. The game looks somewhat interesting, but can anyone tell me what separates it from other post-apocalyptic roleplaying games? What does it have that other games don't?
  6. Hello everyone! This may seem like a silly question to ask as a 40K fan, but in my opinion none of the RP core source books have provided a satisfactory answer to this question: are machine spirits actual entities, or a fabrication created by the Priesthood of Mars in an attempt to understand how machines function?
  7. Magnus Grendel, I thought of either having it be a lost, anti-xenos civilization or Eldar harlequins. On the other hand, wouldn't it be more fair to offer the players a small chance of figuring out the daemon's scheme, and take advantage of it by, say, trying to seal it to be used as a weapon when it's released? It's just that the players might feel more than a little bummed out when they find out that all their hard work was for nothing (Or maybe I'm just being soft).
  8. Sounds like a very good plan! I wonder though if the players should be given a small incentive alongside the corruption points to really grab their interest? If the players immediately begin to think that the artefact is nothing but trouble, the might just hand it over or try to dispose of it.
  9. So I'm planning on running a game of BC for 4-5 players in a couple of months, and I started writing the story down a few days ago. Here's the basic premise: The heretics start the campaign in a remote fortress city of a powerful chaos warlord. The city comes under attack by a rival warband of pirates, who manage to strike the city thanks to a man on the inside shutting down the fortress's defense batteries. The raiders are driven back, but manage to get away with both the traitor and a large stash of valuables. More importantly, the ruling warlord feels like he's been humiliated, so he hires the players to join his host in an effort to take revenge on the raiders. The players will eventually take the fight to the raiders, slay their leader, capture or kill the traitor and recover the stolen property of the warlord. Among the stolen valuables is a piece of a broken, smoky black crystal-like object that seems to be calling for the players. Literally, with a demonic voice, or something like that. It would begin to appear as though the raiders were after this object, which turns out to be a part of a much larger puzzle. The voice within the broken artefact promises that if the players bring together the scattered pieces of the artefact, it will grant them great power. This is the problem: I can't come up with what the artefact would actually do once all its pieces are brought together. I figured there could be 5 or 6 of them in total, each located on a different planet or celestial object in the Vortex. It needs to be something relatively big, as many different factions would be after it - including possibly the remnants of the aforementioned raiders and the warlord (once s/he discovers the true nature of the artefact, and that the players have taken it for themselves) Any suggestions?
  10. Sounds good to me! I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more, and will likely recommend this cast to friends, if it becomes a thing.
  11. Ah, you're probably right. It sounded a lot better in my head earlier. Not that I'd run a game like that, personally.
  12. I've been thinking about this since I first started playing Dark Heresy a couple of years back: Alright, let's imagine that at the end of a Black Crusade campaign the Corpse-Emperor is destroyed and Terra gets absolutely sacked. The Imperium is defeated and humanity lies, once again, scattered across the stars while the xenos and the dark forces of the Warp ravage the galaxy. Now then, what would the galaxy be like, and what would a campaign set in the post-Imperial galaxy be like, whether the players are heretics or not?
  13. I figured it would be pretty neat to name a ship after ancient Egyptian or Babylonian gods, or after those of whatever ancient civilization of Terra comes to mind. Or maybe it would be fun to name ships after characters and personalities we know from real life (after the stories about them have been twisted and circulated for a few dozen millenia).
  14. Both my DH and BC rulebooks' bindings will soon be undone. Having paid 60 euros for each book, I would have expected something a lot better. :I Now, whenever I hand my book over to a player I have to caution them to treat my book like a newborn.
  15. Lazzuu

    second ed.

    That would be splendid. The more interplayable the games will be, the better.
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