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  1. For me biggest problem at CIV boardgame is a not balanced victory types. Sciense victory is the easiest one, 'cause you can research 1 tech every turn without a problem. Even in our first game Americans get more then 27 trade points per turn so the got sciense victory then other players have 10 coins and stay at 50% of culture victory track. So I think we need add one more tech level to teh pyramid or try to develop techs "blindly" - without seeing what tech you research now.
  2. Thank you! When I did the translation, I decided that since they were brothers, they must be bodyguards, not bodyguard.
  3. Today I finished the russian localization of the Twilight Imperium and both it's expansions. I translated all the cards, adjusted the size of prints to orginal card size and cut out the frames on all cards with an artworks, such as Representatives and Mercenaries cards. And put the prints into protective sleeves over original cards. The results of localization you can see here:
  4. Thank you. Now I know that all the previous games with L1z1x we've played correct.
  5. Ok. Can I take an Assault Cannon at 2 round of game? Assault Cannon has 2 prerequisites: Cybernetics and Automated Defense Turrets. With Inheritance Systems, which I can take at 1 tound, I can skip both, isnt it?
  6. So one or two prerequisites, that is the question?
  7. Bad news. I have not seen this in FAQ. Where it is written?
  8. Fnoffy, can you answer on my question in an adjacent forum topic (Questions about localization)?
  9. From the moment of that accident, we do the same. It's really right decision.
  10. One more question about L1z1x racial technology Inheritance Systems. The card says: When researching Technology using the Technology Strategy Card, you may spend 2 additional resources to ignore Technology's prerequisites. What does it mean "using the Technology Strategy Card"? Is this equivalent to "Using it's primary ability" or I can ignore prerequisites just play it's secondary ability? At one of the forums about TI3 I've seen that I can ignore only 1 prerequisit, but card and FAQ don't say anything about it. So I ignored this phrase.
  11. One day my friend dropped down a cup of tea and my TI3 with catastrophic speed was turned into a wet pieces of a paper. Since then I hold all game cards in a protect sleeves and use laminating to protect race sheets. And we never eat or drink when playing a TI3. If we are hungry, we make a pause and go to the kitchen.
  12. Hello guys! I live in Russia and we have plenty of boardgames fans. But most of them are pretty bad know English and we have a problems with the translation of the some Action and Politics cards. Yes, we have a fan translation of the all Action and Politics cards, but it takes a very long time to found translate for each card for each player. So I decided to make a full localization of the game. This is not for sale, not for the money, just fan prints to help a playing. The idea is to make a proportional prints of all cards and put them into protect sleeves. I've already done most of the work. But I need help to translating some hard-translating cards. First of them is the Munity Political Card. I translate this card like this: 1) For: Each player who votes "for" gain 1 Victory Point 2) Against: Each player who votes "for" loses 1 Victory Point Is this correct? The next question is about Archived Secret Political Card. I translate it like this: Chosen player can take 1 additional Secret Objective card, so he can gain Victory Points from his both Secret Objective cards. Is this a right translation?
  13. I print some copies of the localized version full tech tree from the Boardgamegeek, laminated it and distribute it to all players. So that each player is always has the full tech tree in front of himself.
  14. We are always free to choose races. Usually, everyone knows which race he wants to play and the elections are not the same. Less frequently, we randomly choose 3 races and take 1 from them and the other 2 return.
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