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  1. In the stunned condition, it states that a person is unable to perform actions. Does this include free actions to maintain sustained psychic powers?
  2. You play Dark heresy when: - the meat in the slaughterhouse is still alive. - Everything on the planet wants to plant their seed into you. - operating the ancient factory (by a simple puzzle) is harder than repairing your gun. - You get a kickass arm because tech priests wanted you to. - You get a 1 in 3 chance to live. meaning the gretchin with nuclear power reactor flamethrower is targeting you or your 2 comrades.
  3. Can adept choose rank 4 paths independent from rank 6 paths? ie. chirurgeon and enter lexographer, or go from inditor path to comptroller paths?
  4. feral world was on my mind. I just wanted a confirmation that someone else agrees. Fervious is pretty feral when you look at the background info about the planet.
  5. Would be suited to a character that is from Feudal world (fervious)?
  6. Yeah I know, I watched the serioes.
  7. It is written that they give birth to whelps , so I think it is a mammal. In my campaign they will be grown in herds (there are green valleys for it in map) for food, hide, farm and carriage labor. Also, I would make them omnivore (but mainly vegetarian) with bulls attitude. They would stomp if scared badly. However! Whelping refers to a birthing of a carnivorous mammal... odd. Yep.. Carnivorous. But even carnivorous mammals like Dogs can eat vegetables. Cats eat grass. Anyway, I am going to make them omnivore. well dogs are omnivores. while cats can and will eat grass, they cannot process the grass itself into sustenance. they are pure carnivores. but we are derailing a bit. I guess I have enough material so that I can make something out of it.
  8. It is written that they give birth to whelps , so I think it is a mammal. In my campaign they will be grown in herds (there are green valleys for it in map) for food, hide, farm and carriage labor. Also, I would make them omnivore (but mainly vegetarian) with bulls attitude. They would stomp if scared badly. However! Whelping refers to a birthing of a carnivorous mammal... odd.
  9. grox and horse are in the core rulebook, maybe i'll just either of those. as the description tells about viscious liquid (basicly honey), part of me thinks that they might be insectoid in nature...
  10. Fixed. see again thanks! Nice map! You wouldn't happen to have any combat statistics for fervious serpent and/or styger, would you?
  11. your map links require permission to see.
  12. I was planning to enter my acolytes into some planet that is nearby Scintilla, I ended up for Fervious after a short research. There is very little information about fervious though. for instance, what does the fervious serpent look like? how about the local beast of burden called styger? the place is a savage feudal world void of machine spirits blessings, how do locals react to people that clearly possess technology? better yet, stats for fervious serpent and styger would be great. these are the things I've found: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Fervious http://calixipedia.wikia.com/wiki/Fervious http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Fervious
  13. I think the official answer was along the lines that they can use chain and power, but they don't get anything special out of them. or something like that. There have also been multiple instances of noting where a moritat using a chain weapon is not the most silent one.
  14. Does this forum contain any houserules to give some edge for the gurdsman? such as giving greater armors a penalty to sneaking, which guardsmen don't do that much and are able to wear huge armors with no further thoughts into it. This could make assassins use more lighter armors…
  15. maybe the two most powerful versions of moritat are great weapon user, or composite bow user. I've tried the dual wielder and It didn't have the EDGE I expected. *BADUM TSSH*
  16. one advantage is that you can get the best quality weapons for way cheaper (there's a weapon that you can get as best for 40 thrones, and is really easy to find), and also becouse of this, you will always have +10 more hit chance than the others. Also Lathe upgrade later on might balance the thing a bit. also, you could concentrate on ranged moritat instead. using the composite bow can get really deadly as it is an accurate weapon, being naturally silent too.
  17. If the posession thingy didn't screw up the guys mind, I would only grant corruption for a voluntarily heretical act.
  18. Somehow I feel that Slaanesh would like this "intermenets". maybe it could be done into a song… Internet is for proms? nah gotta figure out something better…
  19. Well I am giving up of defending a power that I will never use, If I ever get to play a psyker or anything along that line…
  20. Darth Smeg said: "… but GMs are free to also make them available to Acolytes if they wish, as Elite Advances. " p26 oh **** my donkey!
  21. Disciples of the dark gods isn't meant for player use.
  22. Well, it is required for the mastery at least.
  23. you could stack them onto your own turn: There other was until end of your next turn, right? the other until start of your next turn? If a situation rises when you know that you'll be encountered a huge hail of bullets etc, you can first activate the one that stops at the end of next turn, and during that next turn, you activate the other one, thus having both applied. This is of course majorly the case of enemy readying their action for your entrance or something.
  24. Inquisitor Zadok said: I've been reading the rule book and I still have a few questions about afew bits and pieces, hoping I may find some clarification here. Thanks in advance. 1) Burning fate points, no matter how many times I read the paragraph. I struggle to understand. If a PC burns a fate point they "Permanently" have -1 FP. (is that for the rest of the session? or campaign? can they go no higher than 2 FP, if they had to burn one?) then the book says: If they have 0 FP they can still burn one and next session you -1 FP off their FP - but if they have 0 FP, how do you -1? 2) On the character sheets (we have the 4 page detailed sheets), there are squares already blackened out on the character abilities (such as swim, dodge, decieve) - why are they blackened out? is it because all characters start off with them as basic skills? 3) Starting talents: Scum can choose ambedexterous OR unremarkable, but ambedextrous has a pre-quist of 30 AG, the Scum's AG is 27. does this mean he must have unremarkable? or do starting talents over tide this limitation? 4) Starting gear: Clothing. The characters can usually choose up to 3 different types of clothes with (something like) Poor Quality Clothing in brackets at the end of the sentence. Is it the last item that is the PQC or is all of the clothing choices no matter what a PC chooses. Taking Scum again as an example: he can have a quilited vest AND coveralls - but why does he need 2 options? (unless it there for changing/disguising?) 5) Movement tests/rolls - How do these come into effect? If a character wants to walk down a corridor he has to roll to see how many metres he is travelling? or is to do with combat how close (or far) can he get to (or from) a combatant? I'm sure i have more questions but I think this is enough for now. Thanks again. Z Burning fate points means that you literally lose a fate point, forever. You can obtain new ones via gm's discretion, most usually doing heroic acts or by lengthy enough of servitude. When you use a fate point, it is restored afterwards in the next session. if you burn, it wont come back, thus actually lowering your maximum fate points per session. You can burn an already used fate point. If you do not have any fate points left to burn, your character is dead. period. I would think that yes, you start them as basic skills. What basic skill actually means that you can use them without being trained in it, but you halve your stat you roll against. IE: pc has 30 agility, and uses a dodge reaction to dodge an attack. He has it as basic, but not trained. He rolls against 15 (halved agility) instead of full 30. I am not sure on this one, but I think you can choose to have your starting talents without regarding requirements. The clothing choice is purely a roleplay aspect, that could be fitted to suit the background of the character itself. Guardsman can choose between an uniform and a mercenary clothing, for example. It doesn't affect anything else. What you actually might have into mixup, is that the other is an armor, and the other is actual clothing. I've ran into plenty of people doing this same mistake: You do not run buttnaked under your armor, you probably want some clothing that at least prevents you getting a nasty rash for the heavy armor rubbing against your skin all day. I would think that movement tests come into play if you are blinded in any way. This might not mean actual blindness, but something like being in a dark room without a light source. I remember you can walk your half move, using other half action to feel where you are going. If you move a full round, you need to make an agility test or fall down. This is how we used to play it anyway, but also the enviroment might come into play. There's no sense doing an agility tests if you are only walking down a smooth corridor with no actual rubble to trip upon. hope this helped.
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