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  1. Oh I agree about not allowing things get too far out there. Given that I have a good deal of experience with other dark and adult themed LARP I can see validity in your arguement. And to use your example, a Slaneeshi cultist could be the dark creepy perv that nobody lets their kids near type. I was thinking that this being strictly a gaming Convention expo as a recruiting tool of sorts. Praetus
  2. There is one other thing that keeps most Psykers in line regardless of their particular stripe. That being one of the temples of the Officio Assassinorum. This Temple trains and fields the famed, feared and loathed Cullexus Assassin. They are trained from the rare warp null peoples and are equiped with some rather nasty Psy based equipment from Psy-cannons to Psyche out grenades. Praetus
  3. I would agree with it being planet by planet. With it being a non-issue on hive and most Imperial worlds. Now on Theocratic run worlds that could be much different depending on the slant of the ruling Cleric. Rampant Puritans would likely be rather vitriolic. Also, Feral worlds where life and death are daily struggles would be more likely in my opinion to be inclined to even more intolerance. Praetus
  4. I like both ideas of a Xenos book and one detailing the sector. with a breakdown by sub-sector if not by planet. Praetus
  5. I have been playing LARP for ages and have been thinking for some time now about using DH as a LARP vehicle for conventions and such. Any thoughts or ideas are most welcome. Praetus Severus Constantine Adeptus Arbites
  6. TheFlatline said: Good ideas to start with. Bolt pistols are not available right now. While they have decent funds, 10 or 15 thrones per shot is pretty severe. Besides, this is a long-term game, and opening up the high end weapon locker right now would leave something like 20 more sessions with nothing to work towards. I guess I'll have to look for some AP rounds and a few other ideas. I don't know if he took mighty shot though, I'll need to ask him that. I doubt it though (IIRC his BS isn't high enough). But there's some options here I can run with. I'll take a peek over at Rogue Trader, which doesn't exactly excite me as an RPG, but I might be able to plumb for weapons. But it's nice to know some tweaking can help him out. I also don't always intend for the PCs to go up against full armored badguys, it's just that when the baddies come knocking, they're loaded to bear and want to win, so they tend to ambush, wear full armor, and use as much tactics as I can think of. Those fights he's of limited use. I have a couple of options for said Assassin. Staying strictly within the Las group; Khayer-Addin Duelling Las. Page 112 Inquistor's handbook Sollex Pattern-VII “Steel Burner” Heavy Laspistol Page
  7. My, my, my. This is amazing! I am a bit envious of your group if you are giving these as rewards for your game.! Fantastic job. Praetus Severus Constantine Adeptus Arbites
  8. Looking for a DH or RT game locally. Am located in Northern Greater Houston Metro area. Your Astropath can reach me at klmcmahan1969 at gmail.com I do have a strong idea for a DH PC currently provided GM approves.
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